IQD Calls Chat Early Friday  9-6-19

IQD Calls Chat Early Friday  9-6-19

Loren   Have you noticed Sadar's tweak this morning, "end of the Iraqi government"?

Baxter   no i didnt   I hear he has pancreatic cancer..

Doug_W   I saw it Loren    wonder what that means tho?

Loren   I honestly believe after watching this after all of these years, that the cleric is and has always used poverty to control the citizens. I have seen this over and over. You also see the sane thing in Iran.

I have known Iranians over the years and they say that the cleric controls them and stops any progress in joining the rest of the world's ecomy. I believe that this what we are seeing in Iraq right now.

Baxter   supposedly Sadr wants this money thing to happen...

Loren   I have not read that, that sounds very encouraging!

Baxter   yes... that has been going on for quite a while... he is supposedly "for the people"

Loren   How can introducing instability in the gov encourage monetary reform?

Baxter   not a clue.... sorry..

Loren   Everything I have been told by Iraqi's & Iranians says, that the cleric is interested in maintaining their position of power and not much more than that.

Loren   The average age of Iraqi's is around 35, it is also a majority of young people in Iran. They are ready to join the 21st century, the cleric stands in the way of that.

Loren   I have been all over Iraq, we think of the desert as what we see in AZ and N.M. this not the case. Everything is dry and dead, even getting clean drinking water can be a major problem.

Loren   The difference between Kuwait and Iraq is startling. While there in the rural areas they where selling fuel out of 5 gallon cans side of the road, food the same way. This why they are trying to encourage foreign investment to come in.

Loren   Think about Sadam did, he diverted the river from Southern Iraq so that it would go around his Palace. Leaving hundreds of miles of irrigation systems dry and useless.

I have talked Kuwaiti farmers that say if Iraq starts farming again that they would not be to compete with them. Iraq has many sources of income, the touristy is one of them You would not believe biblical history that is there, that the articlogists can't wait to get access to.

A example of what I am talking about is Egypt, their major source income is tourism. So when I hear that Iraq can not sustain a RV, I say that they can not afford not to.

xyz   ZIM UPDATE ....  Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's strongman ex-president, dies aged 95

Loren   Than again the Iraqi's that I knew, are waiting in excitement to join us in 21st century. It is the cleric that is keeping them out. The power that cleric has in that part of world is astounding.

You should hear the call to prayer that takes place everyday that can even be heard when you are inside. Believe me you do not even want to hear how women are treated over there.

I could tell you horror stories that would keep you up at night.. I have never been able to figure out why any woman would want to go over there and become part of that?

Young_SC   Zig people disagree with kap because the float could take a year or a few years just to reach a dollar

Young_SC   Zig So tell me how is that logical for its citizens and the country itself???

Young_SC   Thats why CBI stated no float they prefer fix rate

Zig   Young_SC : Don't ask me, I know nothing.....LOL

Young_SC   And if they ever did float it would start from a dollar and go upwards to that set rate

Dave   Young_SC who said that?

Zig   I just loiter :na; here causing trouble....

Tebow  Young_SC that's what I believe

Young_SC   Zig cue in the PURCHASING POWER for its citizens as IRAQ HAD STATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN

Tebow   How can Iraq do any economic planning against other currencies/trading/import goods when you don't know what the rate will be in the near future.

Dave   Tebow million dollart question....\

Tebow   Dave What I won? LOL

Dave   Tebow Hope so?

xyz   Zig

Dave   Tebow DID SUGGEST to be competitive with other currencies

Dave   .00086 not to competitive

Tebow   Yes and Iraq did come out and say they would be one of the strongest currencies in the ME

Tebow   And Iraq is going the investors determine what the rate to their currency is according to Kap

Dave   Tebow but CBI suggested that was NOT to be....

Whitelions   You all know cr** baises his belief that the imf made iraq sign a contract saying they would float BUT THEY CAN'T DO THAT BY INTERNATIONAL BANKING LAWS they can only hammer out how repayments re made


Whitelions   Dave Kap said that the imf told iraq they would loan them money only if they floated their currency when they rved .but thet cant tell a country how to handle their money they can only recommend and then reach repayment agreements

Sparky   ...what's this stuff about forgiveness of 75% of Iraqi debt to Arab s...?


Whitelions   Sparky thats a very good thing because if iraq had to pay everything they owe they may never rv but the arib states are betting they will make 10 fold there money back if they forgive the debt

Sparky   ... also don't understand AMF...ISX...Nasdaq article...

Sparky   Whitelions ah, ok... thanks...that makes sense...


Whitelions   And they want better working relationships for trade both in and out


Sparky   Whitelions ...start at clean slate?

Whitelions   Abadi said they want to be the center and the peace keepers of the me and thats what he has worked for but most cant see past malki to trust hi

Whitelions   Sparky yes

Whitelions   Him

Dave   JUST wonder where all that cash is from that Kuwaiti donor conference

Sparky Whitelions ...things certainly appear more, secure and stable these days also... with government almost fully seated...

Dave   Sparky 10 yrs of almost for me

Sparky   Dave ... allocated yet ?

Whitelions   In the bank dont worry Dave. They have that under controal the world watches

Dave   Sparky look at Mosul

Whitelions   Sparky yes we are at the end of this road now we have to be ready to make the most of what it will give us

Dave   Whitelions dead end coming up?

Sparky   Dave ...pledged 80 billion at the conference... need twice that much for entire country rebuild...

