IQD Calls Chat Early Friday 8-30-19 Part 2 of 2

IQD Calls Chat Early Friday 8-30-19 Part 2 of 2

foxmulder   SKELFLA I believe you are right. I don't think solid information is going to be advertised

foxmulder   There are certain ways to achieve that goal right

SKELFLA   That's why I'm on the fence when it comes to an RV. My strongest theory is what I posted before about the Dinar being used as a basis of a trading derivative for the OBOR initiative...

SKELFLA   Think of it as a "poor man's" reserve currency.

foxmulder   Whether the term RV is correct or re-denomination , dropping the zeros and having their currency at .1186 not making it stronger IMO

Zig   SKELFLA : "a trading derivative for the OBOR initiative."........Please explain that in a simple way for some of us who don't know what the hell that is all

foxmulder   SKELFLA at some point it will no longer be an exotic currency status.

SKELFLA   foxmulder yes and know...becomes re-denomination will give it the perception of being a stronger currency. Which when it comes to the Arab mindset is just as important as anything.

foxmulder   Perception and reality are two different entities, I'm sure even in the middle east they desire to have a currency that has significant impact and value

SKELFLA   Zig It just a theory I came up based on the information I am privy to. Its not a 100% conclusive. But the Chinese will need to form a back up currency to form a backbone for their one belt one road initiative... To replace the USD and as a back up to their currency swaps... The dinar is definitely an option.

SKELFLA   foxmulder True. If and when it loses it status of being an exotic currency there will definitely be an opportunity to make significant profits on the IQD but this may be reserved for the institutions and like I've said whether that translates into profits for the average speculator is anyone's guess. I don't know.

 foxmulder   SKELFLA currency is currency no matter who holds it , not sure just institutional investors will benefit. Only by shear volume

SKELFLA   foxmulder The institutions have mechanisms in the form of complex derivatives and other monetary tools to make far more money than the average Joe holding currency. Like it or not that's just a fact.

Young_SC   SKELFLA i take Baxter's ice cream and eat it is what i do ;ice-cream;

SKELFLA   Young_SC LOL what does that mean?

Young_SC   It means that i love to eat ice cream

Foxmulder   SKELFLA if and when they increase or change the value , the average joe will be able to exchange . And I do understand there can be 2 different values .

SKELFLA   foxmulder Not necessarily. Central Banks involved in the one belt could form an agreement to trade the Dinar in a closed shop fashion where the value to the outside world would remain essentially the same.

foxmulder   SKELFLA the one belt is something being looked at . Is it fully implemented.

SKELFLA   Catch you guys later. Out.

foxmulder   To be completed in 2049

Zig   FYI:.....What is China's one belt one road initiative?

China's 'One Belt, One Road' initiative. The 'One Belt, One Road' (OBOR) initiative is a Chinese economic and strategic agenda by which the two ends of Eurasia, as well as Africa and Oceania, are being more closely tied along two routes–one overland and one maritime.

foxmulder   Zig this is something not even actually implemented , perhaps in a very small way as of now.

Young_SC   Every naysayers answer to why IQD cannot revalue because Iraq cannot account for 42 trillion dinar lolol

Tebow   SKELFLA Like you have any substance. You like so many Gurus have nothing! Hide behind your statements and provide no proof. Simple as that as are you!

Zig   Young_SC : I don't know if I would classify him as a complete

 foxmulder   This gent doesn't hold dinar , his interest is a bit different than your average dinar holder .

Young_SC   Exact words in my head   Shows no proof    What else is new

Tebow   Funny how every single guru has a contact in the CBI and still knows nothing.

Young_SC   The oldest slogan within this investment is that my contact in the CBI 😂

Doug_W   Tebow R U Ready?

