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"Melania's Signal: Financial Corruption is Over" by Sierra (NZ) - 9.24.19

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 9:25 PM EDT on September 24, 2019

Phoenix from Patriot Intel Report gives an interesting interpretation of Melania's ringing the NY Stock Exchange bell in his latest video (watch from 5' 15")...

Phoenix: 'Historically whenever we see a First Lady ring the opening bell there have been major economic changes that happened shortly thereafter...She rang the bell wearing a black this the beginning, we are going to be 'in the black' (financially)?...The US marshalls rang the closing bell.....the financial corruption and manipulation is OVER. The marshalls are shutting it down...'

Once again, it goes back to the EyeTheSpy tweets. Was he also hinting with 'FALL BLACK' that the US economy will be 'in the black' on the first day of Fall? There are plenty of signs to ponder for those with ears to hear and eyes to see...

Meanwhile, it seems that Nancy Pelosi was baited by the Alliance regarding the timing of her impeachment move on President Trump. The Democrats have completely abandoned all dignity and credibility - witness Joe Biden's disastrous media appearances. And now, at the Democrat's lowest point, Pelosi is forced to play her last remaining card: impeachment. Checkmate.

Even the Soros-sponsored climate change poster girl, Greta from Sweden, is backfiring for the Deep State. There are widespread calls of 'child abuse' - this young girl with Aspergers Syndrome, depression and anxiety is clearly uncomfortable in the glare of intense global media scrutiny.

Everywhere you look, the Deep State house of cards is tumbling down...

Stay calm, focus on your personal Ascension journey, and continue to trust the Divine Plan. All is well!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light     Sierra (NZ)


Courtesy of Dinar Guru: 

Frank26 the CBI's note count, what they needed in the market for the redenomination/ already in circulation in Iraq's markets. 

Therefore a freeze of these 250, 500 and 1000 was imposed.  

The number of these denominations and value are where they need to be for the RD/RV and for the introduction of the new small category notes...

In other words...we are ready to launch this sucker!


Tishwash:  “Zimbabwe Dollar Is Undervalued Against The USD,” Finance Minister

Mthuli Ncube has said that the Zimbabwe dollar is undervalued against the United States dollar.

Posting on Twitter, Ncube suggested that the correct exchange rate should be US$1: ZW$6. He said:

The exchange rate of the #Zimbabwe Dollar to United States Dollar is way undervalued. The exchange rate of Zim$ to US$ should be around 6 at the moment, on the basis of the real exchange rate (RER) relative to the South African Rand.

His post did not auger well with former finance Minister, Advocate Tendai Biti who responded saying:

Mahumbwe chaiyo (child’s play). Zimbabwe has no productivity. 2019 GDP is likely to be around -8 %. There is massive corruption fueling a massive increase in money supply. The current account is in massive deficit. So you have to be mad or drunk, or both to reason like this. Worst govt in the world.

These remarks come when the local currency rapidly lost value against the USD during the past week. It was being sold at around ZW$23 per US$ before it reportedly regained value to trade at about ZW$18 per US$.

Observers link the recuperation of value to the central bank, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s move to freeze accounts of Sakunda Holdings and other companies that were allegedly engaged in money laundering activities.

Analysts have however projected that the local currency will continuously shed value for as long as the local industry is grounded. They note that the demand for foreign currency will remain high since businesses need foreign currency to import their commodities. 

Reserve Bank deputy governor, Dr Kupukile Mlambo recently attributed the increased deficit in foreign currency to the closure of the tobacco marketing season.   link


Tishwash:  Iraq and China agree to establish a space station

The Ministry of Communications signed a memorandum of understanding with China to establish a space communications station in accordance with modern systems adopted globally, in addition to cooperation to develop information technology projects that meet the requirements of government institutions.

"The ministry has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Chinese Satellite Navigation Bureau to set up a satellite communications station with its accessories and according to international specifications," a ministry source quoted Communications Minister Naim al-Rubaie as saying.

He stressed that "the ministry seeks to keep pace with developments in the countries of the world, especially in China in order to complete the satellite project, where the memorandum also included this project and according to the orbit allocated to Iraq and the technical requirements of the country to meet the needs of ministries in general and associated institutions, in addition to the requirements of the private sector, where the Through the memorandum, it is possible to introduce modern systems that upgrade the level of the ICT sector in the country. ”

He pointed out that "the satellite project has an economic return to the country upon its implementation and introduction of the service in addition to the security and marketing side of various sectors and areas of life, especially after the establishment of the Space Affairs Center recently to be the nucleus of the Iraqi Space Agency, which seeks to implement in the future."

He stressed "an understanding with Chinese companies working in the field of telecommunications and information technology to accomplish the investment projects of the ministry, especially the projects of fixed network LTE for information technology and expand the coverage of the networking system for e-governance project and the project of FTTH optical system."

He pointed out that "it is hoped that the Iraqi-Chinese cooperation will establish a national infrastructure management control center for information and communication technology with the establishment of a private and public data center for the field of technology and information technology services to the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology. Information in coordination with Huawei, "noting that" these understandings confirm the guarantee of cybersecurity to maintain the security of the state from intrusion and digital attacks, as well as And broaden the work of the post to cover all provinces, ".   link

VitalBrad:  Iraqi Dinar News | Transfering IQD Funds Across Border

Published on Sep 24, 2019

Insiders Are Selling Stock At Fastest Pace In 20 Years, The Feds Repo 2X Oversubscribed!

Silver Report Uncut:  Published on Sep 25, 2019

Economic collapse news. Corporate insider are selling shares at highest level in 20 years. We have to go back to the lofty stock valuations of the dot com era to see CEO's, and other high level executives selling their own companies shares.

This goes a long way in showing their future prospects. Also we see the liquidity crisis is getting worse. The consensus was that the liquidity issues in the US banking system would resolve themselves with the Feds repo operations

We see Monday the feds repo was over subscribed by over 200%.

That means someone is in desperate need for dollar funding and these are the types of events that cause Lehman brothers type announcements.