The Archon Bloodline Rulers  Part 2 of 2

The Archon Bloodline Rulers  Part 2 of 2

The Rothschild Family Resented The Rockefellers, Displacing Them In The U.S

The Rothschild family, who resented the Rockefellers, displaced them in the U.S. and Japan during the 20th century. That is why there are so many former Rothschild employees in the Trump cabinet.

“Rothschild” should be taken as shorthand for a group of aristocratic European families, who claim to be maternally descended from the biblical King David. They could be perceived as the leaders of the religious Jews, whose beliefs are divided roughly into Torah (Old Testament) and Talmud (Babylonian testament) factions.

 The Saudi Royal Family, who are Khazarian Satanists and not actually Muslim, have tried with their petrodollars to control Sunni Islam, but basically only have whores and mercenaries under their pay. Fortunately, they have now fallen under the control of the U.S. military white hats

David Rockefeller, who sat at the head of the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission, was the absolute boss of the petrodollar system and his death created a huge vacuum.

 Frenetic Power Struggle Taking Place In The World


Much of the chaos and infighting in the U.S. political system can be traced to a fight to fill the vacuum he left behind.

His bagman, Henry Kissinger, tried and failed to replace him. Rockefeller’s heirs, led by his daughter Hillary Clinton (Rockefeller), have been staging a bitter rear-guard fight ever since she lost the U.S. “election” (battle over electronic vote-stealing) to U.S. President Donald Trump.

To understand the frenetic power struggle taking place in the world, it is worth taking a look at the darkest secret of history behind the Governments’ corporate bankruptcies.

The White Dragon Society and Chinese royal family members have presented documented evidence that will force a rectification on how 20th century history is written. The documents describe secret agreements between US Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, Chinese Nationalist ruler Chiang Kai-shek and members of the Manchu royal family.

The documents show how Roosevelt, Truman, and US Secretary of State George C. Marshall, over time, took 20 ships laden with Manchu gold to the US and fraudulently used the bullion to finance Roosevelt’s New Deal and the Marshall plan.

 The gold was taken to the US, starting in the 1930s, under the promise it would be used to finance the development of East Asia and the creation of a federation that would include Manchuria, China, Korea and Japan, the royal family sources said. The Americans also gave the Manchurians print plates to allow them to print US dollars.

The two current heirs to the Manchu gold are Kim Young Hee and Zhang Sheng Zhi. They claim to have been hunted down in order to be killed as they have the legal rights to this gold, worth US$ 30 trillion.

 It is being demanded that the owners of the US branch of the Federal Reserve Board Rothschild/Rockefeller/ Bush/Clinton/ pay their debts to the rest of the world in gold.

For that reason, they are desperate to try to stake a fraudulent claim to the Manchu gold they stole all those years ago. In short; The Khazarian Mafia is desperately trying to steal this gold from anywhere they can get their hands on it.

 The invasion of Libya was an unsuccessful attempt at stealing Gaddafi’s gold. – The March 11 2011 earthquake in Japan, with a tsunami attack on Japan’s nuclear power facility was aimed at extorting Japanese imperial gold. The Khazarian Mafia are frantically hunting royals with claims to historical gold troves.

 How Effectively Is The Swamp Being Drained?

Add to the below presented membership list of power-players all secret societies and think tanks, NGO’s funded by George Soros, and virtually all of the listed Fortune 500 Companies, and Trump Team’s immense challenges become even more evident, their progress nothing short of formidable.

This is Particularly true when considering the pervasive influence of Silicon Valley and Hollywood that is squarely aimed against Trump, while he aims at putting this mess behind us, draining the swamp as per his campaign promise.


The striking point is that the entire Operation has assumed an extremely aggressive posture toward his presidency. Hence, Trump was compelled to formulate a counter-coup game plan that is infallible.

He has absolutely no wiggle room between a rock and a hard place. And, there exists not a single precedent for him to consider for reference’s sake. History provides absolutely no parallel to Trump’s plight on planet Earth. We must count our blessings; the Internet with the help of Q has created a whole new universe of cyberspace where this war is truly being fought.

 There’s no doubt that Donald Trump regularly applies some of the most effective strategies and tactics taught by an ancient Chinese military strategist. Looks like President Trump must have very wise advisers,

like the great war leader and strategist, the Chinese military general Sun Tzu, assisting him to clean out this putrid swamp. The world is at a crossroads, where the connection of spirit has to be restored.

Membership List Of The 300 Committee

An Ex-Illuminati member posted a list of members of the Elite Secret Society and the Committee of 300. He was a high ranking Illuminati member, who spent 47 years in a top-ranking position with the elite secret society, and says that he wanted to reveal everything about the secret society’s plans after it all became “too much to bear” for him.