Tebow   SKELFLA foxmulder Not necessarily. Central Banks involved in the one belt could form an agreement to trade the Dinar in a closed shop fashion where the value to the outside world would remain essentially the same. TOTAL b*! TRYING TO SCARE PEOPLE!

foxmulder   Tebow all this drama when the simple fact is,that we wait and see what the final outcome is . And LET THE REAL CBI CONTACTS let us know the facts ...

foxmulder   Tebow I dont scare LMAO

Zig   Peeps in here don't scare easily.....otherwise we would be long

Tebow   foxmulder yes and these no nothings spewing there Crapola like the know something come out of the woodwork with no proof to back their statements and opinions.

 foxmulder   Tebow T Iraqi dinar is not even traded internationally until it is we know nothing

foxmulder   Tebow Agreed

madness   could not help but read that statement that they will have a closed value to the outside world, that has to be the dumbest thing I think I have read this year yet, that one takes the cake

foxmulder   madness stop LOLim dying

foxmulder   I do not have the documents I'll see what I can dig up but a country can have 2 different rates with their currency but I believe that has something to do with their accounting . But if there is a difference in value to the same currency it is very in significant

madness   gee maybe they will also have their own hidden forex exchange rate too so the world cannot see, only a guru with special dinar powers will be able to see the value

Tebow   Baxter just remember scammers are out there. Anyone on the internet can post credentials that can be FAKE. If someone want people to believe them they need post to all and not hide.

madness   I sent the cbi an email lets see if they respond, this is 2 times, they must not have anyone checking there emails

Tebow   madness what no CBI contacts

Tebow   Lol

xyz    Tebow Z got a cbi contact

madness   no I have no contacts, I just sent them an email to see if they respond

Tebow   xyz I know you do, he reports everything back to me!

madness    that is funny, all these gurus have a cbi contact and a treasury contact too, how convenient, a real federal treasury agent for the US Gov. would not even let one of these gurus pay to smell there dirty socks, let alone tell them anything

Tebow   After many years of watching this b*,. They all use the same line, got a CBI contact, can't show any proof, name call when not believed.

 madness   yeah or a military contact, or an iraq contact, bank president contacts, what are they posting on dinar sites for, they should be rich with all there so called contacts

Tebow   How come these people with so called important contacts hang around chatrooms. If they are so important this would the last place I'd be expressing my economic theory.

Young_SC   madness is that what SKEFLA said???

Young_SC   A closed value to the outside world??

Young_SC   Tebow lolol

Young_SC   Indeed you would think its private information that cannot be shared with anyone

 Sparky   Young_SC ... I could tell you, but I signed a NDA...

Sparky   ...No Da Admiral,... and, Da general...

SKELFLA   Tebow never said I had important contacts.  

Sparky   SKELFLA ...why are the institutional investors paying such a high premium, .02 USD per Dinar..?.. thanks.... if you can elaborate, would be appreciated...

SKELFLA   Sparky Not sure why I should bother.

Sparky   SKELFLA thanks for that, but didn't really address my question...

Sparky   SKELFLA ...IQD as silk road derivative is an interesting perspective...

Sparky   SKELFLA ...been buying for 18 months ? ... institutions amassing IQD at a significant premium... interesting, and potentially positive news !

SKELFLA   Sparky not sure you get , obviously you don't. Why would I put my 2 cents in if previously you're going to make claims about my credibility.

Sparky   SKELFLA ...huh ?

Sparky   SKELFLA ... simply asking for clarification...

SKELFLA   madness Really? Do the research on the "currency swaps" China has being doing with countries. Especially some African nations and if you're smart enough ( obviously not) you'll find two currency swaps that were executed at rates far different to their respective public exchange rates.

SKELFLA   Sparky I've already addressed this question. I have half a dozen theories two of which I've already posted. They are theories I'm not some conman guru just enjoy swapping theories with educated people  

Sparky   SKELFLA ... just sayin'...your buying at 20 times what I pay...

SKELFLA   Sparky I never said I paid that... But I know of institutions who have paid that fairly recently... Why? As I've already said before I don't have a concrete answer just THEORIES.

Sparky   SKELFLA ...oh, don't need to get all defensive... I / we just want to learn more about this investment / speculation...

Sparky   SKELFLA ...and what you have brought in, is very positive...imo...

