KTFA Members "Iraq Protest News and Views" Saturday Afternoon 10-5-19


RGJ:  All imo, something to ponder. I am excited for the Iraqi citizens if the government follows through with the plan to put in a caretaker govt for a year to rid the government of Iranian influence.

 Mahadi must go and Saleh would be great imo. I am really fascinated by the prospect of Dr. Shabibi being the finance minister, I always thought he would play a role at the end. Imo only, I believe if this happens we will be waiting for January 2020- I have been in this almost 13 years and I remember Dr. Shabibi stating he likes the beginning of a year and the middle of the year.

If this all happens, they will take some time to get ready imo- January is right around the corner. Before you think I am being negative, I tell you I am more excited with this prospect than the current situation. This is not against Franks intel, I appreciate everything he does, this is just imo and food for thought.

OlLar:  I believe he said although it's not the only time you can change the value ,it's the best time for bookkeeping purposes, in light of the circumstances, i believe he will make an exception.  

ChrisC:  Yes, I do believe he will make an exception.  The best way to understand things is to think of how you yourself would view or handle something.  I have said for a long time that I COULD NOT BELIEVE the Iraqis were being so patient. 

If I had been getting a handful of rice and beans and getting my water from a truck for over a decade while I saw my elected officials stealing from me and living in opulence I would have been burning something down a long time ago. 

Okay, they are finally there.  Having gotten that mad and seeing 100 or more of your brothers killed and thousands injured, do you think they are going to just go peacefully back to their huts and wait for somebody to shuffle their papers and several months from now say "Ok, now it is time".  H_ _L NO! 

If you were in a position of power and you wanted to smooth things over, would you wait that long?  Same answer. 

Corrupt politicians and Iranians have to go NOW, the Iraqi people need their money back NOW, and they need to start being treated fairly NOW or blood is going to keep flowing until those things occur.  It is strange that with the currency imminently being released that these protests were orchestrated by the Iranian religious leadership.  Surely they would care more about the people than that.

Popeye7:  Interesting that it outed them as well... Orchestrated by whom in order to do so?... The corrupt will eventually fall into the pits they have dug... 

GodLover:  agree 100% the only way the citizens calm down is for their Government to comply with the citizen's demands imo. No matter what the Government says, the citizens CANNOT believe.....it will be proven a lie again imo. The Government has proven they are not below habitually lying to the citizens imo. The citizens NEED to continue the protests/riots until their demands are physically accomplished!.....imo.

What I don't want to see is any of the citizen's giving in to anymore empty promises.

Tommy17:  I think with the Iraqi citizens demanding reforms and wanting jobs you would have to implement reforms and announce article 8 soon.   We know the cbi is ready to release the last part of article 2 and give them buying power

LoneStarCowboy:  ~Seems unusual for September 30th the CBI tells the Citizens, "We are bringing you the New Lower Denoms.   Then Saturday, October 1st, just one day later, the Holy Cleric says, "Let all H E double L breakout"    Something Stinks and could be a great big squirrel moment!  All in my humble Cowboy Opinion!

MilitiaMan:  The youth have "AWOKE" the political class just, as they have "AWOKE" the Clerics. They have put fear in the minds of those running the #@*! show. They clearly have voiced themselves, at least to be a force that is not what has been in the past a norm, if you will. They are random in there coordination. Thus, not as predictable as to when and where they will demonstrate.

Those that are "AWOKE" now may see that if they don't cease the corruption, i.e. "CURRENCY AUCTIONS" for an instance, cease the political "QUOTAs", provide "EMPLOYMENT" opportunities, too,  they'll have more fire to deal with imo.  So they'll be or could be making a major mistake if they run a "CURRENCY" auction tomorrow..

They'll be making a major mistake if they don't give the basic needs of the youthful citizens results too. I am sure the youth realize that $300 - $450 billion in graft during their up bringing has not gone by with out notice.

