TNT, KTFA and X22 Wednesday Night 9-18-19


RVAlready:  After the fed had to bail out the overnight system the last 2 nights, to the tune of 75 billion dollars - it looks like time to put treasury back in charge of the money supply, and say goodbye to the fed….So long to The Creature from Jecklel Island

Jambie67:  My spin: the rate(s) may come out at a lot higher than we all anticipate. Many may say, "Wow! That's way high enough for me! I'll have plenty!" and go ahead and exchange when, in reality, the banks might be able to go "way-plenty" higher. Negotiate ANY way.

Sooneriam:  I wonder if there are four or five rates that are already programmed into the bank computer for each of the major foreign currencies??

Sooneriam:  A while back rates for the dinar was $4.47, $6, $8 and $28.50…….A little while back the Vietnamese Dong had rates like $0.47, $0.57, $0.87, $2.27 and $6.

Betmar:  we will know the rates after rv

Sooneriam:  Such a wide range of rates and negotiate going up by $0.05, $0.20 for $0.50 increments. I wonder what are four five rates we should request for the dinar and Vietnamese dong??  Of course the more currency we have and the longer we leave it in the bank the more bargaining power we will have. IMHO

RVAlready:  Start with the highest rate, and come down if you have to.

Sooneriam:  RV already, good advice. Shoot for the moon first. And you will land Among the Stars

Sooneriam:  Start high with the Moon and settle on a good star rate that you are happy and comfortable with

RVAlready:  Up until the contract rate pool is exhausted, there should be a full range of rates. After, it is up to the bank, knowing what they can get from treasury, and projecting how much they can make off whatever money you leave with them to invest. Safest to assume that all is negotiable. Start high and work down.

Sooneriam:   Maybe the banks have certain rate amounts programmed into the computer that will signal a yes and open the door for a good contract agreement.

Ify:   thinking maybe the rates auto-generate based on currency transaction amount. they may have a progamming option where a popup window appears and allows them to input currency count, algorithm calculates and then gives them go or no go on bigger rate. maybe?


Harambe:  Bloomberg: Zimbabwe’s Currency Rout Makes Argentina’s Seem Like a Blip  (9/17/19)

If you thought Argentina’s currency crisis was bad, spare a thought for Zimbabwe. 

Measures to protect the Zimbabwe dollar -- including sky-high interest rates -- seem to be coming to naught.

Since the southern African nation allowed formal trading of what was effectively a new currency in February, the unit has depreciated to 13.52 per U.S. dollar, from 2.50. That equates to a loss in value of 82% -- easily the worst performance globally, excluding hyperinflationary Venezuela. 

It’s even weaker on the black market, changing hands on the streets of Harare, the capital, at 16.60, according to, a website that monitors the parallel rate.

The rout makes that in Argentina, where the government imposed capital controls to stem the peso’s 26% decline last month, seem relatively mild.

Zimbabwe’s foreign-exchange scarcity has only worsened since long-standing ruler Robert Mugabe, whose funeral was held over the weekend, fell from power almost two years ago. Such is its severity that the central bank raised interest rates to 70% on Friday, from 50%.

That may do little for consumption in an economy the International Monetary Fund says will contract 2.1% this year, but Zimbabwean officials believe it’s necessary to slow inflation, the rate of which is estimated to be above 200%.


Don961:  Trump: Trade deal with China may soon be concluded

 17 September 2019 10:05 PM

direct: US President Donald Trump said that the commercial deal between the United States and China may take place soon, with negotiators prepared for a round of talks on Thursday

The US president told reporters before leaving for California on Tuesday that China would buy large quantities of US agricultural products, noting that the trade deal could be made before the presidential election

 Trump said he had told China that if the deal came after the election, conditions would be "much worse" for Beijing than it could now achieve

The United States and China will begin trade talks at the deputy official level this week in Washington, with formal negotiations next month

In another context, Trump said that he is open to withdraw from the strategic oil reserves, but sees no need for this after  "the attack on "Aramc

