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Friday UPDATE for August 30, 2019:   A Bank Source has reported that a "Code Change" has occurred today causing them to experience extreme excitement! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

MRiles:  During today's TNT  call I got a call from A friend that is a Senior mgr at a tier 2 bank. She got a call at 8 AM this morning and was notified that  the 800#'s will be released over the weekend and for her to be ready. She was also told that the plan was to complete all tiers by 9/10….. she had her first training last Oct LOL

Tishwash:  The United Nations calls on the Iraqi parties to give priority to the interests of the country above all

The United Nations has warned of the impact of regional tensions in efforts to rebuild a stable and prosperous country in Iraq, and stressed that Iraqi parties need to reach a common understanding by prioritizing the country's interests above all.

In her briefing to the Security Council on Wednesday, the UN Special Envoy to Iraq, Jenin Hennes Blaschaert, praised the Iraqi leadership for its unwavering commitment to multilateral diplomacy and engagement with regional and international players to ensure that its country remains a common ground for stability, not a field of proxy conflicts. It was vital to enforce that, she said.

The UN representative expressed concern about the continued lack of funding for the Stabilization Fund (FFS) as well as the Humanitarian Response Plan where there were gaps in the amount. Displaced and disrupted food distribution cycles.

She added that nearly 1.6 million IDPs are still eagerly awaiting improved conditions and returning home in safety and dignity, but stressed that a lot of good work has been done and houses, roads, bridges and power transmission lines have been built, and 4.3 million people have returned to their homes. The remaining needs have slowed and the health, electricity and water sectors are more acute.

"We all agree on Iraq's tremendous potential, but perseverance is necessary to make the most of this potential. Now we cannot expect the Iraqi government to perform miracles overnight in addressing the legacy of the past and the many challenges of the present," she said, adding that the government needed time to fight narrow partisan interests. Numerous and existing, and need time to fulfill promises.

The UN representative also stressed that political parties and other parties need to reach a common understanding by prioritizing the country's interests above all, and said that in the end, it should be clear that the government cannot do it alone - it is a shared responsibility.

On the economic side, she said the government was increasingly aware of the urgency of reform, in particular expanding the base of national income sources to include other sources, not just oil products, and strengthening the role of the private sector in various areas from infrastructure development to job creation. To accelerate its structural reforms, promote macroeconomic, financial stability as well as promote inclusive and sustainable growth.

Plachart showed that at this moment in time, many of the components still feel marginalized and this would make many of them vulnerable to extremist messages.

On the elections, she considered that some paragraphs of the provincial elections law are of great concern and may lead to the exclusion of many voters who would otherwise be eligible to participate, indicating that the transparency and accountability of electoral institutions and processes is not sufficiently guaranteed at the moment.

For his part, stressed Iraq's deputy to the United Nations Sarhad Fattah, that the opportunity to achieve stability and prosperity in his country is real but in danger, and therefore can not ask Baghdad to tolerate more tension and escalation in the region.

Fattah also touched on relations between Iraq and its northern neighbor Turkey, pointing out that the Baghdad government has sent almost 54 letters to Ankara, asking for an immediate halt to the bombing of Iraqi territory, within the framework of the Turkish army operations against PKK militants.  link

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Newshound Guru Jeff:   ...keep in mind Iraq is still under UN Chapter 7 sanctions...Notice how the UN is back in Iraq over the last few days...Iraq is fulfilling its obligations to get out of Ch. 7 to become international. 

And notice how they're doing it in Q3.  Article quote "Commitment show by Iraq in fulfilling all remaining international obligations..."  

This is showing you Iraq is on its way out of Ch 7 and that's why the UN is there now.  This is huge...



Samson:  Trump announces the establishment of a special US military command space

30th August, 2019
US President Donald Trump has announced the launch of a special US space command at the Pentagon, whose mission will be to ensure the threat of US dominance from China and Russia in this new battlefield. 

"This is a historic day that recognizes the importance of central space for the security and defense of the United States," Trump said at a ceremony in Washington. 

"Spicecom's leadership will ensure that US hegemony in space will never be threatened," he said. LINK


S41755k:  Some 2020 Dems want a 'wealth tax' - what you should know

As Democrats lay out their 2020 policy platforms there is a focus on changing the tax landscape, which has included discussion of a wealth tax.

The measure has drawn support from 2020 candidate and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren along with a group of wealthy Americans, including Abigail Disney and George Soros.

But what exactly is it?

As opposed to taxes levied on income and payrolls, a wealth tax would target the value of accumulated assets owned by rich Americans – or their net worth.

The idea, generally, is to combat growing economic inequality, creating a more level playing field among the wealthy and middle classes by adjusting the tax system.

The U.S. has never had one, and proponents would likely be faced with legal obstacles before they could implement one.

Here's how some argue it could be difficult to enforce: It would require the determination of the value of things like art, jewelry, real estate holdings, business ownership stakes, etc., on a continual basis. The estate tax is considered a wealth tax, however it's only assessed once during a person's lifetime.

Critics also point to unintended consequences of implementing a wealth tax – including the fact that rich individuals often use their wealth to create jobs and income. It might also cause the wealthy to leave the U.S., taking their tax revenue elsewhere.

Wealth taxes have been dropped by a number of countries due in part to how difficult they are to administer, from 12 in 1990 to just 3 today.

Warren, a 2020 presidential hopeful, proposed an “ultra-millionaire tax,” which would apply to those with more than $50 million in assets. The tax would be equal to 2 percent, but would rise to 3 percent for those who have assets valued at more than $1 billion.

But it’s not just politicians who want a wealth tax. Earlier this year, a group of wealthy individuals, including financier George Soros, penned an open letter to 2020 presidential hopefuls asking for “a moderate wealth tax on the fortunes” of the richest one-tenth of the top 1 percent of Americans. They want the revenue to be used to address climate change and to improve health care and education.

One 2020 candidate who is no fan of the tax? Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney, who questioned the constitutionality of wealth taxes during an interview with FOX Business.

“The reason I’m not in favor is because I don’t think it’s constitutional,” Delaney told FOX Business’ David Asman. “And the countries that have had it have largely backed away from it, because it’s almost impossible to implement and enforce.”

While the 16th amendment allows for the direct taxation of income without apportionment among the states, there are questions about whether a wealth tax is constitutional – which experts largely agree would depend on the specific form it takes.


Lynette Zang:  The Ultimate GLD & SLV Scam.

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