SKELFLA   Sparky As do I. I'm not claiming to have all the answers but I'm a lot closer to this thing than the majority   on this board  .... Whether you believe that is entirely your decision...

SKELFLA   Call me arrogant ...but I'll go up against anyone who wants to belittle my statements... The most insightful person to date has been Kap until he made comments on a few things that I know to be total horse crap. So he went down in my books significantly.

Sparky   SKELFLA ... I'll take you at your word...until and unless you prove yourself otherwise... just wondering why institutional investors are willing to pay that high a premium...guess you are wondering also... even the principles are not privy to that information...thanks...

SKELFLA   Sparky 100% bang on. We are not currently privy to the reasoning and strategy behind these transactions. And myself and my associates are literally bang in the middle. And all of us have theories unfortunately the main theories do not include an RV. Could we be wrong ? Absolutely!

Sparky   SKELFLA ...can you elaborate on the quantities purchased ?

SKELFLA   Only the ones I have first hand knowledge of ..... There is also more than one institution involved. But to date I know of in excess of 50 billion dinar that has been successfully executed on. The major tranches are earmarked to begin in September and October and should be completed by November. I estimate those tranches will total in excess of 250 billion Dinar.

Sparky   SKELFLA very interesting. Thank you...

Sparky   SKELFLA guess would be Reconstruction firms setting up... approx 300 million USD...hard currency...

Sparky   ...may get into ISX...

SKELFLA   No problem. And I understand the scepticism ... If what I say is true why would I come on a public board and make the statements I'm making... I'm wondering that myself ! Lol but at the same time I'm just passing the time and picking peoples brains is just something I enjoy doing.. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Maybe there's someone out there than can put the pieces together.

Sparky   SKELFLA ok, thanks again...

 SKELFLA   Sparky  .. Your theory about construction firms would be valid except it doesn't explain the premium that's why my favourite theory is that the hard currency will form the basis of a derivative for trade.

 Sparky   SKELFLA yes, very interesting indeed..

Zig   SKELFLA : Aren't you glad you came??

Sparky   SKELFLA thanks for sharing...

 SKELFLA   Sparky But the one thing I do agree with Kap on is an overnight "RV/RI" is an impossibility. In my mind its an economical and mathematical impossibility. Also and I'm going to get stick for this but if such an event was going to take place I'm pretty confident my people in the Middle East and in Iraq would have given me a heads up... Which obviously they haven't.

Matt   SKELFLA Where are you from if you don't mind me asking

SKELFLA   Matt I was born In New Zealand... But grew up in the Middle East. Went to school in Sharjah during the Iran/Iraq was that's were I learnt Arabic & Farsi. My parents opted to send me to an Arabic school rather than an international one.

SKELFLA   * Iran/ Iraq WAR

Zig   We used to have a member named "Trade" who also claimed to have contacts.....another was "Wiley" I believe.....they used to say that there was far more Dinar printed than we would ever believe.....hundreds of trillions......Trade left because he claimed he was warned to shut up.....

SKELFLA  Zig first all, I don't claim I have contacts pertaining to an RV which the gurus keep bashing on about. But a large majority of my classmates are now in significant positions throughout the Middle East including Iraq.

SKELFLA   Zig How long ago did this mythical "Trade" leave?

Zig   SKELFLA : Not least several years.....the Mod may know.....

Zig   This chat started in early 2015.....


Zig   Trade got into many fights with people who did not believe him.....

SKELFLA   There is a substantial amount of Dinar outside of Iraq but hundreds of trillions seems to be somewhat of a stretch.

Zig   Can't blame people for being skeptical....

SKELFLA   Zig And what did he claim ? What was his general theory?

Zig   SKELFLA : Been so long I don't

SKELFLA   Zig I don't blame people at all. I've met and worked with my fair share of fantasists and total BSers over the years.

Zig   In general people did not like what Trade had to say.....was negative......

SKELFLA   Zig So basically he said there would be no RV?

Zig   Not the way we all hoped it would go down.....