IQD Calls Chat Early Tuesday 9-3-19  Part 2 of 2

IQD Calls Chat Early Tuesday 9-3-19  Part 2 of 2

 Loren   I do know that Kuwait pays it citizens a oil bonus, that makes me think that in fact that it is possible for Iraq to do the same. I have read that Iraq has 90 tons of gold to back up their currency.

JoeSchmoe   which is why my rebut about them supporting dinar in country

JoeSchmoe   paying out...which doesn't make sense

future   we will find out soon

JoeSchmoe   future that is what I am hoping with all the recent news/happenings

JoeSchmoe   but would you agree that we have been here before? expecitng to find out

future   no they are brining out the fils/ coins

future   we havent had that

Loren   George Bush JR. said that the Iraqi war would pay for its self. This is the way that I am hopping for?

future   loren that could mean anything

future   but u better bet ur bottom dollar we have lots of dinar

future   in our treasury

JoeSchmoe  Loren yea, everyone was hanging on that years ago too

JoeSchmoe   future so we have been told

future   currency swaps are common

JoeSchmoe   yes

Loren   I am hoping that it means that the treasury is hold dinar?

future   of course they are

JoeSchmoe   just anyone out there reading this chat for encouragment, just don't let the likes of sandyf or skefla or sam i am discourage you and make you sell back. We should all know soon enough our fate......i hope

Loren   Which in turn makes it good for us?

JoeSchmoe   think about what the plus of this would do for you, as opposed to losing maybe a few thousand dollars or more

future   they been around or a long time joe same crap spewed for years different user names

JoeSchmoe   wasn't answering you loren, was just expanding on my above statment

JoeSchmoe   future skefla has a very sandf..ish feel to him

future   of course

JoeSchmoe   i see it in his verbage

future   i agree

JoeSchmoe   same person most likely

Loren   I have been holding for over ten years, believe this isn't my grocery money.

JoeSchmoe   that should be the main indicator right there, if he wants to give you his credentials in order to believe him

JoeSchmoe   Loren me too on the over ten years

future   as ssoon as he said he owns no dinar lots all credibiity with me

JoeSchmoe   not grocery money, but also won't save my butt if I had to sell back. I treat is as found money

JoeSchmoe   future that too

Loren   Were you in Iraq, or did you get interested online?

future   has an agenda now

JoeSchmoe   Loren through a client

JoeSchmoe   then came online once i had, for support

JoeSchmoe   future exactly. I mean...WHY would anyone want or feel the need to come in and discourage us?

JoeSchmoe   if they don't own?

future   thats what they do joe

future   they have been doing it for years

JoeSchmoe   future exactly. Just throwing that out there for people scared of what they say

future their full of crap just like most of these gurus that call it every other weekend

JoeSchmoe   and when you ask skefla why he does it, he gives the EXACT same answer in the exact same verbage that sandyf has and does

JoeSchmoe   future it actually should encourage investors, instead of discourage

future   lmao joe i noticced that and sandy f believes that neil keenan bullcrap

Loren   To me it is like the about the lady who prayed every nite to win the Lottery. When said got to heaven she ask G;d why he never answered her? God answered, in order to win the Lotto you have to buy a ticket.

JoeSchmoe   don't know what he said about that, cuz I don't read him anymore

JoeSchmoe   sandyf

JoeSchmoe   Loren lol

Loren   That is why I dream about Dinar.

future   known sandy f since his lop days at dinar vets lmao

JoeSchmoe   what thing that does have me a bit perplexed, even though I don't like that guy, is why hasn't poopy3000 been speakinkg lately? lol

 future   what happened to BGG?

future   does he do calls anymore?

JoeSchmoe   future he still has his site

JoeSchmoe   i think

Clay   hes selling dinar

Clay  wouldnt buy mine back said I dissed him here

JoeSchmoe   Clay wow really

Clay   yes

JoeSchmoe   are you that discouraged now?

Clay   yes

JoeSchmoe   why

JoeSchmoe   just frustration taking over?

Clay   needed the $

JoeSchmoe  is there any pinpoint reason why you don't think this will happen

JoeSchmoe   Clay you must have a lot if 'most' will get you out of trouble

Clay   I do

JoeSchmoe   good for you

JoeSchmoe   whod you sell back to

Clay   wont sell anymore

Clay   safe dinar

Doug_W   @Loren are you new here?

Loren   That is another point. I am seeing all kinds of adverstments wanting to buy dinar, but none selling?

Loren   Yes

 Doug_W   Silver:$18.95

Loren   I see that as positive sign?

JoeSchmoe   question...we know we have see articles posted about an RD. Were those just opeds, or has the cbi every stated it?

JoeSchmoe   ever stated

kevin311312   raise the purchasing power is what I always remember

JoeSchmoe   kevin311312 are you answering me?

Loren    I was just looking, we said that their is 42 T out in Dinar. Lets say they reval, at a $ loosing the zeros. That changes it back to 42 b and gives us a one to one?

JoeSchmoe   I just want to know if the RD articles that we have seen are just opeds or from any from cbi

kevin311312   just throwing it out there

JoeSchmoe   Loren i just question the idea that anti gurus state they have to support what is in country...meaning pay out

JoeSchmoe  there is way more in country than out

Loren   I am reading that Iraq has 90 tons of gold plus their oil revenues?

Loren   Also Iraq has more oil than any other country. Shoot while I was there you could see the oil on the ground on base.

Loren   Plus theU.S. is not allowing Iran to sell its oil, which enhances Iraq's oil market. Another words I am hoping that we are seeing the prefect storm?

Matt   Looks like that hurricane is not gonna hit as hard as they thought that's good

Baxter   my trailer could have wound up with you in the Pacific Ocean

larrykn   I don't think I want to live in fl

larrykn   we are looking at Tenn

larrykn   they have some retirement places down there we like

Wilder   Anyone here bank with US bank. They are closing several more branches here in the Cincinnati area. Curious as to why if anyone knew. Closing many more through out the States.

Baxter   Nope... the one in lima is open....but I dont go there

Wilder   Daughter called telling us they are closing hers.

Baxter   Our Fifth Third closed down out near me...and Now I have to go into Downtown Lima.... which I dont like to do.... and it was a busy branch too... kind of surprised me

Wilder  Baxter dinar happens you open up one. Baxters Savings and Loans

Baxter   yep....

Baxter   Baxters Dimes and Savings

Wilder   Gold: $1,550.24 $18.72 Silver: $19.20. Climbing on up.

Doug_W   Silver:$19.22

 Wilder   I like it.

Dave   Go silver......

Dave   gosh i said i would sell if it hit 20.00

Dave   may stick....Doug think we see it hit over 40.00 like it did yrs ago?

Dave   Doug_W silver up almost 75% in about a yr

Young_SC   Central Bank announces strategic banking projects for the next five years


Dave   Young_SC no engrish

Dave   Young_SC coins in that article?

Young_SC   You guys should read that

Dave   do not read arabic

Young_SC   Dave talks about iraqi dinar to raise