IQD CALLS Chat Early Friday 9-20-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Friday 9-20-19

chattels   Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Iraq Oil Exports Increase As Country Violates OPEC Quotas


Posted by Iraqi Thoughts | Aug 19, 2019

chattels   These agencies constantly siphon out Dollars supplied by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to maintain the value of the Iraqi Dinar (IQD).

Consequently, CBI’s pegged exchange rate system does not work effectively. Chronically, CBI has been and is still injecting into the Iraqi market an average of $140 million to $160 million Dollars per day through currency auctions.

Only a few licensed financial institutions have the privilege to participate in these auctions, which has given these oligarchies power and leverage in determining IQD value in the local money market. These licensed entities can determine the Dollar value in IQD by controlling the supply of Dollar.

Stashes of CBI Dollar ends up in their coffers and they will decide whether to channel it into circulation or keep hold of it. Thus, IQD experiences instability in its value due to the gap between the official and unofficial value of the Dinar.

xyz   China Just Got Handed The Oil Deal Of A Lifetime

larrykn   as per chattels post above , this is one thing that always bothered me. If they get rid of the auctions with all the money they make on it , what are they going to replace it with when they stop the auctions and having a rate that starts at where it is now and has to take at least a year to get to a rate that they can compete with the world as per Kap. O

larrykn   ooops :)

Doug_W   we will have to fall back on our old stand by Larry "we wait" to see

larrykn   I'm not sure how that will work out . to me they need a rate that they can compete with the world other wise the system will just not work. not when companies come in to do business with them.

larrykn   Your right Doug :)

Larrykn   Pentagon to send antimissile batteries, jet fighters to Saudi Arabia

The Pentagon is considering sending additional antimissile batteries, jet fighters and surveillance capabilities to Saudi Arabia, U.S. military officials said.

It will do that to support the military presence in fighting against the attack last Saturday on Saudi Arabia’s petroleum industry.

The measures under consideration also include a commitment to maintaining the presence of a U.S. aircraft carrier and other warships in the Middle East for the foreseeable future, the officials said, according to The wall Street Journal.

The extra force would be meant to show heightened resolve and to bolster defenses following Saturday’s strikes, and is under consideration as President Trump also is weighing options for a response to the attack, which U.S. officials charge was carried out by Iran.

Military officials at U.S. Central Command, which oversees operations in the Middle East, planned a series of meetings Thursday and Friday among midlevel officials and deputies to Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, who leads the command, defense officials said.

Zig   Sparky used the word "logorrhea" a few times.....had no idea what that verbose electrician it turns out it means to be extremely he was describing himself...... ;phone:

Zig   You buy Dinar as a speculative investment....really nothing else to do other than hold it or sell is the case with any other can check the exchange rate from time to time as well....nothing else that you have to everything else is indeed just a "show"......means nothing really.....

Dj   Reading and watching info on dinar for last couple weeks, I'm very new.. I'm confused on some ppl talking about dropping the 3 zeros. As in, if they do drop, do they have to exchange old currency for new?

Dj   I realize there are many different ways all this could go down, if it happens.

Zig   Dj : My advice would be to not worry about all the different opinions out there.....nobody knows how this SPECULATIVE venture will turn out for us.....

Dj   Agreed, just lots of things linning up, and hoping for the best

Dj   I mostly gather info from ur iqd call post on twitter and ktfa, and the little info I can find on the web.

Dj   Didnt know anything of the dinar till had a client come in with a plan to do lots of building if his investments paid up...

Doug_W   sounds very familiar

Dj   Where does Zig opinion sit as far as other sites saying some tiers are getting paid already? T 4a may happen this weekend? Just trying to pick ur brain.

Dj   , it cant be all disinformation, right. Something has to happen or all the contract from diff countries to do stuff in iraq wouldnt be happening....

Doug_W   Silver:$18.02

Dave   Imf the trustee for Iraq....?

Zig   Dave : Come on! is not that bad.....Jeez.....

Dave   if you like wheel barrows

Zig   Dave : Kaperoni is far from negative....he does like this investment....

Zig   Someone posted that Kaperoni now thinks it will LOP......LOL.....Not true.....he said it was possible but not likely......does not think it will LOP......

Dave   Yes his way not CBIs

Zig   Dave : What does it really matter?? has no influence as far as what will happen

Young_SC   Dave not sure if anyone else noticed besides Tebow when kap stated when they bring out lower denom notes and coins it then the currency will Lop. Then he says no it will float to appreciate in value then he says there is no such thing as Iraq bringing out coins or lower denoms

Young_SC   Need i say more?

Zig   Don't let anyone bother you!!

Young_SC   Come on man

Zig   I listen to a lot of different people.....some are researchers......I take it all with a grain of salt.....some of it is interesting.....much of it is opinion.....big deal............

Young_SC   I dont need to say anything else regarding Kap

Young_SC   Zig just scroll up read what i typed and ask yourself is that a person of good knowledge?

Zig   None of those people have any influence as to what will happen for us.......

Young_SC   Zig yes i know but at the sametime its comical because im not sure kap understood his statement

Zig   But when someone has spent years researching this I am curious to hear what they have to say...............

Young_SC   Float? LOP? Which is it Kap????

Young_SC   I rest my case

Zig   Young_SC : He said it could LOP but highly doubts that will occur....

Young_SC   Zig you have to remember the CBI is bringing out lower denoms and coins as per articles 3 weeks ago

Young_SC   So i guess its a LOP for Kap


foxmulder   Zig I am sure you have been researching this also and read just about everything there is . I know I have ! 14 yrs .... I had enough opinions how this will all finish . Kap , sandy & sam have it all figured out apparently .

Zig   But in the end you will forget about all this chatting.....maybe while counting your riches or maybe while crying about the

Young_SC   The Iraqi citizen would like to see his currency strong, so the process of raising zeros will contribute to the revaluation of the currency, and reduce the proportion of demand for hard currency, which is characterized by force, and will lead to a balance between the value of domestic and foreign currency and will give them market power at home and abroad,

It is possible that the value of the Iraqi currency against the US dollar, for example, that the employee who receives 1200 thousand dinars at the exchange rate 1200, the purchasing power of $ 1000 dollars and if the strengthening of the dinar equivalent to 500 dinars to the dollar will be purchasing power $ 2400 instead of $ 1000   BURATHANEWS.COM8

Zig   I am hopeful but not counting my chickens just yet....


Young_SC   Zig how many articles do i have to post lolol

Young_SC   Stating what Iraq wants to do

Baxter   HEY.. GUESS WHAT? WE GOT A NEW GUEST GURU: 9-20-2019 Guest Guru Mike Cottrell [via PDK] [Many people are asking about the 275 billion the Fed has sunk into the overnight lending markets this week...What are your thoughts on this?]

Basically the banks are not liquid and My thoughts are they anticipating this revaluation…this reset is about to happen...I see this as the banks have no cash that they need to pay out for the exchanges.

So they hit the Fed up for cash to pay us…to pay out so it’s not on their balance sheets…it’s on the Fed’s. They have been hitting the Fed for the last 3 days and I feel they will hit them up for more so they can pay out all the SKR’s and contract needs. It’s another way to force the issue.