IQD Calls Chat Early Sunday 9-1-19 Part 2 of 2

 IQD Calls Chat Early Sunday 9-1-19 Part 2 of 2

madness   it seems as of late, there are 2 sides on the fence, one side says this is going this way and a profit will be made and then there is the other side just flat out saying this is never going to go and no profit to be made, its getting down to the wire this year to find out who is really going to be correct

Zig   Mary of "My Ladies" has been in chat before....I will email her and invite her to return and discuss her latest musings.....

xyz   Zig she got a very strong opinion.

madnessmy friend who got me into this says, yeah there going to delete the 3 zeros, but its going to be IN country only, hopefully for our sake, a dinar equals a dinar

madness   no matter what the rate

Zig   "xyz" "SKELFLA is Sam I Am in disguise"..................Well we could compare fingerprints I suppose.....LOL

SKELFLA   Zig If that's the best they can claim then good luck with that I'm not Sam.

SKELFLA   madness " Drop the ZEROS in country only " ?!?! LOL Now that's a stretch!

madness   or maybe what they are trying to say cause they also word it " lifting the 3 zeros" is getting the bigger notes off the streets and going to smaller denoms

SKELFLA   madness who ever this person is has a sound theory. And just imagine if you have wrapped a ton of IQD into a complex trading derivatives prior to its redomination effectively protecting those holdings from the subsequent LOP... Imagine the return you would get! Think about that!

madness   well lets look at it at another angle, iraq owes US trillions for the war, one might surmise that do you think the US treasury who is holding alot of dinar for oil credits to pay for the war is just going to let iraq just say ok, guess what uncle sam your 25000 dinars are now worth 25 dinars now come get some oil credits.

SKELFLA   madness First of all, there is no such thing as oil credits. That is a complete myth. I have traded in crude for over 10 years as a side venture. Oil credits is a total fantasy propagated by gurus.

Let me repeat that THEY are a myth. Secondly, whose to say the UST (Assuming they hold IQD) which is very much up for debate isn't going to use a similar derivative to hedge their holdings against a LOP...

You see its always the big boys such as the institutions who are always miles ahead than the average speculator and they have the financial tools and mechanisms to leverage their positions in ways the average person can't even comprehend.

Zig   SKELFLA : Have you heard the rumor that President Trump has a lot of Dinar??......Billions.....

madness   well bush did say there are oil credits and he also said iraq oil will pay for the war, I remember that day cause I was cussing my * off and a gallon of gas was at $5.65 a gallon, that was loooong before I ever heard of what a dinar is. plus the CBI has stated they are not going to do a lop, they are going to due a fixed rate and peg.

xyz   Zig hehehe scammer can distort fingers linings ... just thinking out loud

Zig   xyz : are something else.....

SKELFLA   madness wow! Literally everything you just posted is a complete myth propagated by gurus. Bush never said that about oil credits and the like! NEVER

xyz   Zig do you disagree with my hypothesis?

Zig   xyz : Ya think??.....LOL

SKELFLA   Zig Yes, which is another guru myth... And even it was true its not a good sign contrary to popular belief Trump is not an investment genius he is quite the opposite...

madness   umm yes he did, cause I was so broke I remember it on tv, I had only enough money to get 1 gallon of gas in my car so hell yes he said that, just thinking about it pisses me off to this day, thats why I posted it

madness   plus how else is iraq going to pay us back for the war, with there good looks?

xyz   SKELFLA are you a genius too like Trump?

SKELFLA   madness Your memory does not serve you correctly. If he has said such a thing (which he didn't) it would be pegged on every dinar board on the internet! Which it isn't ! Be used he never said that.

madness   one thing is for sure, the little guy as is us dinar holders always gets screwed maybe this one might work out or not

SKELFLA    I'm no genius and neither is Trump.

madness   well we would have to take a time machine but I remember him saying that in the news interview while im cussing up a storm cause he said oh gas will be 99j cents gallon, yeah dam politicians

SKELFLA   madness Yes that is true... That's why I believe whether the institutions are doing unfortunately won't translate into a profit for the average speculator...I hope I'm wrong but history suggests otherwise.

madness   well guess thats why they call this a speculative investment worse case we at least would get our money back, as in break even

xyz   SKELFLA here are someone of the OPPOSITE of genius - which one describe ya? goon, dummy, blockhead, meathead, fool, jerk, ...

