IQD Calls Chat Early Saturday 8-31-19

IQD Calls Chat Early Saturday 8-31-19

Doug_W   Silver:$18.46

Xyz   Parliamentary Economic: Kurdistan got the highest percentage in its history of the budget

The Committee on Economy and Investment Alnababip, on Saturday, to exceed the share of the Kurdistan region in the federal budget for the current year more than 17%, indicating that the region exceeded its highest share of history .

Committee member Nada Shaker Jawdat said in a statement followed by 'orbit' “The budget ended without Baghdad getting any financial resource from Erbil. Despite the prior agreement, which makes the share of Kurdistan rise to more than 17% of the federal budget .

xyz   US official: Israeli attacks may lead to the expulsion of our troops from Iraq  

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Recent Israeli attacks on Iraq may lead to the expulsion of US troops from Iraq, a US official warned on Saturday, in a move that shows how divided Washington and Tel Aviv are.

"Israel is escalating through strikes and such attacks may lead to the expulsion of US troops in Iraq," the English-language Times of Israel said in a report.

"The US revelations point to an internal debate between military officials who are directly confronted with the fallout of such strikes and hawks in the Trump administration - who support the most aggressive policy of fighting Tehran's regional influence," the newspaper said, noting that "US officials acknowledge Israel's involvement in air strikes."

In Iraq, after a short silence and denial of US responsibility for these strikes, is linked to American frustration with the actions of Tel Aviv.

"Iraq is not Syria, where Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes since 2011. In Iraq, US forces could become targets of resistance factions. If this happens and the Trump administration decides to withdraw its troops from Iraq, this step will create a vacuum that will likely fill it." Forces less interested in Israeli interests. ”

"Despite the tough words of the Pentagon statement in which it affirmed its support for Iraq's sovereignty, the Middle East analyst and the former Zionist Union, Ksenia Svetlova, rejected the possibility that the US statement would be a condemnation of the Israeli raids. ”

She added that “Washington fully understands Israeli concerns and has seen the Pentagon statement as a perfect statement to please the Iraqis, not a real denunciation of Israeli actions.”

foxmulder   xyz well a bit of good news! The Kurds must be happy..

 foxmulder   Doug_W hey there how is everything

SKELFLA   Portmagaland seems we have someone who has a valid theory.

Baxter   Good Morning Dinar World.... another weekend is upon us.

Baxter   8-31-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat I have to tell everyone right now it appears that everything is on track to move ahead with the project to delete the zeros and launch the smaller category coins and maybe some notes too. We are about to move to the next and final stage... ;ice-cream;

foxmulder   Baxter final stage again? LOL

Baxter   yep... wonder how many of those there are

foxmulder   Baxter we wont benefit from it BAX even if it does get finished.. so says a few people

Baxter   I dont believe that... sorry

Baxter   currency is currency

foxmulder   It's not for us little people

Baxter   if its international... its just like any other international currency

foxmulder   Not according to some !! But hey I agree with ya ...

Baxter   it will be exchanged just like any other currency... problem is... banks dont have to exchange it...

Baxter   some chase banks... exchange foreign currency.. some dont

foxmulder   Whatever happens nothing we can control

Baxter   you are right there..

Portmagaland   Doug_W Last weekend silver stayed the same until late Sunday afternoon West Coast time. We have a holiday on Monday, so maybe they wont update the price until late Monday, however, the rest of the world doesn't havent a holiday Monday, so maybe we see some price action late Sunday afternoon again.

Portmagaland   If it goes in the same direction like last Sunday, itll go over $19 or who really knows, they can manipulate back under $17 if they wanted. I just hope more our brothers/sisters in Asia sell more gold to buy silver.

Portmagaland   Either way if negativecinterest rates are going to be a common thread globally, as well as, 50 to 100 year bonds, while the 2 year bonds are outpacing the 7 and 10 year bonds, plus once the sheep figure out that inflation isxwipping out their meager interest rates earnings in savings at their banks, IMO people will be looking for a place to park their money and metals are an oldie, but a goodie.

Portmagaland   I'm still hesitant to pull the trigger on mining stocks, but they seem to be a big discussion right now

Portmagaland   SKELFLA I'm curious, with your knowledge, what's your play? We know you aren't in the dinar as you stated such, so what are you looking at to possibly make mama happy, when all this goes down? You stated your classmates are in the CBI and other key components of the middle east financial sector, so where are they positioning themselves to hopefully, cash in?

Portmagaland   @SKELFA You stated you're building a yacht and then you're going to sail the world for ten years. A lot of us in this chat share such dreams and that's why we are in the dinar, however, you seemed to be from the school of thought that the dinar itself is the wrong boat to get us to such dreams.

With that said, it does sound like you think there might be another boat that can reach destination dreamland, when all this goes down. So, if you dont believe in the dinar, what are you seeing as a possible investment, when this all breaks?

Zig   @SKELFLA: Hi....I am looking forward to a conversation between you and "Sam I Am" that would be interesting IMO.....and adding Kaperoni to it, even better.

Chocolatiere   Portmagaland It takes some research to discover the existence of the Nephilims .. most people think that we are crazy when we mention them .. and it's true that they are actually involved in the ruling high positions , you can find a whole study with Patricia King and Randy Demain on U-tube

chocolatiere   I'm praying  for a miracle with the Dinar ..when I realized that most of the gurus were lying I started to appreciate people like Kaperoni , who were sober and more realistic in their approach , expecting something good to happen . Blessings

Zig   I sent Jeff one final invitation to visit.....Jeff's videos are posted at This chat box, as most of you know, can also be found at on many pages...

Baxter   JEFF... OH YES..... HERES YOUR JEFF.. 8-31-2019 Newshound Guru Jeff ...the CBI said back in 2014 that their #1 thing they were seeking was political stability.

So they're telling you that the formation and complete government is the linchpin...the UN clearly announced that there's one position remaining - the Education Minister...this whole thing is scripted...

we have them attempting to complete the government in September...3 weeks ago you had them bring a ton of reconstruction money into Iraq specifically for the 2019 budget...there's only one quarter left.

Any reconstruction is post rate change event. If they're gonna use that money in Q4 then they have to walk into Q4 with a new rate in hand. That means they have to change the rate in September. It's very cut and dry... I JUST LOVE....'THE CUT AND DRY"

Zig   Baxter : We're gonna be rich next month!!!..... 'happy-dance

Baxter   LOL... Your funny

Baxter   yeh... I know... CUT AND DRY

Portmagaland   chocolatiere I know of the Nephilims Steve Quayle, David Icke that circle is deep in that rabbit hole.

Portmagaland   Zig I hope you are right about being rich Zig

Zig   Jeff....assuming you read the chat.........I hope you decide to come into chat despite the fact that some may attack room is terrific in general and everyone is welcome!!.....don't be afraid!!....Stand your ground!...... ;scared

Baxter   Yeh... come visit... BAXTER will love to see ya

Baxter   or is your name... 'CUT AND DRY....