IQD CALLS Chat Early Saturday 10-5-19

 IQD CALLS Chat Early Saturday 10-5-19

xyz   Death toll climbs to 100 in Iraq as protests spread

More than 2,500 people also injured since protests began on Oct. 1

chattels   Iran's influence seen in transfer of Iraqi war hero

READ IN:  Mustafa Saadoun October 4, 2019

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chattels   Iraq is a complicated and tangled web.

chattels   Corruption, deceit, fear and loathing.

chattels   Iraqi Parliament fails to convene emergency session to discuss protests due to absence of MPs. Speaker of Parliament meets with 50 person delegation representing protesters & receives demands. Over 100 killed in protests.

chattels   Amir Abdollahian of Iranian Government: there is a foreign hand in the unrest in Iraq, Zionists & those who protect takfiiri terrorists.

chattels   Baghdad Operations Command announced on Saturday its attempt to arrest a sniper targeting demonstrators in the capital. LINK

chattels   Sadr said his Sairoon bloc would boycott parliament He and Abadi called for govt to resign and new elections Speaker Halbusi invited protesters to parliament to voice their demands

chattels   PM Abdul Mahdi continued feckless statements to protestors Said he was committed to fighting corruption and called for reform. Ayatollah Sistani's Friday sermon seemed very establishment & as bad as Abdul Mahdi's Said violence should stop and parliament and courts should carry out reforms.

xyz Guru saint @kaperoni, what are imf documents stating about DAMANDING cbi as the own them? ..... 10-5-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni These Iraqi protests have gone on now for several days. This is not what we as investors want to see happen. Delays in reform and investment will be the result. Not good...They need to get investment and companies to come in and put people to work, that is what will raise the value of the currency.

chattels   Protest in Najaf broken up by gunfire Governor & police chief said saboteurs infiltrated protests and causing violence Similar rhetoric used last yr to discredit demos in Basra and justify repression.

madness well hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they have 100 dead 4000 wounded in iraq, there just went your stability of iraq, I for dont see an ri/rv coming soon now, put that iqd back in your safe and collect more dust, its going be awhile, unless im wrong and I hope I am, but not feeling it now,

madness   or maybe by some miracle they do meet there demands, but I wont hold my breath, I think could go into full blown war with the citizens

Baxter   madness I think you are correct... no RV

Madness   yeah what a bummer it seemed like it was coming to a head and them boom this blows up

Baxter its always something

Baxter   Maliki is grinning ear to ear

madness   its cool I am a noob so I got into this a year ago with a 5 year plan, now if this iqd krap does not rv in that time frame then yes, its ebay time

Baxter   geez.. i said that ten years ago and here I am

madness   feel bad for your dime, its been tear gassed and now it might be on life support

Baxter   I know.... I still have my fishin poles...

madness   well on the good side I will always stop in and say hello, so get to meet people, iqd cant buy me that

Larrykn   Saleh, al-Halbousi call for maintaining community security of protestors

larrykn   Arab League voices concern over unrest in Iraq

larrykn   Baghdad`s protests death toll rises to 100 and injuries to 4000

larrykn   Iraq refutes reports claiming Salih headed for KRG amid protests

madness   well I did read something that the protestors are giving them 15 days, if this does not go by the end of the month and some reform is done, well just have to keep baxters dime on life support and see what happens, maybe it might get them to move there butts and do something for the people

larrykn   I hope they can settle the people down soon , this can be either good or bad for the country, they will either get off the pot or stall. we shall see.

madness   well we went from 3 dead to 7 to now 100, with 4000 wounded, not looking good for us at all

madness   think if you were an investor and its your money, oh heck know if what you might say, I will go somewhere else till you get your affairs in order

Baxter   madness thats about the size of it

larrykn   madness greed sets in, if there is money to be made , they will come no matter what.

madness   well then they better do something fast and real fast this is already out of control

madness   one thing we might watch is will this lower the value now of the iqd, OR? will it go up in value, getting to be a real sticking situation

Young_SC   madness lower the value of the iqd???

