IQD Calls Chat Early Friday 8-30-19 Part 1 of 2

 IQD Calls Chat Early Friday 8-30-19 Part 1 of 2

Doug_W Silver:$18.52

larrykn   Good Morning everyone

larrykn   Iraq slams Bahrain statement on paramilitary base attacks

larrykn   Gold moves towards its biggest monthly gain in 3 years

Economy News _ Baghdad   Gold rose slightly on Friday, heading for its biggest monthly gain in more than three years as bets on safe havens strengthened, amid concerns over slowing global growth and hopes of a cut in interest rates by central banks around the world.

At 0637 GMT, the spot price of gold was up 0.2 percent to $1,530.60 an ounce, heading for gains of more than eight percent for the month, the largest since June 2016.

According to Reuters, U.S. gold futures climbed 0.3 percent to $1,540.80.

"This is just a technical recovery," said Vandana Bharti, associate vice president of commodity market research at SMC Comtrade. People look to gold as a truly safe haven... They use every downturn as a buying opportunity."

Silver rose 0.8 percent in spot trading to $18.39 an ounce, after last Thursday's peak since April 2017. The metal is on its biggest monthly gain since June 2016.

Platinum climbed 1 percent to $925 an ounce, after touching its highest level since April 2018 in the previous session. The metal has been up more than seven percent since the beginning of this month and is heading for its biggest monthly gain since January 2018.

Palladium is up 0.9 percent to $1,487.15 an ounce, but is falling for the second month in a row.

chattels   sandyf The reason I asked is that you are the first person that I have seen move the decimal points on the value of the dinar (1190 to 1.190) as opposed to the zeroes on the currency itself (25,000 to 25)

larrykn   Baghdad-Kirkuk road cut off for this reason   Political | 01:03 - 30/08/2019

The government's ability to manage the country's security and security, as well

Mawazine News, a reporter / Mawazine News, Friday, cut off the road Baghdad - Kirkuk, temporarily.

"The Baghdad-Kirkuk road has been temporarily cut off to go and diverted on the Lilan road for three days," our correspondent said.

"The cut came to pull out a new 400 K.V. power line to improve Kirkuk's electricity," he said.   

larrykn   chattels I don't think that is right chattlels

chattels   larrykn What is right ?

larrykn   but then people are talking about a lop, I don't see that either, they have told us in articles that they weren't going to lop,then again they do lie.

larrykn   what you said above about Sandyf

chattels  infra above ...................... " sandyf@chattels sandyf Is the following an accurate quote from you ? " In a Redenomination the old currency IQD at 1190/USD would be replaced by a new currency, possibly IQR, at 1.190/USD, deleting 3 zeros. The monetary unit(Dinar) would be revalued from 1190/USD to 1.190/USD which would be an increase in the value of the Dinar against the dollar and lead to an increase in purchasing power."

Yes that is what I posted. The point being that the monetary unit(Dinar) and the currency are 2 separate entities, the monetary unit comes under the government and the currency the CBI. The end result of any redenomination is to revalue the monetary unit."

chattels   " 1.190/USD, deleting 3 zeros. The monetary unit(Dinar) would be revalued from 1190/USD to 1.190/USD "

chattels   " Yes that is what I posted."

larrykn   so your agreeing with him?

chattels   I am quoting and re-quoting from sandyf himself.

chattels   larrykn No, just trying to confirm whether he said it.

larrykn   I read that the other day, but I'm not sure that is what is going to happen, even though if you remember that article from BGG back in 2013 were it was talking about testing the rates at between $113 to $122

chattels   larrykn Frankly, after all these years I have no idea what is meant by deletion of the zeroes and I wonder whether anyone does know for sure.

larrykn   I agree there are many ways for that to happen IMO

chattels   I simply hope that some day the currency that I have will be worth substantially more than it is. I care little about how it happens.

larrykn   me too :)

chattels   Not much time this morning. Have a fine day all.

Tex   still haging onta that dime huh lol

 Baxter   WELL.. I finally bought me a place in florida... Now if the hurricane will leave it alone...Im all set for winter

Matt SKELFLA    What do you think? ever gonna happen

SKELFLA   Personally, from what I know first hand there is definitely a covert play ongoing by certain institutions involving the IQD whether that translates into the average speculator making a return is something else. I just don't know.

JoeSchmoe   I don't see how they could just let all us speculators/investors believe and keep buying more of this thing, and not tell us we won't make out, if that in fact is a fact.

JoeSchmoe   for 10-16 years people have been invested in this, are they just going to all of a sudden, at the end, tell everyone they are screwed?

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe that's life.. Most things of this magnitude never roll down to the average Joe.

JoeSchmoe   well it looks like we will at least find out soon

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe Until a bonafide economist can tell me how Iraq could back a meaningful RV with more than 42trillion IQD in existence I will sit firmly on the fence.

JoeSchmoe   how much of that 42 trillion is in country

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe Yes that's for sure.

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe Hard to say.... But a reasonable guess and from I have been able to find out is about 80%

JoeSchmoe   well a dinar will always be worth a dinar, no matter what the outside exchange rate is

JoeSchmoe   their price on goods will increase with the rate

JoeSchmoe   so do the math, cuz it's too early to do it here, lol. What is 20% of 42 trillion

JoeSchmoe   figure that out, and if that is in fact the figure, then that is what they will have to cover

JoeSchmoe   not the full 42 trillion

JoeSchmoe   or maybe I am still sleeping....

