.Your Savings Are at Risk in the Cashless World That’s Coming

Your Savings Are at Risk in the Cashless World That’s Coming

Chris Lowe  Investor Place  September 13, 2019

They’re Coming For Your Money – Every Last Cent…

That may sound like a weird, tinfoil-hat type of thing to say.

But it’s what’s at stake in the War on Cash.

As we’ve been showing you, governments are planning to seize control of your wealth by getting rid of banknotes and coins.

That means no more Ben Franklins. No more nickels and dimes. Nothing but electronic 1s and 0s in a government database.

In a purely digital-currency world… the feds will be able to track, monitor, and record all your financial transactions.

Worse, your savings will be subject to whatever crazy policies central bankers come up with to cope with the next financial crisis… with little chance of escape.

Think of this as a “digital slaughterhouse”…

It’s a term I (Chris) borrowed from currency expert Jim Rickards. As he put it…

When pigs are going to be slaughtered, they are first herded into pens for the convenience of the slaughterhouse. When savers are going to be slaughtered, they are herded into digital accounts from which there is no escape.

As I showed you yesterday, this is a trend already in motion.


China plans to roll out a fully digital version of its currency in November. Canada, Britain, Norway, and Sweden are also looking into purely digital versions of their national currencies.

Today, I’ll show you why these countries are creating a roadmap that other governments – including in the U.S. – will follow.


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