IQD Calls Chat Early Tuesday 9-3-19 Part 1 of 2

IQD Calls Chat Early Tuesday 9-3-19 Part 1 of 2


Doug_W   Silver:$18.61

larrykn   Good Morning everyone

larrykn   Iraq, UN sign agreement to support reconstruction projects

Part of the signing of the agreement between the representative of the Iraqi Government and the representative of the United Nations Development Programme

Money and business   Economy News – Baghdad  Iraq has signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme through the government's $33 million contribution to support the activities of its reconstruction and reconstruction projects.

"With this financial contribution, it is becoming one of the top 10 UNDP donors in the area of re-stability in Iraq," the Iraqi government said in a statement.

"These projects include the rehabilitation of infrastructure and the provision of basic services, such as water, electricity, health care, housing and education, in liberated and damaged areas, particularly in Nineveh, Anbar, Salah al-Din, Diyala, Kirkuk and Basra provinces," the government said.

"This agreement reflects Iraq's commitment to strategic partnership with the United Nations, aimed at restoring stability in liberated areas, restoring displaced persons, and building and rehabilitating infrastructure in provinces that have suffered and been affected by the country's conditions," the statement said.

The UNDP's Reconstruction in Iraq project, which has completed more than 2,000 resettlement projects to date, benefits more than 8 million Iraqis.

The project was launched in June 2015 at the request of the Iraqi government and supported by the international coalition against ISIS, to support Iraq's efforts to quickly restore stability to liberated areas and to help displaced people return to their areas.

larrykn   Iraq calls on Australian companies to invest in oil and energy opportunities

Economy News _ Baghdad   The Oil Ministry on Tuesday called on Australian companies to take advantage of opportunities in the oil, gas and energy sectors.

"Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs And Oil Minister Thamer Abbas Al-Ghadban met with Australian Ambassador to Iraq Joanne Lundis and her delegation to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the energy sector," the ministry said in a statement.

"We are concerned about the situation in the region, but we are not aware of the dangers of the situation in the region," he said.

Australian Ambassador Joan Lundis said her country wanted to strengthen joint cooperation with Iraq in all fields, particularly in the oil, gas and energy sectors.

Zig   Received a reply via email from Jeff (Dinar Investor)......I will keep it private.....will only say that he will not be back.....does not like this chat room......I will leave it like that.....

xyz   Zig tell he gotta have to thicker skin to survive desperate dinarians

 mod   Competition amongst the Dinar "Gurus" astounds me ;thinking:

foxmulder   This whole endeavor astounds me after all these yrs

chattels   The post by My Ladies approximates my sense of all this dinar speculation at this point.

chattels   Newshound Guru MyLadies In my opinion it's really just a common sense issue...Iraq is not in a vacuum and the biggest pill to swallow is the one where we finally have to admit to ourselves that we were just foolish and uneducated and gullible and dazzled by bull**** to think we would be millionaires overnight...

Those who choose to accept what deleting the zeros...will be able to make a plan. Those that do not will be most likely jumping off bridges...I am not saying there is no money to be made with the dinar.

I'm not suggesting anyone get rid of it or sell it or whatever, I am simply saying there will not be overnight millionaires, the currency has a value and when it is excepted internationally there will be a trade to be made and the current value will be leveraged at an institutional level and a private level for those holding enough...currently the dinar sits at 1190 if the value raises against the dollar to even 1130 1140 1150 that is a good day in the currency trading arena....

xyz   Zig your float guru dodged my questions

Baxter   Thats a long ways from my Dime Chattels.... Good Morning

 foxmulder   chattels Good Morning ... well I not be jumping of any bridges ! Wait and see more as usual ...

Baxter   The good news is.... I think my trailer is going to stay in Florida instead of out in the ocean somewheres

chattels    Hurricane preparation today. Have a fine day all.

The Central Bank establishes a banking relationship with the World Bank's RAMP program

foxmulder   xyz xyz there is no plane .. and the it seems the popular opinion is no RV we got that going for ys.

Gary   $3.00-3.25 rate was just an in country rate that was set by Iraq. An artificial rate that meant nothing. Even the rate in Kuwait means nothing. Who would want to trade with Iraq when it would cost them $3.41 i.e., for every dollar - NO ONE!

There is not enough oil on the planet to cover a $3.00-$4.00 exchange rate. It will NOT happen. One day, you will be able to exchange trade the Dinar on a daily basis for small profits, but don't expect to exchange your currency for a massive amount of money!

JoeSchmoe    Gary OH Gary , THANKYOU for telling us how is it going to be!!! You are my new dinar hero!!! 'happy-dance 'happy-dance 'happy-dance

Zig   Gary : :Welcome To the chat room!!

JoeSchmoe   NOW I can relax and not expect this thing!

Baxter   yes.. you can replace JEFF.... who was here.. ONCE


JoeSchmoe   Baxter doesn't he have a 'kap'ish influence? lol

Baxter   slightly

Zig   Getting tired of the way new people are treated here.....

Baxter   Oh Zig... have a ;ice-cream;

JoeSchmoe   well...when it's as obvious as this

Zig   I could do something about it if I wish......

 Baxter   Kap did have some pretty good commentary in here last night...

foxmulder   Baxter people are genuinely looking for answers .. opinions abound.. most just trying to make sense of it all. We will see the outcome at some point. Hopefully !

JoeSchmoe   Baxter this?.....Kaperoni   Parliament has a value. It's at 1 to $1 and it's a LOP. lol Reducing 42 trillion to 42 billion.