'The US president has ordered the withdrawal of emergency oil reserves if necessary after the attack on Aramco led to the loss of about 5 percent of the global supply of crude   link


Samson:  Oil prices rebound on Wednesday morning
18th September, 2019

Oil prices rebounded on Wednesday as they fell on Tuesday as some Saudi supplies returned to the global market as well as global industrialists looked to start talks between China and the United States to ease their trade war on Thursday

At 10 am (0400 GMT) in Baghdad, Brent crude was trading at $ 64.68, up 15 cents, or 0.22% from yesterday's close

WTI was trading at $ 59.10 a barrel, keeping its price unchanged

Oil prices rose earlier this week due to attacks on Saudi Aramco that led to the exit of 5% of global production

Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said oil production would average 9.89 million bpd in September and October and the world's top crude exporter would provide customers with full oil supplies this month

Oil prices may fall by the end of the day due to Nigeria's lack of commitment to cut production and the lack of global oil demand due to the US-China conflict    LINK


Samson:  Trump: There is no need to withdraw from the strategic oil reserves

18th September, 2019

US President Donald Trump said that the United States does not need at the moment to use the strategic oil reserves have, but at the same time is prepared if necessary to stabilize the delivered justice prices

Trump said in remarks to reporters on Tuesday: "I do not think we need to, oil prices did not rise significantly

Trump stressed that "there is a lot of oil in the world," and stressed that his administration will speed up the process of approval of pipelines in order to help US oil production

"We can accelerate that very dramatically," he said

After Saturday's attack on Saudi Aramco, which halted Saudi production, the US president withdrew from the strategic reserve. oil if necessary

Trump also said that "Iran appears to be responsible for the attacks on Saudi Aramco," a charge denied by Tehran   LINK


Don961:  After his defeat in the Israeli elections, Netanyahu is "shocked" and cancels Trump's meeting at the United Nations

September 18, 2019

Baghdad - Nas

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday canceled his planned trip to New York to take part in the UN General Assembly on the back of the Knesset elections.

According to the channel "13" Hebrew, "Netanyahu canceled his trip to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, and his meeting with US President Donald Trump, to discuss developments in the political situation, after his defeat in the initial indicators of the elections," noting that "in recent weeks Netanyahu met with many One of the leaders of the world, the most important of them last week, when he visited Moscow to meet with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

The channel attributed the visit to "the presence of more than a million Israelis speak Russian, and Netanyahu hopes to attract their votes in his favor," noting that "Netanyahu also met his British counterpart, Boris Johnson, two weeks ago, perhaps for the same purpose, that is, the election campaign."

The Israeli Election Commission announced on Wednesday noon, the White Blue party ahead of the Likud party with one seat, after counting 93% of the votes, while the joint list representing the Arab center received 13 seats.

The commission said in its preliminary official results that "after the counting of 93 percent of the votes, the party" Blue White "registered a lead over the party" Likud "with 32 seats against 31 for the Likud.

For the first time since 2010, Netanyahu will not address the UN General Assembly, said Tal Shalev, a journalist and political analyst for the Hebrew website, Walla.

Outgoing Netanyahu said in press statements on Wednesday that there are only two options in Israel after Tuesday's general elections to form the next government.

Netanyahu explained that the two options are either a government headed by him, or a government dependent on Arab parties.

Netanyahu's speech came after the preliminary results of the Israeli elections showed the tie of the Likud party, led by Netanyahu, with a blue-white party led by former Chief of Staff Benny Gantz.

According to the results published by Israeli media, Likud and Azraq White won 32 seats.

Official election results in Israel have yet to be announced, possibly on Wednesday or in the coming days, but preliminary results are usually almost identical to the final.

In order to form a coalition government in Israel, the prime minister must win the confidence of 61 members of the 120-member Knesset (parliament).

This means that Netanyahu or Gantz will be able to form a government that is trusted by parliament, according to the Israeli political system, only through deals with other small parties.   link

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