The nice cars, the housing, the perks the elite have used and abused in front of them. The youth have memories. They last for very long periods of time. I would suggest If I was a Politician in Iraq, I would be on the street today and seriously be talking and taking note of the real demands and firmly taking some actions.. Then again, that could be very dangerous, especially if you have corruption charges in the wings. imo ~ MM

Don961:  Urgent meeting at Barham Saleh headquarters with Hakim, Ameri, Sadr and Mutlaq representative


Yes Iraq: Iraqi President Barham Salih in Baghdad discussed the worsening situation and fears of serious developments with Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the National Wisdom Movement, Hadi al-Amiri, head of the Fatah Alliance, Saleh al-Mutlaq, head of the National Dialogue Front, and Sadr's representative Nassar al-Rubaie, head of the Sadrist movement's political body. Alone.

The meeting has not issued any points outside the usual press statements so far, despite nominations since early Saturday, were referring to the waiting for the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and the negotiations were supposed to search for serious new options away from the usual contexts in Iraq.

The statement issued by Barham Saleh's office used loose phrases such as “the need to strengthen and unify the national positions to achieve the aspirations of our noble people.    link


Samson:  Saleh and Abdul-Mahdi stress the accountability of those involved in the use of violence and the safety of demonstrators

5th October, 2019

Presidents Barham Saleh and ministers Adel Abdul-Mahdi said Saturday that those involved should be held accountable by violence and the safety of demonstrators.

"President Barham Salih received Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to discuss the current events and emphasize the fulfillment of youth aspirations," the president's office said in a statement received by Alsumaria News. To ensure a free and dignified life."

"The two presidents stressed the accountability of those involved in the use of violence, the security and safety of demonstrators and security forces, and the firm response to criminals who fired live bullets at demonstrators and security forces," the office said.   LINK

MilitiaMan:  From this article it looks as though Mahdi is still in office. I'll bet this time around their demands are going to be implemented. The recent scare made them far more wary and "AWOKE".. imo.. . ~ MM

Don961:  98 martyrs and 4,000 wounded victims of demonstrations, Abadi puts 17 proposals for the post-Abdul Mahdi

 Saturday 05 October 2019 Baghdad - Writings

Political attempts by several parties to contain the demonstrators and save what can be saved in Iraq, especially after the arrival of the death toll of the protests to about 100 dead and 4,000 wounded.
Iraqi and Western media reported on Saturday, October 5, 2019, that the speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohammed al-Halbousi, had succeeded in meeting a group of demonstrators to reach a compromise formula that would contain the anger of the protesters while at the same time moving the state's work wheel.

While former Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi came up with a document of principles of 17 elements, he said it would work to calm the situation in Iraq.

Abadi put those elements on his own page on the social networking site and came as follows:

1- The issuance of a national declaration - popular, governmental and partisan - commitment to the right of peaceful demonstration guaranteed constitutionally, not to betray the demonstrators, and to preserve their blood and dignity and political and civil rights, while maintaining order, security and stability and public and private property, and prevent the use of demonstrations party and political interests of narrow or suspicious, and consider victims Demonstrators and security forces are martyrs.

2- In order to avoid the failure of running the country and to ensure that the horizon is not obstructed by the reforms demanded by the people, early elections shall be called for the formation of a legitimate constitutional government capable of carrying out its national tasks with a time limit not exceeding 2020, provided that they are reconstituted with independent and efficient personalities away from any entitlement of partisan partisans. . (Ie, the principle of separation between the legislative and executive tracks is adopted).

3 - Form a criminal court for corruption, independent of judges known for their impartiality and impartiality and to remove suspicions of corruption from the judiciary, and draws on international expertise, and the Court is committed to open all files and bring the spoilers to the courts by 2020.

4. Freeze the work of the current provincial councils, and consider local governments as caretaker governments until new provincial councils are elected in 2020.

5. The commitment of the government and political forces to hold general and local elections within the ceiling of 2020, to be reviewed by the recent election law to ensure fair representation, and the substantive involvement of the Iraqi judiciary and the United Nations Mission in Iraq and Iraqi civil organizations in the structure of the elections, including monitoring and certification of results, and to ensure that the violations do not recur I scratched the credibility and results of the 2018 elections and created the turbulent structure of the political process and government formation.

6. The Government is committed to preserving the State entity, sovereignty, stability and neutrality towards regional and international imperatives, ensuring that Iraq does not engage in any regional or international axis, and isolating and criminalizing any entity that violates Iraq's neutrality and preserving its national interests.