Young_SC   They are already protesting about not having anything

madness   no im saying watch the market on our side, will it go up or down were we stand right now

Young_SC   madness not sure if it can decrease much more if its not worth much to begin with on the market side

madness   good point

Young_SC   Outside of the borders you cant do anything with it technically

Young_SC   Its not traded its not on the world stage yet its not being used yet

madness   well you do have 1 ply toilet paper and 2 ply, we have 2 ply hope it does not become 1 ply

Young_SC   Imo i think the protest are good. It had to happen

Young_SC   To meet the demands of its people

Madness   well if they meet the demands hell I think we might fair out in this, then we can take baxters dime off life support

Young_SC   Exchange centers and redemption center LOL

Young_SC   madness i think they do not have a choice

Young_SC   Iran is making some of those politicians their puppets

Young_SC   And the citizens if Iraq know

madness   yeah young its getting ugly, im just worried about the harm to people and now the instability its causing

Zig   TNT: "Tony".........."They are still manning the exchange centers. They truly believe we are on the verge of this happening."...

Madness   lol at exchange centers, who? the heck is paying all these people to so called man exchange centers, I want to know how to I apply for that job,

Young_SC   madness not sure why people are focused on instabilty. Give the citizens what they want and everything will be stable again

Young_SC   Yes protest will cause ruckus that is the point of the protest

madness   and I sure agree with that theory but you have think in the back of your mind, darn its iraq

Young_SC   madness If you think its bad now what will happen if the GOI avoids the demands

Young_SC   Continues to avoid the demands*

Young_SC   You notice how the protest is against the GOI but not the CBI

madness   its already out of control and now they even are not listening to there so called holy leaders, oh boy this could go side ways if they get guns in there hands.. makes your wonder God bless our 2nd amendment or our idiots in gov. would do the same to us, this should be a good learning thing

Young_SC   madness the next step will attempt to kill their political leaders

madness   yeah its not against the cbi, but seems the cbi cant move cause of the corrupt idiots in the goi so where does that put everyone

Young_SC   madness indeed

Young_SC   Mahdi is pro Iran

madness   lol yeah I read there under heavy security, good maybe they need to clip a couple of them to get the rest of there attention

Young_SC   madness So like i said give what the citizens want

Young_SC   Mahdi wants to milk all the money he can get that is the main reason why he does not care for the citizens

madness   young fingers crossed, you all have waited so long for this, for it to come to a head like this is not cool,

madness   I wonder if we the US will have to step in, plus like I said its really not looking good if you were an outside investor trying to come in and rebuild the country

Young_SC   Reports of a resignation to be submitted by Abdul-Mahdi before Saturday noon

- Parliament is determined to re-consider the demonstrators after a speech by President Mohammed Halbousi and news of a number of important decisions during Saturday's session

- Associated Press: An Iraqi policeman fired a bullet at the leg of a demonstrator talking to Iraqi journalists near Tahrir Square. The number of demonstrators near the area was about 1000 people and security forces opened fire in the surrounding streets to prevent the arrival of more demonstrators.

- Lifting curfew in Iraq starting from five dawn Saturday and the Washington Post quoted a spokesman for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Ali al-Bayati:

(Arrest of 35 people from hospitals in Baghdad And Nasiriyah).

Source: Ministry of Health: Victims of demonstrations in Iraq exceeded 100 Said and 1100 wounded

- Statement of Abadi:

* Abadi rejects the method of treason demonstrators and demands a national declaration of the right to peaceful protest, and have mercy on the martyrs.

* Abadi calls for early elections to avoid the pains of government failure and blocking the horizon of the political process.

* Abadi calls for freezing the provincial councils and consider their governments caretaker governments.

* Abadi calls for a fair election law and fair election mechanisms under wide supervision to ensure its integrity and not to repeat the violations of 2018 that distorted political life.

* Abadi calls on the government and political forces official pledges to ensure freedom from quotas, weapons, corruption and swallow the state.

* Abadi provides a vision for the current and next stage puts the government and political forces in front of options to test the seriousness and credibility to get out of the current impasse.

