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Don961:  Parliamentary Finance: The imminent entry of the oil and gas law into the legislation .. And reveal its political dimensions

Release date:: 2019/8/31 21:46 

A member of the Finance Committee revealed that the imminent entry into force of the oil and gas law.

Committee member Sherwan Mirza said in a press statement, "One of the recommendations made by the Finance Committee to the Presidency of the House of Representatives after hosting the Minister of Finance is the legislation of the oil and gas law during the new legislative term." 

He added, "The oil and gas law has political dimensions as it is linked to relations between the Kurdistan region and the federal government and the province of Basra and Baghdad and all oil-producing provinces in addition to Kirkuk." 

Mirza pointed out that "the legislation of the oil and gas law will address some of the outstanding problems between the region and the center, in addition to addressing the problems of oil-producing provinces;    link

CSHessman:  trying to recall ... didn't W$ say that whenever we saw Article 140 in force we would see the rate soon thereafter ??? memory is a little fuzzy on that ... anyone else recall that more affirmatively?  ps this is looking kinda BIGLY to me...(smile)

Iobey777:  IMO..YES!  AndI also think it’s BIG!!

Moparman:  This is huge and I believe that this will be in affect after the currency has value.

Tivon:  IMO: The Supreme Court already demanded that they activate Article 140. But sense Iraq is still under a corrupt proxy government the Oil & Gas Law can not pass.

The second legislative term is just about started and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has also yet to have their suggestions and warnings adhered to when they said multiple times last month that Iraq needs to change their fiscal policy status.

Also on September 3rd deputies of political parties within the (GOI) lose their immunity in a few days. So maybe this will expedite the process of initiating Article 140 as those who are found to be guilty of corruption are already listed as persons of interest through Interpol.

We know the new fiscal year starts Oct 1st. Along with that comes the NASDAQ trade deal with Iraq which we suppose will accompany a new rate.

Aside from that the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) is exclusively independent of the government and has the authority to implement the deletion of the 3 zeros project. Jordan & Iraq officially launched joint economic trade today which supports the private sector. 

Samson:  Kurdish deputy: Baghdad and Erbil serious to resolve two files soon

1st September, 2019
Deputy Kurdish, on Sunday, the possibility of the Iraqi parliament's role in resolving the contentious issues with Baghdad, expressing optimism to reach solutions close to a number of outstanding issues.

The deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Pistone Zangana of the new Arab, that "there is seriousness by the governments (Baghdad and Erbil) to resolve the differences that remained stuck between them over successive parliamentary sessions."

He stressed that "a high-level Kurdish delegation will visit soon to Baghdad, to discuss and complete the results of the Baghdad delegation's visit to Erbil recently, by the Minister of Oil and other officials in the government of Baghdad. There is a serious response from both parties, especially in the files of oil and gas and salaries of the region that we seek To resolve it."

Zangana pointed out that "there will be important topics on the table, including the budget of 2020, and we will endeavor with the beginning of the legislative chapter to resolve the outstanding differences on them, and those on the share of the region, salaries of the Peshmerga, and other financial allocations, in return for the commitment of the Government of Erbil to deliver oil imports to Baghdad, the border outlets."

He stressed "the possibility of the Iraqi parliament to play an important role in resolving differences, and the Kurdish parties had meetings and dialogues with other parties and blocs and leaders of political blocs, and reached some understandings on a number of files, and we held several previous sessions," explaining that "there is an understanding within the parliament for the number Of laws that come into contact with the crises of Baghdad and Erbil, which are controversial laws between them, and seek to resolve them, and we await the new legislative chapter in the hope that follow-up on these important files."     LINK

Iobey777:  IMO......didn’t Frank say something about  two files left? If these re the files he was talking about, then I pray they do get it done “in the beginning of the new legislative chapter”,!!!!!!Like in the next few days! I’m thinking a shiny new rate might help them to close the files!!!


Samson:  The Central Bank approves international rating agencies to classify banks operating in Iraq  LINK

1st September, 2019
With the Iraqi Cards, you can pay your bills online through the you devices that are all over Iraq.


Samson:  The Minister of Interior directs to deal firmly in the implementation of arrest warrants in Basra

1st September, 2019

The Interior Minister Yassin Taher al-Yasiri on Sunday the competent security services in the province of Basra to deal firmly in the issue of the implementation of arrest warrants.  This came during his visit to the Court of Appeal of Basra and his meeting with the President of the Court Judge Adel Abdul Razzaq to discuss the issuance of arrest warrants against wanted persons for justice. 

During the meeting, the Minister of Interior confirmed in a statement to his office that Euphrates News received a copy of them "not to tolerate those who provoke tribal disputes, organized crime gangs and drug dealers, directing to deal firmly with the outlaws and issuing arrest warrants for anyone found to be involved in destabilizing security." And threaten the lives of citizens." 

He stressed "the need for continued cooperation and coordination between the security and judicial institutions in order to achieve security and stability," pointing to "the importance of the implementation of arrest warrants issued against those wanted for justice in all areas of the province of Basra without hesitation." For his part, welcomed the President of the Court of Appeal of Basra, Judge Adel Abdul Razzaq visit of the Minister of Interior, stressing his keenness to cooperate with the security services to provide a safe life for the people of Basra province.   LINK

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