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Don961:  Including the budget and Article 140 of the Constitution .. Four files discussed by the President of the Republic in Erbil

Wednesday 18 September 2019 - 17:10

(BAGHDAD , September 18, 2019) - The media office of the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, revealed on Wednesday (18 September 2019) the details of the meeting he had with Iraqi President Barham Saleh, stressing that four files were discussed during the meeting.

The office said in a statement received (Baghdad today), "The President of the Kurdistan region of Nechirvan Barzani and Iraqi President Barham Saleh, discussed four important issues during a meeting between them in the capital of the Kurdistan region of Erbil."

Barzani and Saleh, according to the statement, "to strengthen the relations of Erbil - Baghdad and continue dialogue to resolve problems on the basis of the Constitution."

The Office noted that this "came in the meeting, which took place on Tuesday evening, with the participation of the Presidency of the Parliament of Kurdistan and the two Vice-Presidents of the Kurdistan region, and the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Iraq, and a number of officials of the Kurdistan Regional Government."

He pointed out that the meeting "during which they discussed the Iraqi federal budget for 2020 and article 140 constitutional, the drafting of laws, and the threats and dangers of terrorism and extremism."

He added: "It was stressed on the unity of the Kurdish parties in Iraq and Iraqi forces and joint work between them and unify the word on the fateful issues, and the progress of relations Erbil - Baghdad."




September 18, 2019

Don961:  Participants: Iraq's resources qualify it to be a great economic power

Tuesday 17 September 2019

Baghdad / Farah al - Khuffaf

 BAGHDAD - The Iraq Energy Forum ended in Baghdad on Tuesday after witnessing four days of contracts and agreements in the field of energy. During the development of the labor market and attract discreet investment.

The interlocutors in the sessions of the forum that Iraq has many resources that qualify it to be a great power in the global economy, provided that they invest properly.

A quantum leap in the energy sector

The Minister of Electricity Louay Khatib in the closing session attended by "morning", "work to develop and support the electricity sector, to provide services to all Iraqis, and ensure security for future generations."

"The world of energy looks with admiration for the huge shift in the energy sector in Iraq," said Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), in a speech on his behalf.

On the issue of unemployment, Saffar pointed out that "the problem can be solved by the private sector. Instead of consuming the budget in paying salaries to employees, there should be productive jobs to absorb future population growth."

The World Bank's regional director, Kumar Sarj Jha, pointed out that "the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the electricity sector in Iraq was hampered by the occupation of the Islamic State terrorist organization of a number of provinces, and because of the low oil prices."

He added that "Iraq needs to benefit from sustainable energy and solar energy that it has, and the World Bank provides support for investment, and to develop the electricity sector."

Empowering women scientifically and practically

Women have had a share in the Iraq Energy Forum dialogues, in order to enable them scientifically and practically, and to take advantage of their potential at the family and community levels, to contribute in the field of entrepreneurship and investment.

"Supporting women and empowering them to enter the business world will contribute to raising people's income and developing society and the economy," said UNDP Sustainable Development Goals Specialist Sondos Abbas.

The EU envoy to Iraq, Ghada Hamid, and Abbas believe that providing support for women and providing quality education for girls contribute to the development of societies and improve the economy, through the creation of projects dedicated to them and support them in the education sector.

Canadian Ambassador to Iraq Paul Gibard said that "when women are engaged in peace building, this peace will last longer, because women are an important pillar of ensuring stability, as well as the potential benefit of society and the family to enormously engage women in work.

"The empowerment of women is an important factor for progress and development," said Jean-Noel Palliou, director of the French Institute in Iraq and cultural adviser to the French embassy, urging them to "empower them in the labor market, develop their competence and provide them with adequate training."

Community Communications Commission Initiatives

As for communications, Ali Nasser Al Khuwaildi, Chairman of the Executive Authority of the Media and Communications Authority, said that "the development of telecommunications projects contributes to the development of investment projects and increase production, and this reflects positively on the public budget."

Al-Khuwailidi pointed to the DOM initiative launched by the Media and Communications Authority, which presented a number of important projects, including the empowerment of women, protecting children from the Internet, launching projects to connect telecommunications to remote places, opening a training and scientific research center, and a project to train early students.

