IQD CALLS Chat Early Tuesday 9-24-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Tuesday 9-24-19

Kaperoni   I am here just a a minute to answer the following...

Kaperoni    23 Sep 19, 07:35 PM larrykn   now if they can remove 1 Trillion dinar off the streets in one year whats to say they couldn't remove lets say 30 trillion dinar off the streets by not renewing it or replacing it, and then I always wonder what does removing of the zeros mean, could that remove the Trillions to Billions???

Kaperoni   Larry, there is a simple answer to this question...

Kaperoni   The auctions...

Kaperoni   The principal of the auctions is to maintain a "balance" between dinar and dollars to create stability. Currently, the CBI has maintained a 2% or less difference between the official rate and market rate as a result for some 16 months.

Kaperoni   If you were to remove the dinar it would create an "imbalance" and create demand. Therefore, the market rate would rise as a result of that demand. So not only does the auction provide a source of dollars to pay for imports, and a revenue for the CBI (commissions) but it is a tool of the CBI.

And for that reason, they cannot remove the dinar at this time until the have an alternative to replace the auctions. That alternative could be a market economy and convertible currency that is accepted and traded worldwide.

Kaperoni   That is why they cannot significantly reduce the money supply in Iraq. That is why a float makes sense. Because once in Article VIII, and floating the CBI can use it's new tools to buy/sell currency and reduce the dinar gradually.

Kaperoni   ok later.

Jo   Kaperoni Thank You

Jo   Proof of Geoengineering, Cloud Seeding, Weather Manipulation, Chemtrails

Jo   Eyes up. Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies!

Xbruster69    the need for small categories...

Doug_W   Silver:$18.65

Chattels   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Iraq’s parliament has approved a bill to create a domestic arms manufacturing authority to establish basic military self-sufficiency and better preserve its national security amid heightened regional tension.

Iraq’s parliament voted Monday to establish the “Military Industrial Authority” in the presence of 190 MPs, according to a parliament readout.

The contents of the bill were not disclosed by the readout. However, Iraqi media purportedly obtained a copy.

The bill was presented “due to the importance of military manufacture in establishing and achieving national security, supporting the national economy, making use of national expertise … and to achieving national sovereignty,” according to the bill copy.

chattels   Parliament officially turns its session into secret

Tuesday , 24 September 2019   Baghdad ( NINA ) - The House of Representatives officially turned its session into secret.   Mehdi Taqi, a member of the parliamentary security and defense committee, said in a statement to Nina that the parliament session was officially transformed into secret, without specifying the reasons for turning it into secret.

spankie   secretly raising the deenar

chattels   Probably secret to vote on the dinar, eh ? Some guru will assert as much.

chattels   spankie :)

Clay   I wish

spankie   yeah   Clay easy money--

Chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / Parliamentarians and representatives of the provinces and political blocs deliberated on the demands that the meeting be confidential during the presentation of the paragraph reading and voting on the report of security and defense on security incidents, included in the agenda.

chattels   The Central Bank announces amendments to the controls on the declaration of funds entering and leaving Iraq

Tuesday , 24 September 2019

chattels   About time for another bogus guru claim that Iraq has closed it's borders or is not allowing Dinar to leave the country, eh ?

chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / The Babylon Criminal Court sentenced the former mayor of Hilla to seven years in prison after being convicted of bribery.

According to a statement of the Supreme Judicial Council that: the second body in the Babylon Criminal Court sentenced to seven years imprisonment against the former mayor of Hilla , director of the crime of abuse of bribes in exchange for the performance of his career.

chattels   Not much for news out there that I can find. Have a fine day all.

Dj   Imo, it's already happening, doing it in tiers and fluctuating the rate as they go based on how many ppl put money back into the markets and such.. course not seen first hand yet..

Dj   Guess we see. We shall see. Just curious, lot of u guys like to harrass ppl with opinions different than yours. What happens when everyone else is right, not saying that your opinions are wrong. You disagree with Kap and talk * to him but I haven't seen anyone show proof that hes wrong..

Zig   Dj "Doing it in tiers and fluctuating the rate as they go based on how many ppl put money back into the markets and such".......................Curious: Is this your opinion or did you hear that from someone else??

Dj   Formulating my own opinion based on what I read see and hear  Not any particular guru

Doug_W   Dj good keep doing that and you will SOON realize u R being led down the wrong path

Dj   Doug_W that's what I mean, how do you know you are, without a doubt correct..

Doug_W   correct in waht that there are no tiers?

Zig   Dj : I agree with you that people like you are not treated very well in here in general......

Doug_W   that is over 10 years of being lied to by all the gurus is how :)

Doug_W   Zig ther are exceptions to that

Dj   Unless some here is sitting in the conference room of the cbi going over these particular matters, no one really knows.