 Membership of the Illuminati, or the Committee of 300, has always remained top secret. This is the first time that the full list of members’ names has been exposed in this rare leak from this anonymous Insider.

 The list of 300 (Illuminati 2016) criminals… to begin with: —> Abdullah II (King) of Jordan • Abramovich, Roman Arkadyevich • Ackermann, Josef • Adeane, Edward • Agius, Marcus Ambrose Paul • Ahtisaari, Martti Oiva Kalevi • Akerson, Daniel • Albert II of Belgium • Alexander – Crown Prince of Yugoslavia •

Alexandra (Princess) – The Honourable Lady Ogilvy • Alphonse, Louis – Duke of Anjou • Amato, Giuliano • Anderson, Carl A. • Andreotti, Giulio • Andrew (Prince) – Duke of York • Anne – Princess Royal • Anstee, Nick • Ash, Timothy Garton • Astor, William Waldorf – 4th Viscount Astor • August, Ernst – Prince of Hanover • Aven, Pyotr • Balkenende, Jan Peter • Ballmer, Steve • Balls, Ed • Barroso, José Manuel •

Beatrix (Queen of Netherlands) • Belka, Marek • Bergsten, C. Fred • Berlusconi, Silvio • Bernake, Ben • Bernhard (Prince) of Lippe-Biesterfeld • Bernstein, Nils • Berwick, Donald • Bildt, Carl • Bischoff, Sir Winfried Franz Wilhen • Blair, Tony • Blankfein, Lloyd • Blavatnik, Leonard • Bloomberg, Michael

Bolkestein, Frits • Bolkiah, Hassanal • Bonello, Michael C. • Bonino, Emma • Boren, David L. • Borwin – Duke of Mecklenburg • Bronfman, Charles Rosner • Bronfman, Edgar Jr. • Bruton, John • Brzezinski, Zbigniew • Budenberg, Robin • Buffet, WarrenBush, George H.W. • Cameron, David William Donald •

Camilla – Duchess of Cornwall • Cardoso, Fernando Henrique • Carington, Peter – 6th Baron Carrington • Carlos – Duke of Parma • Carlos, Juan – King of Spain • Carney, Mark J. • Carroll, Cynthia • Caruana, Jaime • Castell, Sir William • Chan, Anson • Chan, Margaret • Chan, Norman • Charles – Prince of Wales •

Chartres, Richard • Chiaie, Stefano Delle • Chipman, Dr John • Chodiev, Patokh • Christoph, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein • Cicchitto, Fabrizio • Clark, Wesley Kanne Sr. (General) • Clarke, Kenneth • Clegg, Nick • Clinton, Bill • Cohen, Abby Joseph • Cohen, Ronald • Cohn, Gary D. • Colonna, Marcantonio – Prince and Duke of Paliano • Constantijn (Prince) of the Netherlands • Constantine II Greece • Cooksey, David •

Cowen, Brian • Craven, Sir John • Crockett, Andrew • D’Aloisio, Tony • Dadush, Uri • Darling, Alistair • Davies, Sir Howard • Davignon, Étienne • Davis, David • De Rothschild, BenjaminDe Rothschild, David René JamesDe Rothschild, Evelyn RobertDe Rothschild, Leopold David • Deiss, Joseph •

Deripaska, Oleg • Dobson, Michael • Draghi, Mario • Du Plessis, Jan • Dudley, William C. • Duisenberg, Wim • Edward (Prince) – Duke of Kent • Edward (The Prince) – Earl of Wessex • Elkann, John • Emanuele, Vittorio – Prince of Naples, Crown Prince of Italy • Fabrizio (Prince) – Massimo-Brancaccio • Feldstein, Martin Stuart • Festing, Matthew • Fillon, Francois • Fischer, Heinz • Fischer, Joseph Martin •

Fischer, Stanley • FitzGerald, Niall • Franz, Duke of Bavaria • Fridman, Mikhail • Friedrich, Georg – Prince of Prussia • Friso (Prince) of Orange-Nassau • Gates, Bill • Geidt, Christopher • Geithner, Timothy • Gibson-Smith, Dr. Chris • Gorbachev, MikhailGore, Al • Gotlieb, Allan • Green, Stephen • Greenspan, Alan

 Grosvenor, Gerald – 6th Duke of Westminster • Gurria, José Angel • Gustaf, Carl XVI of Sweden • Hague, William • Hampton, Sir Philip Roy • Hans-Adam II – Prince of Liechtenstein • Harald V Norway •

Harper, Stephen • Heisbourg, François • Henri – Grand Duke of Luxembourg • Hildebrand, Philipp • Hills, Carla Anderson • Holbrooke, Richard • Honohan, Patrick • Howard, Alan • Ibragimov, Alijan • Ingves, Stefan Nils Magnus • Isaacson, Walter • Jacobs, Kenneth M. • Julius, DeAnne • Juncker, Jean-Claude •