Mohab Al Gargash, Head of the Governance and Reconciliation Department at UNDP, said: "Working in Karbala to launch smart services and implement smart governance for citizens. After the success of the initiative there, we will copy the project and apply it in other provinces." In cooperation with the Iraqi government, it is to provide services to citizens without paying additional costs by them to obtain them, which leads to reduce corruption, and reduce the time required to obtain the service. 

Stimulate investment to eliminate unemployment

"The number of unemployed in the Arab region is very high, especially among women, because of the lack of growth of the economy. When the economy is stagnant, new jobs are not created," said Rory Robertsho, a specialist in teaching methods at UNESCO.

"The development of skills and the creation of an environment for innovation play a role in stimulating investment in education, health and various sectors.

The Dutch ambassador to Iraq, Eric Stratenk, said that "there is no stability and prosperity without the guarantee of human rights. "Agriculture and water, as well as its great opportunity to lead, the exploitation of these resources will make it prosper."

Eric Magnus, a director at the World Bank, said Iraq needs entrepreneurship and innovation to find solutions to population growth and to focus on the consumer and its needs.   link

Don961:  Names .. Prime Minister with a large army to China!

Politics  ,   2019/09/18 12:11  

Baghdad - Iraq today:

Iraq will be without at least half its government, starting today and next Tuesday, the Prime Minister and a package of advisors and most conservatives, and senior officials, will be on a trip to China, the first of its kind, size and weight, so that the Governor of Basra Asaad al-Aydani boycotted his campaign Fierce ”against the transgressors, to join the delegation“ demonstration ”.

56 high-profile travelers!

A document leaked to the media, verified by NAS, confirms that the government delegation is composed of 31 people, but within hours later, a new list emerged which turned out to be the first list, bringing the total number of the delegation to 55 passengers as well as the Prime Minister, between A government minister, an adviser, a senior official, and a number of governors, as well as media cadres, photographers and protocol officials, in a situation that raised eyebrows and questioned the followers, about the actual need for such a "giant" delegation on an official visit.

A crisis of confidence or desire to participate?

The list included Oil Minister Thamer Ghadhban, Deputy Prime Minister Fuad Hussein, Defense Minister Najah al-Shammari, Interior Minister Yassin al-Yassiri, Electricity Minister Louay al-Khatib, Minister of Immigration Benqin Rikani, Transport Minister Abdullah Allaibi, Industry Minister Saleh al-Jubouri, and Communications Minister Naim al-Rubaie. 16 governors, three advisers to the Prime Minister, a number of officials in various ministries, and escorts from the secretariat, photographers and media, but many dialogues started hours ago over the leaks of the delegation, where the size of the delegation was considered an indication of the lack of confidence among the Iraqi institutions, was enough - according - The provinces should be represented by a representative of the Higher Commission for the Coordination of Governorates.

But another view, attributed the size of the delegation, to the desire of the Prime Minister - who suffers from enormous political pressures - to strengthen his relations with state officials, and pushed them to participate in the talks, or at least closely see them, in the hope of making the "expected accomplishment" of the visit, a joint achievement In ripening everyone.

Government pilgrimage to China!

Nonetheless, the document met with widespread ridicule on social networking sites, activists and bloggers, who in turn questioned the feasibility of having a representation of each province, sector and ministry personally, with the possibility of a fewer delegation representing all sectors of Iraq.

The strategic expert Hisham al-Hashemi said that "the Iraqi governments lost billions and investment opportunities enough to repeat the experience of China's great success in Iraq many times," mocking the size of the delegation by the phrase "the pilgrimage of the government to China!".

Others saw the visit as part of the idea that Iraqi officials would like to visit and travel abroad.

Is the Governor of Muthanna and Diwaniyah delayed the booking ?!

"Politicians want a lot of travel, especially if it is at the government's expense," said activist Bakr Abboudi, who asked about leaving two governors without taking them to Beijing.

Everyone attended and missed the wise!

On the other hand, the absence of Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hakim, who is supposed to be present at such a visit, to coordinate with the relevant departments in China and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the signing of agreements, especially since these departments have been in constant contact with a team of the ministry To prepare agreements in coordination with the concerned governorates and officials.   link

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