SKELFLA   madness It's called "selective memory" we all suffer from it from time to time... You could swear he said it but he didn't.

madness   no I have selective memory when im drunk, I was not drunk I was pissed, I know what he said. plus maybe if the dinar does not work out maybe in time the dong will raise in value and we might get lucky there

SKELFLA   As soon as anyone claims Trump is playing 4D chess i discount everything they say from that moment on. In no liberal but Trump is well out of his depth...

xyz   SKELFLA 9-1-2019 Newshound Guru Jeff if they're telling you two currencies will coexist that means they stand valid and doesn't mean a 25k became a 25...

They flat out told you the two currencies will coexist. That means the large notes are still valid. And the small denoms after the rate change are still valid. There is no other direction you can go with this...because they're different sized notes that have different values.

A 25k note still is a 25k...a 25 note is just that, it's a 25. There is no grey an example, if the USD value...was $3 then it's very simple. A 25k times $3 is now worth $75,000 and a 25 times 3 is worth $75. It's that simple.

Wilder      LINK 

SKELFLA   xyz LMAO Jeff is so wrong in so many ways I couldn't begin to pull apart his litany of uneducated b*.

Matt   Fake news CNN nuff said

xyz   SKELFLA b*?

xyz   Z is watching CNN --- my mind is no faked

madness   I think there was an article put out by iraq gov. that the notes would co exist for 10 years, you too remember alot of iraq's have those larger notes buried in there mattress so its a transition to get the larger notes turned in and out with the smaller

madness   thats not going to happen over night

1 Sep 19, 11:19 AM xyz   "One day you will kiss a man you can't breathe without and find that breath is of little consequence." -Karen

SKELFLA   madness I still think when this is all said and done people will find out that certain institutions did make significant profits from speculating on the dinar but these profits were generated through the adoption of complex derivatives which protected their holdings from a lop. Subsequently resulting in huge gains. You heard it here first!

xyz   SKELFLA It is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church.

SKELFLA   xyz The fact you reference Jeff is enough for me to discount everything you post. Jeff literally hasn't got a clue about even the most basic economic principles.

xyz   SKELFLA forks luv motivator but sternly reject naysayer - go figure

madness   well im not into derivatives and this does not have to be complex, matter of fact it might be simple, either they devalue our 25k notes by knocking off the zeros or we get what price a dinar per dinar is dont think anyone can foresee what the real outcome will be, one can only hope it works out good for the little holders too

madness   plus you have to remember in the grand scheme of things, there are not that many dinar holders, gee maybe 10 million out of a country with 350 million thats a small percentage in the big picture

Matt   SKELFLA All you say is your opinion and speculation mostly

SKELFLA   Matt correct with one exception I have first hand knowledge of large ongoing institutional transactions involving the IQD.

So I'm in a far better position to speculate on what the end game is. Which is a lot more than the majority of people propagating economical and mathematical fallacies such a Jeff and others when it comes to the Dinar.

madness   funny if I had first hand knowledge of large ongoing companies that was doing that, I would not be in a chat room talking about it, I would be getting inside intel and getting paid big time,

xyz   WHAT IF SKELFLA first hand knowledge of large ongoing institutional transactions involving the IQD and ..

Matt   SKELFLA Ok so you are speculating what is your agenda you sound like you have better things to do than be here he obviously you have some sort of agenda?

SKELFLA   madness I've already stated on several occasions why I'm here... And I do get paid from these transactions.. The INTEL facet is out with my remit.

Dave   Good Morning all.

madness   well I dont watch jeff I try and see what the CBI and GOI are saying and go from there, and thats ruff enough as it is. key points, iraq is out of for the most part all sanctions, iraq wants on the global market, iraq is a very or like ahbai I spelled that wrong, WE ARE THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, and last iraq wants to go international. now hopefully with some luck we might get a crumb or two

SKELFLA   Matt if i do have agenda then its exposing idiots on both sides of the spectrum as from Sam, to Kap through to Jeff they all have it wrong some more than others.

Dave   SKELFLA add me to your list

SKELFLA   madness The only thing I can add to that is that I am a proponent of the theory that Iraq has the largest and best quality reserves of crude in the world. Far greater than Saudi and obviously their crude is of far better quality than Venezuela produces. If that helps.

SKELFLA   Dave What list is that dave? :)

Dave   you idiot list

Dave   you

SKELFLA   Dave Copy that !

Matt   No agenda? Well you're spending a lot of time here on your weekend. lol you must have a boring life

madness   lol an idiot list never heard of someone having that before

SKELFLA   Matt I do currently ...I'm in Ecuador closing on a petroleum project... I don't dispute that its boring! Hence my presence here!

madness   and its not just there oil, hell they have a crap load of gold, they can produce tons of wheat, other sectors, if they could just get the crap together, then yeah I could see a profit for dinar holders small or big

xyz   SKELFLA 9-1-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "NEWS: ON IRAQ'S ACCESSION TO THE WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION (WTO)." Yes, Iraq will need a currency to join the WTO. Oh – but they have a currency now. But can it be used easily in trade? NO! That is the problem here.

