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Thursday UPDATE for September 19, 2019

Everything remains the same today, exchangers are excited, "on location" and stand "at the ready" ........just a-waitin' for this release.

Extremely late hours are being experienced by some banking they think this is real? (LOL)

Be prepared to negotiate any rates given from the screens, banks are going to be competitive for your business.

CHAT has been having "technical issues" today, even though several hundred of us still have access.

It appears that rates have adjusted "sharply upwards" due to the current economic, but don't spend 2 much 2 fast. (wink)

NEWS FLASH - Just received a report that bank screens have completely cleared........uh oh, what next?  LOL

"It's Done, It's Finished, we're just waiting for the CALL that says it all!


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Jeff:   ...they've purposely delayed the formation of the government because it's literally the linchpin.  It's the last thing we're going to see right before the rate change...the reason why the rate change will not occur this week is...Iraq has to achieve stability before the powers-that-be will allow Iraq to change the rate. 

This week they're having massive meetings between Kurdistan and Baghdad.  They have to reach agreements on every level to achieve stability...

I personally feel Mahdi has to be in country when the rate changes...this is a once-in-a-lifetime historic event. 

When it happens logic tells me Mahdi would want to be inside the country when the rate does change...he wants to be part of this historic event...

Mahdi is gonna be in china on Thursday to Sunday...I still have the remainder of September on my radar.  I still have my eyes on next week...



Titus2Mom4:  Maybe the quiet before the storm!

Gfulcher66:  looking fwd to another great youtube drop

4cash:  Hope Frank can share information on you tube tonight from WalkingSticks call last night. Keep praying for Frank and all the team.

Frank26:  YES .......................... WE WILL. 

Hengist:  and FF77? 

Frank26:  I READ HIS REPORT THIS MORNING ................... I LOVED IT (Big Smile)IT'S A POSSIBILITY THAT U WILL TOO .................LOL …….WS REPORT IS .................. TOUGHER. 



September 19-2019

Samson:   Al-Nassiri: Financial inclusion is the cornerstone of real banking
19th September, 2019

On Thursday, Global Smart Card Company held an awareness workshop on financial inclusion and the role of banking finance, especially for small and medium enterprises, and the role played by the Central Bank in the development of plans and policies and preparation for the launch of the national strategy for financial inclusion as well as the role of electronic payment companies and service providers in contributing to financial inclusion

The workshop was moderated by the Economic and Banking Advisor of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Samir Al-Nusairi, with the participation of the Commissioner for Banking Guarantees, Rula Faleh Ali Al-Saleh

Speaking during the workshop, Nasiri talked about the concept of financial inclusion and the challenges that affected the low rate of financial inclusion in Iraq and highlighted the features of the Central Bank strategy for the years (2016-2020) and highlighted the contents and features of its five main objectives and sub-goals, which focused on the development of banking and stabilize the monetary system and rise Increase financial inclusion and promote microfinance

For her part, Al-Saleh highlighted the importance of financing SMEs and the development of this activity from 2006 to the present. She pointed to the Central Bank's initiative to finance projects and the reasons for not activating them as targeted

Then there were interventions and discussions involving the staff of Rafidain Bank and the Global Smart Card Company   LINK

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