Dave   Sparky look at rthe UAE out of nothing

Sparky   Whitelions later...

Tebow   Whitelions what to you believe might be a rate?

Sparky   Whitelions ... I'll have to wait at least a week, to get my act together...

Dave   definitely worth more than the costs to mint new currency in the form of LDs Tebow

Tebow   Dave yes

Dave   that would be the starting point then?

Sparky   Dave ...any thoughts on actual LD'... denominations ?

Dave   Sparky just opinion

Dave   less 3 zeros

Dave   and coins

Sparky   Dave ... that's ok, throw it out there...most of my stuff is opinion...

Dave   derived from kap

Tebow   Sparky it's all opinion

Sparky   Dave ...ah...fils... nice...!

Dave   CBI's opinion too?

Dave   Sparky like coins

Dave   not the 1000 or 10000 dinar coins so much

SparkyTebow ... bong is usually correct...

Sparky   Tebow 1:1 would be lovely...

Sparky   ... does seem everyone is playing nice with Iraq... must be a good reason...

Sparky   ... except Israel dosn't appreciate Iran moving their WMD into Iraq... to mess with them...

Young_SC   Sparky i already stated to you it would be 1 to 1 start but you laughed at me when i stated that to you

Sparky   Young_SC no, I never laugh at possibility...

Portmagaland   Good morning all, when this pops, I'm moving to Hawaii and the f out of Oregon.

Sparky   Young_SC ... or, even probability...

Young_SC   Sparky That so called possibilty is what IRAQ has told us many times

Young_SC   Im going by factual info


Sparky   Portmagaland hey, enjoying your vacation...good man

Portmagaland   Sparky Yep, I know you have you eye on Portugal, when it pops and Portugal is nice, but you just cant beat this weather.

Sparky   Young_SC ... so, your sure, it's coming out at 1:1 ?

Portmagaland   My old bones love it and I just float in the water on my back, dont even need to swim.

Sparky   Portmagaland ...haha, you said "float'... jk...

Portmagaland   I dont want to cash out on Oregon, they'll take more than their share, so I've got to find a good state to cash out in. Washington has no state income tax, I could go across the river into Vancouver, Washington.

Dave   in consideration of minting costs alone a dime sounds very reasonable place to start

Portmagaland   Sparky Iraq couldn't float my fat a** if they tried

6 Sep 19, 01:16 PM Sparky   Portmagaland ...yes, the tax man will be the next adversary when this happens...

Portmagaland   Loving this 1 to 1 talk people, keep it up.

Dave   Portmagaland 100,000% ROI

Doug_W   Portmagaland U will need a residence other than oregon to NOT pay teh taxes

6 Sep 19, 01:18 PM Sparky   Dave ...ha, we finally agree on something, maybe Zig will re instate our program...

Dave   Sparky Na...I am his NEMISIS now?

Dave   low ratings....

Sparky   Dave ... I'll settle for 1000. %, roi...

xyz   Pompeo: "Century deal" may be announced within weeks

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday he believed the Trump administration would reveal in the coming weeks details of the long-delayed peace plan between the Palestinians and Israel.

Asked after a speech at the University of Kansas, Pompeo said: "I think we will announce our vision in the coming weeks."

White House envoy Jason Greenblatt said last week the United States would not reveal the political part of the plan ahead of Israel's September 17 elections.

Portmagaland   Sparky I second that

Dave   Sparky will cost more to m attention!

Sparky   Dave ...oh well, we had a good run...

Doug_Wxyz "in the coming weeks" where have we heard that b4?

Dave   next session......

Dave   Sparky you ought to go check out actual minting costs for currency particularly for coins

Dave   then consider fils......

Sparky   Dave ...then, "shelf" life...

Sparky   Dave ...found a 1944 penny the other day...

Dave   notes still cost 4-5 cents each .....coins double that

Dave   Sparky find 1894 Barber s dime for me please

Dave   then i will go away>>>>>>>

Sparky   Dave ...when I see articles about fils...1000ths of a Dinar, I'll get excited...

Sparky   Dave ...funny you mention that, I have been finding dimes for decades...still wondering why...

Dave   missing my point......

Dave   CBI aint going to mint coins that would be worth less than scrap metal

Sparky   Dave ... again, in what denominations ?

Dave   not 25K coins......

Doug_W   xyz all over Iraq's plans will be in the coming weeks

Dave   no purpose in deleting 3 zeros then

Sparky   Dave ... good point...touche...

Zig   Okay....sent "Vic" of Gatekeepers an email.....asked him to either drop by or to send me something to post here if he so desires......

Young_SC   Sparky brother what does purchasing power sound like to you man lol

Young_SC   Its not what i say its what they say

Dave   Young_SC scrap metal worth more i suppose

Sparky   Zig always like Vic1...and, think he may have Iranian descent...and speaks Farsi... anyhow, cool dude, and very positive and informative in our journey...

Young_SC   You are so quick to listen to opinions but not what Iraq/CBI says

Young_SC   People asking Guru Jeff if a deal between China and US in Trade is the delay of the RV

 Portmagaland   X22 Spotlight posted an interview with Bix Weir this morning and Bix is a silver/crypto guy, not into dinar at all. However, Bix is into the whole system crashing globally and a lot of what he talks about in the interview, is tied into our thing here.

Bix too, is saying watch out for 9/11 next week like some in the Dinar world have suggested. It's just cool to see sources from different financial worlds/theories touching on common denominators: