News, Rumors and Opinions Tuesday Morning 10-1-19


DELTA:  Demonstrators flock to Tahrir Square to demand reforms from the government

Tuesday: October 1, 2019

Hundreds of citizens are heading to Tahrir Square in central Baghdad to demand reforms and jobs and services.

A local source said that hundreds started to go to Tahrir Square in preparation for the start of a demonstration to demand a range of issues, most notably work and services.

He explained that the security forces did not deploy intensively, because the demonstration does not start now, but there are likely to deploy security forces in conjunction with the start of the demonstration.

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Tivon:  Well I am assuming here that of course taking just 5 days to cancel the currency auctions and move to an market economy is insufficient and should start today to get the ball rolling for foreign investors and maintaining the currency value.

Common sense should tell us if the Baghdad International Airport is opening officially today for citizens and travelers they could not do this without a conversion rate.

So I am highly doubtful we will be waiting no more then a few days to actually see a reinstatement if not today.

 It's not even 1pm in Iraq so once our markets open we should see a new rate in order for Iraq to see movement on the opening files of corruption  and eliminating unemployment.

 Because it does not take 15 days to change a rate. So let's hope these demonstrations are actually turned into a celebration which can happen in a few hours from now IMO.


Samson:  Demonstrators prevented access to the Green Zone and cut the bridge of the Republic

2019/10/1 11:31

Security forces have prevented demonstrators from reaching the Green Zone in central Baghdad.

Authorities closed the al-Jumhuriya bridge to Khadra and prevented demonstrators who refused to perform the government from reaching the area.

The capital Baghdad and the provinces today witnessed popular demonstrations demanding services and fighting corruption and providing job opportunities and is scheduled to peak after three o'clock in the afternoon.   LINK


Samson:  Al-Humaidawi calls for the need to support tourism companies to promote this sector

2019/10/1 12:18

Member of the Committee on Culture, Information, Tourism and Antiquities in the House of Representatives MP of the opposition wisdom bloc, Ali al-Humaidawi, to the need to support tourism companies and overcome obstacles facing them in order to promote the reality of tourism in the country.

Al-Humaidawi listened according to a statement to his office received by the Euphrates News Agency during the meeting held in the building of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities in the presence of the head of the Tourism Authority and a number of officials in the ministry to the complaints and grievances of the owners of tourism companies, expressing his readiness and the Commission to cooperate to remove these obstacles and suffering That limit the development of tourist reality."

Al-Humaidawi stressed that "all parties should join forces to promote and develop tourism because it is an important source of financial revenues for the state treasury."   LINK

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank26   ...we're putting everyone on red alert...the lower denoms have been given the approval to be distributed among all the Iraq banks - to the citizens once the rate changes...



Sand3:  Gm everyone if the US is holding this up there are mumbling over there that citizens are saying we are holding up there prosperity……. that comes from a fellow graduate that lives in UAE

Natok: Sandy, lot of smoke out there to cover it up, just saying

Sand3:  The organized protest might be what we need but I sure hope it turns out positive


Tishwash:   Fayyad is in talks in Washington

Faleh al-Fayyad, the national security adviser and head of the Popular Mobilization Organization, is currently in Washington for talks with US officials amid Iranian-US and Iranian-Saudi tensions that have been exacerbated by recent attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities. In addition to major European capitals, Tehran is responsible.

David Hill, US under secretary of state for political affairs, was expected to meet the Iraqi official later yesterday.

Recent Iranian threats to target US interests in Iraq are likely to be at the top of the agenda for US officials to discuss with Fayyad.

The US-led International Coalition to Combat ISIL threatened last week to respond to any attacks on US interests after two mortar rounds landed in the vicinity of the US embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone.



Retail Apocalypse 2019! Forever 21 Files For Bankruptcy In Crushing Blow To Mall Landlords

Oct 1, 2019

The retail apocalypse in 2019 is now having a heavy impact on mall landlords. The problem is forever 21 has a lot of square footage that is going to be very hard to fill.

The commercial real estate market is still saturated with empty toys r us stores. the details of forever 21's bankruptcy are still not finalized as far as number of stores that will be closed.

We do know where the company will not be closing stores and that is outside of the US that leaves one place left. The current consensus is 350 store closures and as many as 15,000 - 30,000 job cuts.