Young_SC  LINK

madness   nice post, guess well see what happens, seems to be a pattern and that is there is too many iranians calling the shots and the citizens are pissed, cant blame them, time to run them out, dont see any form of them going international until that happens, hope im wrong but well see

Young_SC   The iranian influence needs to go away 100%

Young_SC   And by protesting is how it will happen

madness   yeah but if the protest ends up in a civil war, there goes your stability and there goes going global and there goes the iqd of doing anything for a while

Young_SC   Lol@ civil war

Young_SC   It wont get to that brother

Young_SC   Angry citizens going against its GOI

madness   I hope not but you do have 100 dead and probably counting and 4000 wounded, that does not seem like trying to be a stable country

Young_SC   That is sad the death of people protesting

Young_SC   Things will turn for the better

madness   yeah so lol this could go full borders and then we wont be saying lol well saying this sucks, plus were going to have to chip in funds to keep baxters dime on life support so I hope you are right

Baxter   just read where Mahdi has resigned..

madness   oh well cool that is good news

madness   dont worry baxter your dime has full medical coverage, and a 24 hour nurse watching its back, were all behind you all the way

Baxter   thank you...

Young_SC   madness Remember this investment is for the iraqi citizens first and foremost with the purchasing power. They do not cater to us citizens need to get what they are protesting. We only benefit when they change the rate, that is all. We here in North America are not catered to

madness   I fully understand that, but if all fairness you can say if those iraq idiots GOI had done what they said they would do, it would not have come done to this in the first place, just saying.....

Young_SC   madness That is very true

Young_SC   Money is the root of all evil

Young_SC   Drastic measures need to happen to cut off the corrupt and you are seeing it now

Young_SC   Corrupt GOI love the money and willing to steal it away from its own iraqi citizens

madness   well were all sitting on the sidelines, all we can hope for is the best, and yes I believe in drastic just so bad so many people have to pay the price

Francis Albert   I believe the entire revaluation process was set up by first Invading, second take over the CBI, third hammer the IQD to .00086, fourth control the Country, fifth, set up U.S. bases, and finally revalue the currency so Treasury ends up with Dinar to trade for oil at super low cost till the end of time. The spoils of war

Francis Albert   So, to expect that the current "turmoil" doesn't have U.S. fingerprints all over it, IMO, is well, naive.

Francis Albert   And if the Iraqi's get a little of their purchasing power back...well, so much the better..keep them happy under a foreign invader

Zig   @Kaperoni.....If you happen to be around reading here today Francis Albert would like to converse with you sometime..... :)

Francis Albert   Zig..been wanting to connect with Kap here some time to talk about the note count he often mentions and why I believe it is not an issue because of the way I believe the funding will happen.

Tebow the current "turmoil" is totally from Iraq not moving forward. Iraqis are tired of their government doing nothing

Murray   What is going on in Iraq?

Young_SC   Tebow Exactly

Dave   had green zone closed for yrs for that reason

Dave   Coup time?????

Dave   hopefully the peeps are finally fed up......

Sparky   Dave ... apparently...and, necessary...

Dave   yrs of chasing their tail

Dave   all the current leaders ...corrupt

Dave   sadly i believe things will get much worse before says my crystal ball

Dave   Maliki buddy buddy now......

Sparky   Dave ... agree... necessary, and my bong agrees also... hopefully short term delay...2021...

Dave   what a soap opera

Dave   These leaders are some of the richest folks in the world

Sparky   Dave can't make this sh ite up... non fiction...

Dave   agreed\

Dave   yrs of calm this.......worse than before

Sparky   ... I must admit, I do like our position...and the

Dave   12 days left for arrest warrants

Dave    1 of the demands of protesters

Dave   or was it 11?

Sparky   Dave ...the wealth of that nation... coupled with the greed of enormous proportions...on both ends...un f',n believable...

Dave   Mahdi states its too 1 yr

Sparky Dave ...HOT

Dave   Sparky Call it folks may becoming familiar with this term

Sparky   Dave ...Abadi in before end of '19...bong sayz...

Dave   Mahdi set up ,,,,ran as an independent no party affiliation ....ergo no teeth

Sparky   Dave ...yup...thought Sadr would help things along...but so far...dormant...

Dave   Sparky more corrupt officials than not