.How the Feds Can Finally Win Their War on Cash

How the Feds Can Finally Win Their War on Cash

By Chris Lowe   November 28, 2018

Say goodbye to the dollars in your wallet… Why governments hate cash and cryptos… Last chance to join Bill, Doug, and Mark in tonight’s special broadcast… In the mailbag: “Your freedom ends as soon as it crosses into mine”…

We’re living in a Surveillance Society…

When we left off yesterday, we were discussing the Surveillance Society – the Deep State’s attempt to monitor, record, and process everything you say and do.

Every search you make on Google… every page you like on Facebook… every purchase you make with a credit or debit card… every song you listen to on iTunes… every show you watch on Netflix… every email you send… every phone call you make – your digital activity is being watched and tracked around the clock.

There are also hundreds of millions of cameras and microphones in smartphones, laptops, and “smart devices” such as Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, or Facebook’s Portal.

And with the new advances in facial recognition we’ve been telling you about… odds are you’ll show up on one of America’s 30 million CCTV cameras. (That’s one for roughly every 11 citizens.)

The U.S. Surveillance Society is already formidable. And it’s about to get even more formidable… as the feds come after the last refuge of financial privacy – cash.

Before we get to that, a final reminder about tonight’s special broadcast…

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It’s a rare chance to hear these three legendary newsletter men and self-made millionaires share their secrets about business, investing, and life that I (Chris) think you’re going to love.

You will also have the opportunity to “partner” with Bill, Doug, and Mark on a new venture they’ve been keeping under wraps until now.

Now, back to why the feds want to kill cash…

Cash is a remnant of the analog age. That makes it a safe haven from digital snooping.

Take a stack of $50 bills from under your mattress… buy something with them… and the feds can’t easily track you.

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