IQD CALLS Chat Early Monday 9-30-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Monday 9-30-19

 Chattels   Khor Mor gas field production to double, surplus gas can be exported: Dana Gas CEO

chattels   “We are not at the moment developing the Chamchamal field. Having said that … we have now confirmed the presence of very significant gas resources in the Chamchamal field as well,” said Allman-Ward.

They are now discussing the start of production at Chamchamal with the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Region through an “early production facility.”

When asked if Chamchamal had the potential to match the reservoir and the potential of Khor Mor, Allman-Ward said “absolutely.”

Dana Gas have been operating in Khor Mor since 2007, and first extracted gas from the field in 2009. The field is believed to house 75 trillion cubic feet of gas.

chattels   Third coalition arises in Iraq to vie for Sunni leadership

Omar Sattar September 30, 2019

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chattels   Currently, three main Sunni parties are vying for the Sunni leadership. The Iraqi Forces’ Union is led by parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbusi, and the National Axis Alliance is led by Khamis al-Khanjar.

Meanwhile, Osama al-Nujaifi, a former parliament speaker and a former vice president, on Sept. 14 announced the formation of the Salvation and Development Front. The front has the participation of several parliament members, parties and Sunni tribal sheikhs.

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chattels   Iraq and the United States stress the importance of continuing efforts to activate the Strategic Framework Agreement

Monday , 30 September 13:58 2019


chattels   Strategic Framework Agreement for Friendship and Cooperation between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America


chattels   Appears to be a question of full implementation.

Izabelle Joie   We are creators.

Izabelle Joie   We are creators. How did we create this frustrating situation? Generally speaking because of our state of mind and our state of mind has been one of waiting... waiting for the exchange to create in our lives what we had not been able to create yet....It's ok.

Let's change our mindset and visualize that we have the money in our bank account now! NOW! Let's feel the gratitude!We need to create in present time...not in the future cause as we visualize our outcome in the future,it stays in the future.

Zig   Izabelle Joie : :Welcome To the chat room??.....Is this you??.....Google: "Izabelle Joie D. "Life Coach & Energy Healer."

Larrykn   I see Kap made a remark on what I had to say but then he is bring up the 2013 imf art iv. I'm reading the 2019 , I always thought its better to read what is new not old but hey what do I know.

larrykn   xyz here is the lates IMF article iv:

larrykn   xyz there are several reasons why I can't see them starting a float at 1160. I can see a float and I believe they will but I believe if they want to bring out coins, and lower notes the rate will have to come out higher or they will run out of currency due to the prices of goods outside of Iraq that will be brought in once they close the Auctions. At what the rate will be I have no Idea but it seems it needs to come out at a much higher rate then 8 cents.

Doug_W   Silver:$17.16

Young_SC   larrykn well they are peg to the American dollar and they quoted many times wanting to be the central hub of the ME while giving the citizens purchasing power.

Young_SC   Iraq is filthy rich to a point that they do not even have a correct number on all their resources

Doug_W   . Young_SC and yet their people live in slums

Young_SC   Doug_W indeed that is why giving them purchasing power will help them aswell

Doug_W   Silver:$17.09