Kenen, Peter • Kerry, John Forbes • King, Mervyn • Kinnock, Glenys • Kissinger, Henry • Knight, Malcolm • Koon, William H. II • Krugman, Paul • Kufuor, John • Lajolo, Giovanni • Lake, Anthony • Lambert, Richard • Lamy, Pascal • Landau, Jean-Pierre • Laurence, Timothy James Hamilton • Leigh-Pemberton, James •

Leka, Crown Prince of Albania • Leonard, Mark • Levene, Peter – Baron Levene of Portsoken • Leviev, Lev • Levitt, Arthur • Levy, Michael – Baron Levy • Lieberman, Joe • Livingston, Ian • Loong, Lee Hsien •

Lorenz (Prince) of Belgium • Louis-Dreyfus, Gérard • Mabel (Princess) of Orange-Nassau • Mandelson, Peter Benjamin • Manning, Sir David Geoffrey • Margherita – Archduchess of Austria-Este • Margrethe II Denmark • Martinez, Guillermo Ortiz • Mashkevitch, Alexander • Massimo, Stefano – Prince of Roccasecca dei Volsci • McDonough, William Joseph • McLarty, Mack • Mersch, Yves • Michael (Prince) of Kent •

Michael of Romania • Miliband, David • Miliband, Ed • Mittal, Lakshmi • Moreno, Glen • Moritz – Prince and Landgrave of Hessen-Kassel • Murdoch, Rupert • Napoléon, Charles • Nasser, Jacques • Niblett, Robin • Nichols, Vincent • Nicolas, Adolfo • Noyer, Christian • Ofer, Sammy • Ogilvy, David – 13th Earl of Airlie •

 Ollila, Jorma Jaakko • Oppenheimer, Nicky • Osborne, George • Oudea, Frederic • Parker, Sir John • Patten, Chris • Pébereau, Michel • Penny, Gareth • Peres, Shimon • Philip (Prince) – Duke of Edinburgh •

Pio, Dom Duarte – Duke of Braganza • Pöhl, Karl Otto • Powell, Colin • Prokhorov, Mikhail • Quaden, Guy Baron • Rasmussen, Anders Fogh • Ratzinger, Joseph Alois (Pope Benedict XVI) • Reuben, David • Reuben, Simon • Rhodes, William R. • Rice, Susan • Richard Duke of Gloucester • Rifkind, Sir Malcolm Leslie •

 Ritblat, Sir John • Roach, Stephen S. • Robinson, Mary • Rockefeller, David Jr.Rockefeller, Nicholas • Rodriguez, Javier Echevarria • Rogoff, Kenneth Saul • Roth, Jean-Pierre • Rothschild, Jacob – 4th Baron Rothschild • Rubenstein, David • Rubin, Robert • Ruspoli, Francesco – 10th Prince of Cerveteri •

Safra, Joseph • Safra, Moises • Sands, Peter A. • Sarkozy, Nicolas • Sassoon, Isaac S.D. • Sassoon, (Baron) James Meyer • Sawers, Sir Robert John • Scardino, Marjorie • Schwab, Klaus • Schwarzenberg, Karel • Schwarzman, Stephen A. • Shapiro, Sidney • Sheinwald, Nigel • Sigismund Grand Duke of Tuscany •

Simeon of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha • Snowe, Olympia • Sofía (Queen) of Spain • Soros, George • Specter, Arlen • Stern, Ernest • Stevenson, Dennis – Baron Stevenson of Coddenham • Steyer, Tom • Stiglitz, Joseph E. • Strauss-Kahn, Dominique • Straw, Jack • Sutherland, Peter • Tanner, Mary • Tedeschi, Ettore Gotti • Thompson, Mark • Thomson, Dr. James A. • Tietmeyer, Hans • Trichet, Jean-Claude • Tucker, Paul • Van Rompuy, Herman • Vélez, Alvaro Uribe • Verplaetse, Alfons Vicomte • Villiger, Kaspar • Vladimirovna, Maria – Grand Duchess of Russia • Volcker, Paul • Von Habsburg, Otto • Waddaulah, Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin • Walker, Sir David Alan • Wallenberg, Jacob • Walsh, JohnWarburg, Max

Weber, Axel Alfred • Weill, Michael David • Wellink, Nout • Whitman, Marina von Neumann • Willem-Alexander – Prince of Orange • William (Prince) of Wales • Williams, Dr. Rowan • Williams, Shirley – Baroness Williams of Crosby • Wilson, David – Baron Wilson of Tillyorn • Wolfensohn, James David •

Wolin, Neal S. • Woolf, Harry – Baron Woolf • Woolsey, R. James Jr. • Worcester, Sir Robert Milton • Wu, Sarah • Zoellick, Robert Bruce •