Doug_W   very true NO one really "knows" 4 sure

Dj   And it's possible I'm a bit ignorant compared to some having only been studying dinar for 3 weeks...

Doug_W   that's OK U will learn as I stated B4 :)

Dj   But still fresh eyes looking at actual articles posted by the cbi and iraq. And yes I am one of the few that is overly optimistic about just about anything 🤣

Doug_W   as long as U keep that in the correct proportion to the rest of your life that is a good way to B

madness   just got whipped in poker what is new in dinar land, what did I miss

Dave   hmmmm.......Not much madness

madness   ok  im hoping iraq is close to becoming international soon   alot out there think oct.1st or soon after  if it does not go by the end of oct. think its safe to say we gonna have to wait till 2020 for sure

Tebow   madness yes then 2020 maybe

madness   well I think the theory is oct 1st is the new banking quarter, so if they dont go global, then yeah 2020 hope im wrong

Dave   madness still not sure on Iraq opening up the private sector.,...high unemployment ,just 23% of the pop using banks.......still awaiting those important laws....CBI going global.........?

Dave   recent article adding up to almost a trillion usd which benefited the corruptors....? I do not know what comes after a trillion in terms of Dinar....

Dave   Quadrillion............ i think   15 zeros.......

Dave   so what is only 3 zeros........somehow we have a problem processing that   only 13 zero deficit......

Dave   wonder where we would be today if CBI had all those zeros?

Baxter   9-24-2019 Newshound Guru Jeff ...I'm no longer looking at September. I'm looking ahead past September...yesterday an article came out saying that they're gonna replace current smaller categories in circulation. The 250s, the 500s, the 1000 denoms...has nothing to do with the rate change...

the ones currently in circulation are getting worn out...If Iraq had intentions or planned to change the rate during the year 2019 do you still think they would be replacing the notes...?

From my own opinion that could suggest to me that they might not have intentions of changing the rate during the year of 2019. That might suggest they have intentions of doing it during the year 2020...

I'm gonna bring you everything...this isn't good or bad. This is the reality with this investment...we have to set our emotions aside in this...if we can't set our emotions aside we probably shouldn't be in this.

Wilder  article from last year   

Dave   Wilder so it seems that cbi aint deleting any zeros yet

Wilder   Dave i don't know Dave. And if you read on down through the article it explained Kuwaits reinstatement

Dave   Wilder not on that article?

Wilder   Dave being that was last year maybe they have changed. I was trying to find an article I seen somewhere the other day where it said something about new polymer notes.

Wilder   Dave    this might have been the Dave

Dave   Kuwait had to kill the Kuwaiti Dinar.......and reintroduced it once Iraq was removed from there

Zig   We have a member who made money from the Kuwaiti Dinar....

Dave   I have gained too on my Dinar

Zig   Kuwaiti Dinar Story at Down the page a bit..

Dave   Zig   and?

Dave   missed that boat   same with bitcoin microsoft

Andrewetoldthem   sometimes dinar investor jeff say things when it doesnt come to light then he start having doubts thats why i say sometimes most of the things he say its acurrent not all time he feel like because the education ministry didnt happen on sept 21 he think everything going to happen in 2020

lets say he is right i will have to find something to do in the mean while but he is not right i wont call him wrong because if thats the case the media will be right and the democrats and donald trump dont like being wrong because if iraq dont break off the ice and wait to 2020 we will be going into recession like the media keep wishing for

 and donald trump know its not good for his re election and the president of iraq wouldnt be in united state right now meeting with donald trump and his campaign

on thursday the president of iraq will be going back to iraq with mahdi well wednesday night they are not going to stay here for the whole united nations because its not that important to our side

thats why after the meeting of freedom of religion happen donald trump and the president of iraq didnt even go to the climate change meeting and they would of not able to get a deal done with china if they were not close to change the rates

and idk if he been paying attention even on the everything change its not because he didnt see the education ministry done yet he already doubting things because it didnt happen when he want it

ask your self this you really think trump like to lose you really think nasdaq china etc will be doing business with iraq if they always going to stay worthless..............

Dave   man if i sank what put into my dinar into microsoft yrs back.........

Doug_W   Dave I got Winebago in 74 I believe at .34 a share bought 1K shares


Andrewetoldthem   its on read and everything is changing on that website

Dave   Doug_W shudda coudda wooda  silver up a tad

Andrewetoldthem   red   its on red and everything is changing on that website

Dave   18.57 oz

Doug_W   its selling now for about $40.00 a share

Dave   Doug_W wow

Doug_W   at one time it was over 100 a share

Dave   Doug_W only 1k.......?

