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Samson:  Trump imposes sanctions on Iran's central bank and reveals another package

9/20/2019 17:39

US President Donald Trump on Friday announced sanctions against Iran's central bank.

Trump said last Wednesday that a new package of sanctions on Iran would be announced, describing the new sanctions against Iran as "influential", adding that his view of this country has not changed.

The US president said that there is no war with Iran as "there are many options for action."

"Our decision not to strike Iran before is proof of our strength," he said, stressing that the United States is now "in a very strong position."   LINK

Titus2mom4:   This looks like good news for us this weekend! Exciting times ahead!  

Iobey777:   POW!!!!!!!!!! HIT EM WHERE IT HURTS!! NOW..CBI...MAKE YOUR MOVE!!!!!!!GET IT DONE!!!

Radience:   This action of Trump imposing a Sanction against Iran's Central Bank is huge.

MiliiaMan:  I hope everyone realizes just what this means. Trump has neutered the Iranian National Bank. How? Well, Iran is one of Iraq's largest trading partners and has massive amounts of Dinar. They clearly will have a hard time making any money off the re in statement of Iraq IQD with sanctions on!! The timing of this is massive imo.. Trump just made a steer out of Iran... lol imo ~ MM


Don961:   Trump's deputy on war with China: the era of economic surrender is over

 20 September 2019 02:53 PM

Direct: Vice President Mike Pines believes that the United States will continue to take a strong position in its trade war with China

Mike Pence said in remarks with the network "CNBC" America, on Thursday, that the era of economic surrender is over

The United States not only manages a $ 500 billion trade deficit with China, but the country also loses much from intellectual property theft every year, he said

The US trade deficit with China reached $ 419.2 billion in 2018, up 11.7 percent from 2017 figures, according to the US Census Bureau

Washington has repeatedly accused Beijing of stealing intellectual property, a claim China has always denied

"For too long, one administration after another, Republican and Democratic administrations were prepared to accept the extraordinary disadvantages of American workers and jobs under the name of trade with China," Pines said

He continued: "These days are over, we will continue to stand strong, and the American people can trust that President Donald Trump will continue to stand strong"

Pence's comments coincide with the resumption of trade negotiations between the two sides for the first time in nearly two months

US Vice President Pines said Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin and Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will meet with Chinese officials next month

What President Donald Trump is doing with China is to defend the US economy and defend US interests, he said

He said Trump's strong stance was believed to have an impact on the Chinese economy   link

Don961:  UPDATE 1-Dollar turns higher globally with monetary policy comments

 20 September 2019 03:07 PM

Direct : The US dollar turned higher on Friday, after comments from a Federal Reserve official supporting further rate cuts

St. Louis Federal Reserve Chairman James Pollard said today that he supported a 50bp rate cut at the last Fed meeting, rather than a 25bp cut

Bolad attributed his view to a number of reasons including the slowdown in economic growth, the reversal of the yield on US bonds, and he believes that manufacturing activity has entered a recession

By 12:00 pm GMT, the greenback was up 0.06 percent at $ 1.1033, while the yen was down 0.08 percent at 107.93 yen

The US currency rose against the pound by 0.3 percent at 1.2490 dollars, while falling against the Swiss franc by about 0.1 percent to 0.9915 francs

During that period, the dollar index, which tracks the performance of the currency against six major currencies, rose 0.2 percent to 98.466

Investors are following the round of trade talks between the United States and China, which began yesterday in Washington, which aims to prepare for high-level talks between the two countries scheduled for next month    link


Samson:    Iraq has no “authority” because of a massive “migration” of the government
20th September, 2019

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi was forced to write a letter from the plane to explain why he was taking a very large delegation on his visit to China, after he arrived in Beijing, headed by a large government team consisting of about 60 ministers, governors, advisors, officials and accompanying, at a time raised a list The names of the delegation, a large debate in Baghdad before the start of the visit.

Abdul Mahdi was accompanied to China by eight of his cabinet ministers and 16 out of 18 governors, as well as advisors, officials, escorts and guards, which raised eyebrows at the enormity of the delegation.

More surprisingly, the prime minister, who is commander-in-chief of the armed forces, was accompanied by his defense and interior ministers, which meant that he left a major security vacuum in Baghdad, during a period of great escalation between the United States and Iran in the region, foreshadowing a military confrontation.

Although the prime minister focuses on the economic aspects of his visit to China, he did not take any Iraqi businessman with him. Iraqi officials often compete heavily to travel on official missions abroad for the purpose of tourism and to benefit from the amounts allocated for those missions.

Because of this wide controversy, Abdul Mahdi was forced to send a message from his plane to China to the Iraqi people, saying that “time does not allow long waiting and missed opportunities, we need deliberate and quick decisions at the highest levels with the officials of other countries we aspire to Establish a sustainable partnership with them. ”

Abdul Mahdi's visit to China coincides with the participation of Iraqi President Barham Salih in the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, which began Wednesday in New York, where Saleh will take with him to the United States and the foreign ministers of planning, an additional vacuum in power, at a sensitive time.     LINK

Doodlebug:   Check out the last paragraph... President Salih is at the UN right now? With Mahdi's entourage in China, and the President of Iraq and his entourage in New York... who's left in Iraq? lol. Question is, will Mahdi, Salih and their peeps meet up in D.C. with our great POTUS?. We Won. We Watch. We Wait.

Don961:  Ask for investment even in China

Friday 20 September 2019

Abdul Zahra Mohammed Hindawi 

The world has evolved a lot, and is now racing against the wind to reach its goals. It was in China, this country was for them an unknown world, they were not adults, but hard-won, they would have wished, if they were birds, to travel that distance, and reach that wonderland !!

Today, everything has changed. Seeking knowledge from China is no longer difficult and dangerous. With the dragon spreading its arms all over the world, there is no country in the universe except China made. This country, with its huge population, has managed to jump, leaps and bounds. Fast, stunned the world, and has many solutions, to address the problems of other countries, after he succeeded in applying those solutions to reality, and achieved a wide renaissance in all areas, the Chinese are no longer dying of hunger, because of poverty, but became a balsam to address the problems of others, They have enormous investments, they have very sophisticated industries, and they have minds that lead Of providing the best, even if they were not, the whole world gobbled between overnight !! 

Abdul-Mahdi's visit to Beijing, at this time and at this level, comes under intertwined international and regional conditions, will be an important route of the Silk Road, which China is seeking to increase its routes according to the economic feasibility provided by this path or that, It will stir up the appetite of other capitals, which can change their attitudes and speed up their march towards Iraq.

There are Koreans who are watching what the Chinese dragon is doing precisely, seeking a balance, or sharing economic influence among the rich countries of the region. They rely a lot on Iraq, But they are still intimidated, perhaps waiting for another country, ahead of them, to open the way for them, and the existence of such competition, and this race would provide a golden opportunity more expensive than silk, to choose the best among these three countries, which represent the whole,

A mystery puzzled the world, for the speed of their rapid development, though The results of Abdul-Mahdi's visit to China at the head of a large delegation, including ministers and governors, will be particularly important in the field of roads, railways, housing, health, education and other services projects, and the treatment of slums.

In other countries, therefore, memorandums of understanding and agreements will be signed, and we will be on a date with a new Chinese presence entirely different from the previous stage, after the Chinese proved that they are smarter than others, when their companies did not hesitate to enter and work in Iraq, despite Of the conditions faced by the country, no doubt, they You see the visit of the great Iraqi delegation as a message of commitment and a great Iraqi desire to open wide horizons of fruitful cooperation between the two countries.  especially as this Super, National.    link


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