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe Personally my believe is certain institutions are amassing Dinar to use as the basis of a new derivative for trade along China's One Belt One Road initiative... A type of reserve currency they can structure as a foundation. Whether than translates into profits for the average speculator only time will tell

future   Iraq doesnt care whats outside their country borders

future   al that maters is inside their country they dont give a sh** i we become rich or not

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe I don't think it works like that lol

JoeSchmoe   I'm just trying to banter the idea people throw out there of this can't happen cuz of the amount in circulation. If, in fact, it is only 20% of that 42 trillion, thenn that is the amout they would have to cover. Not the full 42

future   Iraq cares about their own citizens and purchasing power

future   we happen to own their currency when we convert our dinar into usd

SKELFLA   No I'm saying 80% and its just a guess ... Is inside iraq

future   b*

SKELFLA   future I wouldn't say b*... IMF have some pretty solid estimates ...and if you go by their numbers its well over 42t

future   inflated old numbers

future   if their was 42 trillion dinar in country that means the cbi hasnt been doing their jobs for years

SKELFLA   No IMF numbers are fact they have come down but they are projecting it to exceed 50t in 2020

SKELFLA   future The note count was much higher justba few years ago 70t plus

future   and u believe that crap?

JoeSchmoe   it's too early to think about all this

future   funny how most iraqis are poor who hoarding al those trillions?

SKELFLA   future Yes because the IMF wouldn't release estimates that weren't in their opinion factual.

future   ok buddy u keep beliving them inflated numbers

SKELFLA   future Well that's a combination of factors their bidding projects are so corrupt that trillions get siphoned off for the most mundane projects.

SKELFLA   future Fair enough...

Zig   SKELFLA : You sure have added pep to this chat room!..... :T-Y:


SKELFLA   Zig And I am not Kap! Lol I sent some of my credentials to Baxter...

JoeSchmoe   SKELFLA Do you own any dinar, and are waiting for something to happen in our favor?

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe good question. Its not an easy one to answer. I don't personally hold Dinar. But I am involved in large Dinar transactions of which I benefit from.. I hope that answers your question.

JoeSchmoe   SKELFLA heres another one then....are you trying to dissuade us from this thing/

future   hmm thought so

Tebow   future Gurus got to love them! LOL

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe My involvement doesn't require an RV for me to benefit. But I am obviously interested.

JoeSchmoe   SKELFLA what is your purpose in here? Is it to convince us that this won't happen, or are you trying to find info to believe that it will?

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe Not at all ! I'm been very clear on my position.

JoeSchmoe   which is?

JoeSchmoe   I guess i did not catch it cuz got in late

 spankie  not negative news- fact that there are large purchases says something is up

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe Read what I have posted. I think I have been VERY clear...

Tebow   Sam Iam

JoeSchmoe   spankie we will at least find out one way or the other hopefull soon

SKELFLA   spankie Exactly ! Whether that translates into the average speculator making a return is yet to be seen. I'm on the fence.

JoeSchmoe  spankie and "IF" what has been said about 000 and ld's coinciding for 10 years, then we can at least get our money back, or most of it, if this doesn't go in our favor

JoeSchmoe  so tell me who would sell back just because of this

Tebow   no one

30 Aug 19, 08:57 AM spankie   SKELFLA u sound like a currency broker for theses large purchases

JoeSchmoe   your fate is the same

JoeSchmoe   so until the cbi or us gov tells me that I won't make out, and I have to sell my currency back now or lose everything, I stand hard

Tebow   spankie Sam Iam talk

 SKELFLA   spankie no not a currency broker!

spankie   thx

Tebow   xyz bright

JoeSchmoe   whoever skefla gave his info to, I know Sam's real name. Won't say it in here again

Tebow   guru

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe lol I'm a not sam..

JoeSchmoe   not saying you are. Just putting that out there for people who think you are

Tebow   bingo

spankie   skelfa is a different name- where r u from

JoeSchmoe   So whomever he gave his supposedly real info to, if his first name doesn't begin with an "R", then it's not sam

JoeSchmoe   surf check. aloha

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe ?? Why would my first name need to begin with R?

SKELFLA   spankie I don't know what you mean.... Baxter has some of my credentials and I'm happy to provide more. Which will put to rest any doubts ...

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe Lol I misread it... You were referring to sam..

SKELFLA   Tebow oh Tebow! You really have zero substance to any of your statements ! How can I be a guru? I've been very clear on my stance.

Young_SC   SKELFLA lolol@ more conference calls happening

Young_SC   SKELFLA to talk about what?

SKELFLA Young_SC    I have scheduled calls twice a week ... They are not b* guru calls they a private calls involving my business

Young_SC   What business is that?

Young_SC   Im curious to know

SKELFLA   Range of things ...namely crude and of course IQD

Young_SC   Lol ok

SKELFLA   Baxter has my credentials I'm sure he's attempting to verify them now.

SKELFLA   Young_SC What do you do?

Matt   SKELFLA Thank You

SKELFLA   Matt For what ?

AM Matt   being here

SKELFLA   Matt Lol OK.

Zig   SKELFLA : Curious as to how you discovered this chat room.....

SKELFLA   Zig trying to remember... I was trying to find someone who wasn't a guru who was knowledgeable and not FOS and came across this chat room in my search.

SKELFLA   I specifically wanted someone to give a reasonable answer to how they could RV with their significant money supply. A sound theory.

SKELFLA   Because these institutions are not in the habit of losing money..

foxmulder   SKELFLA I'm sure through out the yrs you have read , what the intentions of the CBI are ? Correct

foxmulder   When statements made saying they want to make the dinar strong against the dollar, what does that imply to you ?

SKELFLA   foxmulder Yes, and I have met on several occasions with CBI officials.. There is a disconnect to what the public reads and what the CBI can and will do.

SKELFLA   foxmulder Its not as clear cut as that.