7. The government is committed to neutralize political parties and entities from interfering with the work of the state in all its institutions, and to directly restrict arms to the state and its legitimate institutions, and not to allow armed manifestations and militarization of cities.

8. The Government is committed to establishing clear, equitable and decisive mechanisms to unify the manifestations and obligations of the sovereign state with all regions and governorates, including issues of wealth, border outlets and fee revenues.

9. The Government is obliged to establish binding paths and time-bound ceilings for a general census, to make the required constitutional amendments, and to establish timetables for the return of displaced persons, the reconstruction of liberated cities and the completion and compensation of the files of missing and absentees.

10. The Government is committed to taking swift and effective action to secure services, alleviate the need and assist young energies and crushed classes.

11. The government and all political parties and forces are committed to contesting fair, free and fair elections, to form a national government based on the largest parliamentary bloc in accordance with the principle of dual government-opposition, and to provide an integrated government program with specific time limits to ensure the fulfillment of government responsibilities and functions. Three months for parliamentary evaluation, and the adoption of the principle of solidarity responsibility in performance, audit, control, accounting and government evaluation by the forces opposed to the government.

12. The Government and all parties shall abide by the Constitution, law and national sovereignty by exercising them, and undertake to reject, combat and criminalize terrorism, violence, takfir, sectarianism, corruption and organized crime, to prevent any weapon or military presence outside the rule of law, to restrict the powers of security and protection of citizens to State authorities, and to abide by civil and political rights and duties and the values of coexistence. Peaceful expression and the right to peaceful expression, confronting the manifestations of lawlessness, promoting and supporting legal, institutional and social security to protect the country and its people, rejecting violence and resorting to arms in solving social and political problems.

13. All political forces shall abide by official commitments to liberate the State and its institutions from the system of quotas, adopt the criteria of competence and professionalism, integrity, career progression, specialization and equal opportunities in the selection of candidates for positions, activate the law of the Federal Service Council, and the obligation of accountability and accountability and professional and legal evaluation of the performance of officials away from any kind of political protection. .

14.The next government is committed, according to comprehensive plans, to modernize administrative and financial systems, move towards automation, move to e-government, adopt international standards to evaluate the performance of institutions, complete the advancement of the integrated market economy, and proceed with the establishment of the Al Ajyal Fund, the Sovereign Fund, and the National Development Plan 2018-2022 , Iraq Vision 2030, Poverty Reduction Strategy 2018-2022, Reducing Unemployment, Activating Social Safety Nets, and Accelerating Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Banking Economic Recovery, including Improving the Services, Energy, Transport, and Technology Sectors Jia information and communication, the development of centers and administrative and professional skills of employees of state institutions.

15.The incoming Government is committed, in accordance with comprehensive plans, to the empowerment of youth and women in the political, economic, educational and development sectors, to guarantee the rights of women and the rights of children, juveniles and the elderly and to legislative protection for them, and to emphasize the implementation of the objectives of the Special Needs Care Law No. 38 of 2013.

16.The next government is committed to adopt the policies and programs contained in the strategy of education, and commitment to reformulate educational curricula in accordance with educational development and to ensure the consolidation of the culture of coexistence and civic values and national identity, and pay attention to culture, media, arts, sports and civil work to build the state and the development of society and facilities.

17. All political forces and governments are obliged to provide legislative and societal protection to all Iraqi minorities of their religious, national and sectarian diversity, not to exclude, marginalize or aggression against them, to ensure their compensation and return to their areas of residence, and to respect their religious and civil specificities.

Meanwhile, large numbers of demonstrators and representatives of the popular currents flocked to Tahrir Square in Baghdad for the fifth day in a row to demonstrate against corruption and repression and the lack of decent living or jobs.

For its part, the Arab League called on the Iraqi government to calm down and start a serious dialogue with all Iraqis leading to the removal of the reasons for the protests.   link

MilitiaMan:  Those are not 17 items of fluff from a bunch of teenagers on a roll.. Those are well thought out and legitimate items of concern. And they show that there is a drive from an educated point of view to get things in order and under control fast. My interest is #14, #15 and #16. Does this mean they are ready to bring in a new team to complete the final steps? Kinda looks like it. imo ~ MM

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