Kaperoni  There can never be a substancial RV or RI with over 42 trillion dinar in circulation. Impossible for Iraq to support such an amount.

Baxter   JoeSchmoe I think that was part of it...

Baxter   No country could support that much dinar.... I believe he is correct on that..

JoeSchmoe   Baxter sounds like par for the course as far as kap is concerned, minus the lop

Baxter   he was joking on the lop part.... I hope

JoeSchmoe   Baxter I still get hung up on why they would have to support what is in country, since they won't be exchanging it for another currency

JoeSchmoe   the rate should only matter to us, right?

Baxter   I dont know Joe.. sorry

Baxter   I know there will only be one rate... this in country stuff to me.. is b*

JoeSchmoe   I just try and use our usd as a scenario for it. If we weren't the currency that everything was pegged to

Baxter   you buy canadian currency at the current rate of what ever it is... and its the same everywhere at that given time

JoeSchmoe   for those who have say, $10000....would it mean that they would have $3000 if our exchange rate multiplied by 3?

JoeSchmoe   oops 30000

JoeSchmoe   "WOULD" they lop just because of what all of us hold, and they couldn't support it?

 Baxter   I dont think so Joe.... a lop would ruin their economy

Baxter   they have no reason to lop

Baxter   they have no inflation

 JoeSchmoe   Baxter can you see my point about why would they need to support what's held inside country, when they won't be exchanging?

Baxter  JoeSchmoe yes I can

JoeSchmoe   I think everyone gets hung up on the amount of TOTAL currency in circulation, when the majority is in country

foxmulder   JoeSchmoe they have continuously said increase purchasing power , strength of the dinar against the US dollar. Does a lop accomplish that ..

JoeSchmoe   foxmulder I don't believe in LOP, to be clear. I am just trying to rebut all this talk about needing to support the amount of dinar in circulation

JoeSchmoe   trying to use whatever scenario's I can think of

Baxter   JoeSchmoe does the US Support all of our Dollars?

foxmulder   JoeSchmoe oh I know !! Just asking ...

3 Sep 19, 09:08 AM JoeSchmoe   Baxter exactly

JoeSchmoe   which is why I was using the scenario of IF we weren't the currency every other one was pegged to

foxmulder   I guess a lop doesn't make sense .to me except for the fact currency is market driven.

JoeSchmoe   if I had $1000 in my bank account, would I then have $3000 if it went up 3fold

Baxter   yes.. thats true

JoeSchmoe   not saying I believ it will go up threefold

JoeSchmoe   just as a scenario

Loren   Everything I read seems to point to a lop. Which way is the decimal point going to move, left or right? $25,000 IQd = $25. IQD or .0008459= .8459?

Loren   When Sadam took over the Iraqi government, 1 dinar was $3.22. Why is it not possible to believe that it can not revaluate the same way except inverse?

Baxter   .8459... would be to one us dollar.... .8459 divided into one dollar.. would be about 1.19 .....

Baxter   because the countries much..much higher than that... the IMF would never accept a rate like that

Loren   I love the sound of $1.19. That is a real possibility?

Baxter   I hope so

Baxter   Loren when Sadam took over at 3.22.... there was less than 18 billion dinar in the world.... thats why

Baxter   thats a long ways from 42 trillion

Loren   Do you think that we are in the window now? I have been a holder since 2005, and I have never heard this level of excitement, have you?.

JoeSchmoe   Baxter again,and how much of that 18 billion dinar was in country vs out

JoeSchmoe   THAT is the only way I would see them 'wanting' to do some sort of lop scenario, to not have to pay 'us' out

Loren   Of course there is no way of telling, but I do not believe that Johmn Q public is paying any attention to this. The only way I know is I was a contractor in Iraq for ten years.

JoeSchmoe   Loren do you own substantial dinar?

 JoeSchmoe   Loren I just meant are you holding dinar because you want this thing to go good for us, or are you in here to try and talk us down

Loren   No Sir! Believe me I am hoping for the best.

JoeSchmoe   500k is substantial, so youre all good

Doug_W   NEVER say how much U have ever!!

JoeSchmoe  Doug_W ah thats why you erased it

Doug_W   yes

JoeSchmoe   im not saying i have 500k, just that is a substantial amount

future   A lop is the last thing iraq wants to do a lop shows weakness, screws over their own citizens and sends a bad signal to investors

Loren   Have you heard the level of exceiptment before?

JoeSchmoe   Loren no...and yes

future   joe correct iraq cares about whats in their own bordders

JoeSchmoe   future as far as j=why

JoeSchmoe   why

future   ?

JoeSchmoe   an increase won't make them any richer, would it?

Loren   In turn that begs for the question: Do you believe that it is happening now?

JoeSchmoe   just using my wacked out scenario of our usd appreciating

future   they get the purcashing power

future   and their lives back

future   we get rich

future   iraq doesnt give a crap

future   they care about their country

future   and their citizens

JoeSchmoe   future I am only trying to rebut/combat the whole 'iraq can't support the amount of dinar in circulation' talk

JoeSchmoe   imo they only have to support what we all hold

JoeSchmoe   by suppor, I mean pay out

JoeSchmoe   Loren i answer that questiong with 'who the hell knows anymore?'

future   who knows but iraq is filthy rich we are nothing to them

JoeSchmoe   future 'we' are nothing, what 'we' hold.

future   yep