This is why they need to reinstate it. So they DO NOT need to be on FOREX but it sure helps in trading globally to be able to tie into the currency exchanges electronically to get the current exchange rate for the conversion...

xyz   SKELFLA another oilman guru

madness   here is a FACT, not you nor jeff nor any idiot guru, all of us here know how this is going to play out, that could be a safe assumption

madness   the only thing we have to concern ourselves with is making sure baxter gets his dime, he gets his dime we all get dimes

SKELFLA   madness The gold theory if true means nothing... Ask your self why Fiji has one of the most valuable currencies in the world but no resources of any consequence! Why is that ? You don't need to be an economist to know and it pretty much puts everything in perspective when it comes to the underlying theme of why currencies are valued and how they obtain that value.... I'll leave it to you to research.

Dave   all we have are the words from CBI..... nothing more

Dave   no rate or date......

madness   ok well iraq was pegged to the british pound at 3 bucks, iraq has held give or take a 3 dollar value against the US dollar, oops then war broke out, devalue, so it might be safe to say at some point they will hopefully reach that value again

xyz   Dave Finance Committee that's NOT cbi

Dave   Finance Committee runs CBI

Dave   ?

Dave   oh oh missed rthart boat too

SKELFLA   madness Use Fiji as your template its not hard to ascertain why there currency is valuable then extrapolate that to Iraq and you will realise why it's a mathematical and economical impossibility to have an overnight RV of the Dinar, or Domg and don't get me started with the b* about officially demonetised ZIM notes.

madness really thought the CBI is the central bank of iraq and is an independent body

Dave   SKELFLA Not Russia Turkey Mexico Belarus Iran?

madness   I have no zero faith in the zim, but fiji is a small island, iraq is or could be a wealthy power house, so one might not have nothing to do with the other, iraq might be a different animal

SKELFLA   madness You just don't get it... You don't know the basics on how currencies obtain their value... Use the Fiji dollar case study as a reference point... It clearly shows you why Iraq will never achieve even parity with the dollar unless they lop and reduce their MONEY supply. Sorry to burst your bubble but this is macro economics 101....

madness   and as far as the dong is concerned, the US treasury is on there arse for having such a low value on there currency so we will see how that plays out

madness   ok well then skefla we should just say hell with it break out the monopoly board get drunk off our arses and play with dinar and dong notes

Dave   madness bingo

madness   I get the car piece on the board

Dave   i want Park ave and Board walk

madness   umm no dave thats a first come first serve basis and dont be rigging the dice either

SKELFLA   There are certain factions in this world who are on the verge of making some serious money on the IQD.. Unfortunately it is my believe that this "event" will not translate into the average investor / speculator making anything but a nominal return. We will see..

The good news is I also believe this event will take place by of before the 1st QTR 2020. So we don't have that long to see who was right.

Dave   SKELFLA yes in Reno

xyz   Dave Nope --- cbi does not report to finance committee --- Z's opinion   Its like claiming our congress run UST/FED

Dave   SParky you need any Mustard yet?

Dave   xyz good you lost me for a second

xyz   Dave hopefully shall find sooner LoL .... cbi is not run by finance committe

Dave   xyz i agree

madness   well it could go this way, 25k holds is value pay day, 3 zeros off the 25k valued at $3 will then not so good, or we can create a new monopoly game with zim iqd dong and have a kick butt board game, well call it gurus monopoly edition, well have to have more get out of jail free card though

Dave   do not collect 200 dollars......

madness   no dave lol do not collect 25000 dinars

madness   well have to have a space on there it will be kap ave. thats were you lose all the zeros and your bankrupt and have to give up park place

Dave   madness lol

Dave   I knew this Dinart was going to be good fort something

jsst  Dinar Round Table Call -- What happened to the Info and the Call they do ??? - Please Reply

madness   I think one of there members had a heart attack or something serious medical

Doug_W   jsst because some people became mean and demanding "K" suspended them until further notice

 madness   well thats good to hear, they are pretty grounded in this thing

Truthseeker99   xyz I see the MOD is back to selective banning. Rules are only for some. You can get called names in here but can't respond back. Hmmmmm Well if it gets me banned so be it. I don't take * from LOSERS who have no proof. Just another delusional guru who wants to feel important! She'll never be people see thru the b*!

jsst   Bring them back...Bring Them Back... All Information is worth Having.

1 Sep 19, 12:14 PM Dave   With no proof or ammo just yadda yadda....empty words to me