Andrewetoldthem l the education ministry its going to get done real soon to finish and fulfil their government after this united nations meeting when the president of iraq and mahdi go back to iraq thats their plan its to finish the government to many agreement to many deals to many things concluded

they cant keep delaying nothing or they will have sanctions they know that and thats trump

its meeting with saleh right now tomorrow you will here the news you watch talk about it and give a statement of how the meeting went

 donald trump dont want war dont want recession and market crash everything i tell you --  you here it out their mouth the people on our side -- i told your everything would like a deja vu of 2008--  but its not going to be like it if you realize the president before they tell you one thing then do another thing

well donald trump understand it and he reversing it --  why you think obama say donald trump will reverse everything they ever did im going to show you that but i cant show you the video of their meeting yet until your news talk about it and give a statement about it





Dave   going to a fancy restaurant and not looking at the price list........

Andrewetoldthem   trust me you dont wont to know what the democrats have for your they willing to replace humans for robots if you had watch the whole united nations meeting last night and this morning you would of hear them talk about it how they dont wont that to happen

Andrewetoldthem   the democrats pushing for trump to fail because they know if he fail and they able to get him out of office your going to pay for everything ill show you that 2

Andrewetoldthem   and thats why we fighting for that not to happen



Andrewetoldthem   you dont know half of the story now its the time to doubt trump because your not seeing it play out how you want its all part of the plan if you’re like that that means you’re  not with us in the first place and loyalty means everything to trump

Andrewetoldthem   the only way to stop the democrats its by keeping trump and office because the minute his out human nature will be destroy by 2030 they want this whole world to be humanoid that means your job  2 will be gone ill show you that 2

Andrewetoldthem   Robots 'to replace up to 20 million factory jobs' by 2030. Up to 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world could be replaced by robots by 2030, according to analysis firm Oxford Economics.Jun 26, 2019


Andrewetoldthem   its not a game dont let your emotions fool you because the democrats are not playing

Andrewetoldthem   theres alot happening behind the scenes on both side your dont know about

Andrewetoldthem   i bet he dont even know the small categories its already done and they already showing it to their citizens  -- i could show your that to your not seeing everything playing out how you wont because its part of the plan and thats how you could see whos with you and whos not loyalty come from when you make people start second guessing you

Wilder   Andrewetoldthem thanks for the updates. Now show me the money.

 Andrewetoldthem   its in arabic the video its a person from iraq that made the video they going to have it out publicly when the rate its going to be ready to change they just training their citizens on it

it will be to currency coexist for like a year or 2 after that the 25k dinars etc will be worthless if you dont change it during the time frame the rate change will be for the small categories not for the 25k etc.... its call currency swap   Andrewetoldthem


Andrewetoldthem   A currency swap, also known as a cross-currency swap, is an off-balance sheet transaction in which two parties exchange principal and interest in different currencies. ...

At the end of the agreement, they will swap again using the same exchange rate, closing out the deal

Andrewetoldthem   everytime i hear him keep talking about proxy proxy i want to tell him jeff dinar investor do you even know the meaning of the word you keep saying

Andrewetoldthem   A Proxy is a central machine on the network that allows other machines in that network to use a shared Internet connection. Proxy servers are intermediate servers which accept requests from clients and forward them to other proxy servers, a source server, or service the request from their own cache

Andrewetoldthem   i dont have nothing against dinar investor jeff most of the things he say 7/10 his right just not all the time now most of the time currency 365 wow and some of his compenients wow sometimes i ask myself does he really get over 3k views by his self sometimes for real because it cant be wow frank 26 ok vital brad ok dinar investor ok theres some few thats ok but currency 365 and his compenients wow

Andrewetoldthem   the education ministry its coming up after tomorrow saleh mahdi and haboussi thats their next agenda mission and goal to have it being fulfilled sworn in and complete the education ministry to move to the next step and start sky rocket for the rests of the foreign countries to follow their footstep united nations big meeting show it idk how can people still doubt it because its not going the way they want everybody trying to be a shot caller \

Andrewetoldthem   the next goal is to have the education ministry sworn in and complete their government and have a full seated and succeed government after tomorrow when they go back to iraq thats their next mission bye have a great day we in the right direction they met with donald trump on that reason and futuremoney i really dont have time for name calling right now got to go have a great day America calls on its citizens in Iraq to wake up be awake because the future wait on no 1 even you already protected

Andrewetoldthem   America calls on its citizens in Iraq to wake up

Zig   Andrewetoldthem    : Thanks....don't understand some of the stuff you bring but IMO you contribute more here than some others who think that they do.....when all they do here is criticize others and post a bunch of nothing....

Andrewetoldthem   Urgent Abdul Mahdi to visit Saudi Arabia tomorrow to meet King Salman and Crown Prince

Andrewetoldthem   Decisions of the Council of Ministers in its meeting today (expanded)

Andrewetoldthem   no problem have a great day every one its time to be awake i wouldnt make things up everything i tell you coming out their own mouth i study the system next up is to study the system of the democrats with the humanoid to try and stop it have a great day

Andrewetoldthem   got to go have a great day thats all i want it to say