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Samson:   Trump: US Fed Should Cut Interest Rates 1%
20th August, 2019

US President Donald Trump said the Federal Reserve should consider cutting interest rates by one percentage point and called for "some quantitative easing" as it continued to pressure the central bank

Trump said in a post on Twitter: 'The interest rate of the Federal Reserve, and within a short period of time, should shrink at least 100 basis points, and perhaps with some quantitative easing as well

He also expressed dissatisfaction with the strength of the US dollar, which 'sadly hurt other parts of the world

The Fed is under pressure from the US administration to cut interest rates, which Trump believes will boost exports and stimulate production in the United States   LINK


Don961:  more pressure ???? ... 

These are the signs of a global economic crisis

- Two Hours Have Passed

 The shadow of a new economic crisis has returned since the beginning of August, and severe shocks have hit the markets since Wall Street witnessed its largest decline since the beginning of the year on the 14th of this month, reaching 3% in a session. one.

The writer Martin Orange said that since the beginning of August, the possibility of a new global economic crisis is on the horizon, due to a series of events beginning with tension between the United States and China and the global economic slowdown, and does not end in currencies and financial markets.

She pointed out that the most obvious signs of imbalance appeared in bond markets, which have become negative rates have no value for money.

Investors suddenly showed increased interest and took into account: the recession threatening Germany and the entire euro area, slowing growth in the United States, rising tensions with China, a slowdown in the Chinese economy, the conflict in Hong Kong, Brexit and Argentina.

The Obsolete System 
writer reported that analysts and economists agree that the current economic system is obsolete, citing factors such as China, Brexit, Donald Trump and private debt.

Because of the unresolved crisis in 2008, there had been instability, economic distortion and injustice, which meant that any event, however small, could reignite a major crisis.

America 's losses 
and the writer pointed out that the sources of concern to the US president seeking re - election, arguing that the economic policy of waging a campaign to show their success has failed.

She cautioned that America was getting poorer and that investors who returned some of their money had not invested in it.

"The trade war does not bear fruit and does not lead to the results expected by Trump," the writer quoted a recent article in the New York Times by economist Paul Krugman as saying.

Krugman added that the trade deficit with China is growing, US markets are shrinking, companies are not returning to the United States but have moved them to other countries such as Vietnam.

Trump, who has made the Dow Jones a gauge of his policy since he began his presidency, worried when the index fell in recent days and understood that it had gone too far. December.

This is a goodwill gesture in the hope of reaching a large-scale trade deal with Beijing, but the Trump administration has realized that a sudden rise in tariffs could cause a sudden halt to high-tech companies.

She said Trump's calls for his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to settle trade disputes between the United States and China could have had a chance a few months ago because the Chinese government had changed its stance and no longer sought to stall, but decided to defend what it saw as its rights and ambitions.

The risks of currency war 
Economists began to talk about the dangers of a new currency war, as each country tries to support its activity by practicing competitive cuts at the expense of other countries, reminding of the devastating effects of policies adopted during the 1930s.

The writer noted that there is a mass of volatile capital driven by profit, and moving at the speed of light behind each window to find more profitable places.

The bloc, which has grown since the 2008 crisis, has now become a factor of financial, economic and political instability, as evidenced by recent events in Argentina, she said.

What role for China? 
Another factor that worries the financial world in China's stance is the high tone adopted by Beijing, coupled with campaigns suggesting that China is now determined to play its part and defend what it sees as its interests, especially as it played a crucial role in the 2008 financial crisis, It agreed to take extraordinary measures to stabilize the world economy.

What will happen in the event of a crisis at a time when the Chinese government no longer agrees to help stabilize the global economic and financial system?

She points out that the way Xi will deal with the Hong Kong issue will be the real indicator of China's future role.

The end of globalization 
Europe will be one of the direct victims of the rising tension between China and the United States, and is likely to be one of the preferred battlegrounds between the two superpowers in the future.

The author concludes that the arch of globalization, which opened 30 years ago with the fall of the Berlin Wall, has been closed, and some de-globalization has already begun, but at this stage it is difficult to know what form it will follow.

Faced with this accelerated decomposition of the old regime, the author has pinned some hopes on a meeting of the G7 leaders (the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom) later this month, but is likely to come up with a declaration.

Source: French Press   link

Note from Dinar Recaps:

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Courtesy of Dinar Chronicles

Frank26:  ...We have a total of about 21 articles about the coins...yeah this is impressive... article after article after article after article about the coins...This step is monumental. 

This step is as close as you can get to the "second article" from the CBI...that will explain everything to the citizens step-by-step. 

Article "The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives revealed that there is a tendency to reintroduce the coin..."   ...

When they do reinstate their currency they will use the ATM machines and the banks to distribute the new small category notes...the citizens now know even though it's not yet directly from the CBI...


Newshound/Intel Guru Dinar Investor – Jeff:   Today we had articles on coins, their importance and significance and how they're related to changing the rate which is deleting the zeroes...

These articles are from the Finance Committee...  But there's another layer to this...the foundation or starting point for all of this. 

Article:  "Directed To re-work the Coin"  Quote:  "Bank of Iraq, aimed at raising the dinar exchange rate and maintaining the stability of inflation ...

The reason they are saying they need to increase the dinar exchange rate to maintain stability of the inflation...that's actually the foundation right now for deleting the zeroes and implementing lower coins. 

They are telling us...coins are needed when you have a higher exchange rate such as can't have coins in circulation in your country unless you have a fair exchange rate.

Article:  "Deleting of Zeroes Curbs Inflation

They need to delete the zeroes to curb inflation that will allow them to mint coins and they will have a higher exchange rate from the deletion of the zeroes to support and sustain and allow for the minting and use of coins within their currency.  

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