IQD CALLS Chat Early Tuesday 10-1-19

 IQD CALLS Chat Early Tuesday 10-1-19

sandyf   @Sparky sandyf silk road is not a's going up...

Wake up to what!!!, something that is taking place literally on my doorstep. The new routes from the Rayong industrial area to Myanmar and China are part of the silk road initiative and pass about 200 metres from my house.

sandyf   @xyz Kaperoni you don't even know what percentage is in the cbi, banks, under the mattress, etc and yet you claim that you are the smartest guru saint

It is totally irrelevant how much currency is held where, the only significant figure is the liability on the CBI that appears in their accounts. At the end of August that figure stood at over 48 trillion dinar and the IMF projection takes that figure to nearly 60 trillion over the next 5 years.

If you cannot understand that point then there is no credibility in what you say, trying to say the CBI and IMF are falsifying the accounts just does not hold water.

TWWIII   In light of the strategy of the Central Bank of Iraq to achieve financial inclusion, and improve digital banking services, and modern technologies, to ensure easy access to those services provided to different segments of society,

 this bank directed all banks licensed to provide mobile phone application service (Mobile Banking) , ensuring the facilitation of banking service for beneficiaries

And ensure the availability of protection and confidentiality systems for them, to be implemented within a specified period of time from the date of issuance of instructions from this bank.

Central Bank of Iraq  information Office   30 September 2019

foxmulder   TWWIII that's interesting

foxmulder   Slight progress

foxmulder   Just need a rate change go with it

chattels   In first, Iraq PM points finger at Israel on base attacks

chattels   Al-Wala'i: Abdul-Mahdi's announcement that Israel was behind the bombing of the Hashd headquarters, a green light to take revenge

Tuesday 01 October 00:27 2019

chattels   Khazali comments on Abdul Mahdi's declaration of Israel's responsibility to target the Popular Mobilization

Monday , 30 September 23:30 2019

chattels   Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi says Israel is responsible for some attacks on PMF (Hashd) ammunition storage facilities in Iraq. Asa’ib Ahl al-Haqq militia says government must reserve the right to respond to this aggression.

chattels   Israeli Armed Forces decline to comment on Iraqi PM’s statement that Israel has attacked PMF (Hashd) positions in Iraq. More than 5 attacks have occurred in past months.

chattels   Kurdistan and the International Coalition: ISIS threatens some areas of Iraq LINK

chattels   US pushes Iraq to integrate Iran-backed PMU militias after strikes

Jack Detsch September 30, 2019

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chattels   The PMU consists of as many as 40 groups under Iraqi and Iranian authority, the Pentagon says, possibly totaling some 160,000 fighters. Iraq’s government issued an executive order in July to bring Iranian-backed factions of the PMU under Baghdad’s control, and the United States plans to assist with identifying elements that will be demobilized.

Mulroy, who is set to leave the Trump administration next month, called Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s order to reign in the group “an important step towards ensuring Iraq's future as a strong, sovereign, unified, democratic, and prosperous state.”

The Pentagon’s top Middle East policy official cautioned, however, “Implementation of the decree will be key, and we will continue to engage with the Government of Iraq on the need to enforce this Executive Order.”

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chattels   The difference between ideation and implementation or rhetoric and reality in Iraq. It is a chasm.

chattels   And that's the way that it is from the news that I read out of Iraq on this 1st day of October, 2019.

Xyz   Tebow 10-1-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 ...we're putting everyone on red alert...the lower denoms have been given the approval to be distributed among all the Iraq banks - to the citizens once the rate changes...

chattels   ‘We demand rights’: hundreds protest in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square

chattels   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Hundreds of Iraqis protested in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square on Tuesday to express diverse, long-brewing grievances, including, a lack of basic services, rampant corruption, and unequal treatment within the Iraqi Army.

chattels   Last year’s protests dashed the hopes of previous Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of gaining a second term in office. Current Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi was elected as an independent candidate and does not belong to a particular parliament bloc, making him vulnerable to pressure both public and parliamentary.

Chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / The Central Bank of Iraq sold more than / 205 / million dollars at an auction selling foreign currency today.

The bank said in a statement: "The total amount sold today, amounted to 205 million and 508 thousand and 950 dollars, with the participation of 30 banks and one company."

chattels   Parliamentarians: The response to the Israeli aggression will be through a complaint to the United Nations

Tuesday 01 October 13:04 2019