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Annie68:  I don't blame the Iraqis for having the protests! They have been promised the reforms for so long! Still have to deal with currency that is worth next to nothing, Promoses of wealth "in the coming days"

JCNoble:  annie for the last 2 Saturdays the GOI said it was changing the finances of the country then nothing. The Iraqi people are tired GOI not following through.

AWN92:  I was in my Chase branch the other day to make another purchase of VND. The teller there knows me as "The Vietnam Guy" because I go in there every paycheck and order more. Anyway, she told me that there was another client that tried to exchange about $6000 worth of VND when she came back from Vietnam a few weeks earlier. She had a few of the 1 million VND notes. The teller told me she had trouble exchanging them because, and I quote "They are taking the higher denominations out of circulation." I know we hear a lot about the IQD, but I thought this was interesting to hear about the VND.


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank26  ...the Iraqi dinar is live on NASDAQ and Forex and a lot of currency counters...

If it's on NASDAQ does it have a different rate to it?  No. 

I told you yesterday they can come to NASDAQ with a program is now going to be on the international boards trading...the dinar is now playing with the big boys and big boys don't play with program rates...



Samson:  Forces: A government that cannot meet the demands of the people must resign

2019/10/2 14:13

The leader of the Alliance of Iraqi Forces Raad al-Dahlaki, on Wednesday, rejected the policy of gagging and the use of force against demonstrators demanding the legitimate rights guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution, indicating that the government can not meet the demands of the people must resign.

"After more than fifteen years of regime change in Iraq, successive governments have not been able to achieve legitimate demands despite all the covenants and reform programs that pledge to end the problems of the Iraqi people," Dahlaki said in a statement received by the Euphrates News." He added that "despite the government's failure to fulfill its commitments to its people, its organs have been silenced and used excessive force against them to silence them and force them to accept the injustice imposed on them, but claimed the lives of a number of demonstrators.

He stressed that "the government that can not meet the demands of the people must resign," stressing that "the Iraqi people realized what is happening around them and if we were in the past invoked terrorism and the security situation today is not a challenge that makes us oppress our people and do not meet their legitimate needs is enough unjustly for the people and enough to bow to foreign agendas to save our country and our people.

The great." "We are all obliged to be honest with our people. Are we able to save our country and draw a policy to move it to safety or leave the people to determine their fate and choose who rules it?" LINK

Samson:  An emergency session of the Security Council against the backdrop of events

2019/10/2 15:22 

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi chaired an emergency session of the National Security Council against the backdrop of demonstrations in the country.

According to Iraqiya, that "Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi presided an emergency session of the National Security Council."

And launched yesterday in Baghdad and a number of provinces angry demonstrations to protest the service and living situation in the country.    LINK


Samson:  Financial crises and asset bubbles .. Top 10 risks to the global economy
2nd October, 2019

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has warned of 10 risks to the global economy, including financial crises, unemployment and asset bubbles

With high economic uncertainty and increasing decentralization threats, a regional understanding of risks and opportunities for cooperation are essential, the forum said in a report released on Tuesday

According to the survey conducted by the Forum of the 10 risks to come financial crises in the forefront, then cyber attacks, unemployment or disguised unemployment in second and third place, and then the shock of energy prices and the collapse of local governments in the fourth and fifth place

The sixth danger is deep social instability, and then theft of data and international conflicts is the seventh and eighth

The ninth and tenth risks are the failure of vital infrastructure and the asset bubble, respectively

The report stressed that the signs of a global recession in the short term have become strong, and that the impact of such a shock on local government policies is hampering the business community

The biggest threat to US investors at the moment is cyberattacks and data theft, and the third is terrorist attacks

As for Germany, the biggest threat facing the World Economic Forum is the cyberattacks and the asset bubble

In China, the biggest risk there is natural disasters, deflation, and then data theft

Some 12,000 business leaders from 133 countries participated in the survey   LINK

Morgan Stanley's Chief Equity Strategist Warns We Are Now In End of Cycle

Silver Report Uncut:  Oct 2, 2019

So Mike Wilson is the chief equity strategist at Morgan Stanley and has now come out warning their view has gone from the belief that it is late cycle to the belief we are now in the end of a business cycle. He brought up some of the similarities to the market crash in December 2018.

 He also recommended a defensive stocks over cylical growth stocks. What's surprising is that This bank manages a lot of money for some very powerful clients. maybe they trust the bank because their head of equity strategy seems real.

Either way here is what He said about the US Economy.

"Will the Stock Market Crash Like 2008?" (Bix Weir)

Oct 2, 2019

IF the market controllers take their finger off the mouse that Rigs all markets...then will we find out who is swimming without clothes!