IQD CALLS CHAT Early Tuesday 8-20-19

IQD CALLS CHAT Early Tuesday 8-20-19

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Chattels   Baghdad residents head to the river to escape the heat By Rudaw

chattels   47 degrees centigrade is 116.6 fahrenheit. Ouch !

chattels   Anyone see 60 minutes on Sunday about plastic refuse in our oceans ?

chattels   Stunning !

chattels   Iraqi Nasr Coalition says that withdrawing confidence in PM Abdel-Mahdi is unlikely. The process of forming a government is hard.

chattels   The Nasr Alliance headed by former Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi.

chattels   I recently posted a link to an interview with Abadi.

chattels   " MP of the victory coalition Rashid Al-Azzawi: The process of withdrawing confidence from Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi is unlikely, because most of the blocks are aware that the process of forming a government is very difficult, so do not want to enter the country in a new mess we need, indicating that the government of Abdul Mahdi has reached the level of success and we hope in the coming days to work on the rest of the files in his government program presented to the House of Representatives."

chattels   "........... the purpose of interrogations is not damage to a person minister, but for the purpose of evaluating the work and performance of the ministry or government institution, explaining that the relevant committees found that the government program and success rates in which some Dah far from Allowaqa.oaattabr: that the performance of the government is very weak and corruption are other files do not properly and need attention by the Prime Minister, being an important and vital."

chattels   Parliament has announced it's intention to conduct the interrogation of Ministers in the new term of Parliament.

chattels   Frankly, there are likely few that would agree to be Prime Minister. Maliki or Abadi, but not via a no confidence vote.

chattels   Ameri, but he has little chance of such ever.

chattels   Tarek Harb reveals the effects of withdrawing immunity from the MP

Tuesday 20 August

chattels   Much of the foregoing is unintelligible, but it appears that immunity can be lifted during session and out of session. IN session requires a vote of Parliament. Out of session requires only the decision of the Speaker.

larrykn   Immunity of 21 Vice

Tuesday 20 August 2019   Baghdad/morning   House legislative dismissal starts third, next month, to lift the immunity of 21 of its members accused of financial corruption and criminal cases.

The parliamentary legal Committee Member said Hussein in a press statement: "the Prosecutorial Council has issued warrants against 21 men and sent a list of names for the Presidency of the House of representatives for the purpose of immunity", pointing out that "issues of criminal and corruption among divided."

He added that "the House of representatives would begin to lift the immunity of members of the third legislative term beginning to conduct investigations", noting that "the immunity is not damning MPs whose names appeared in the list of prosecution but make  Illegal. "رفع-الحصانة-عن-21-نائبا

larrykn   Arresting officer and six Associates for their involvement in corruption cases

Tuesday 20 August 2019   Office of the Inspector General at the Interior Ministry, on Monday, arresting officer Lieutenant who serves as the definitive order found in Baghdad and six other associates accused of exploitation, while the Baghdad operations command, arresting seven suspects including a girl according to different legal materials.

Inspectorate, said in a statement it had received "morning", "operation came on the background of a judicial arrest warrant issued by the coroner's cutter and six other associates and that the Inspector General's Office is a judicial contacts so issued Inspector General Jamal al-Asadi to DIN for the implementation of the memorandum And arrest and imprison the competent authorities arrest. "

He added that "a warrant arrest issued by the coroner's rescue cutter and six other associates on the background of being involved in corruption cases concerning job exploitation."

Meanwhile, the Baghdad operations command, announced the arrest of seven suspects including a girl according to different legal materials in different parts of the capital.

Command, said in a statement it had received "morning", "security forces in operations in conjunction with detachments to combat criminality and security intelligence Baghdad, arrested seven accused under different legal materials, while two suspects were arrested on the wheel type (Impala) in Karada tuning Carrying amount of narcotic crystal material.

He noted that "two suspects were arrested Iranian nationals for an e-banking shop area martyrs Obeidi, with carrying amount stolen, while the accused was arrested for forgery in alsabiat area north of Baghdad.

The statement said that "other force arrested accused under article (406/murder) in the Western entrances to the capital, were handed over to the competent authorities to receive equitable sanction in accordance with law."اعتقال-ضا

futuremoney   larrykn Good Morning

chattels   larrykn Did you see the post about the process and import of removing immunity above ?

larrykn   one that you posted?

chattels   larrykn Yes.

larrykn   hold on just found it

chattels   Baghdad / Nina / The Council of Representatives lifted the immunity from the representative of the Alliance of Iraqi Forces Ibtisam Mohammed al-Lahibi

chattels   larrykn Just curious if you had read it.

chattels   larrykn It is a difficult read in parts.

larrykn   yes it is but it looks to me they are having a hard time with the removal of Immunit while in parliment but can get them while of vacation. good move

chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / MP Talal Khudair al-Zobaie accused the speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed al-Halbousi of violating his constitutional powers during his reply to a letter issued by the judiciary regarding the completion of legal procedures with us in one case.

chattels   " The House of Representatives officially informed the Supreme Judicial Council and the Presidency of the Public Prosecution to lift the immunity from the MP from the Iraqi decision-making coalition Talal al-Zobaie, because of complaints and charges of corruption during his presidency of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee in the previous legislative session."

larrykn   Parliamentary power outweigh the increased hours electricity

Tuesday 20 August 2019   The Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy outweighed increased hours electricity in some provinces, noting that contracted with the German company Siemens will contribute to the development of the system.

The Committee Member said Humam Al-Tamimi in a press statement: "there is a quantum leap in processing power in some provinces in terms of increased number of hours of processing by the national system".

"The signing of a contract between the Ministry of electricity and Siemens would develop the energy sector in the coming years, it is hoped that there will be an increase in working hours during the processing of this company."

The national grid were experiencing an increase in loads, so that Iraq will not be mikawat 20, 000 not to rationalize consumption ", pointing out that" the arrival of Iraq to produce 30 thousand Mika Watts in coming years would not work unless there is a plan to rationalize and reduce loads on the system.الطاقة-النيابية-ترجح-زيادة-ساعات-تجهيز-الكهرباء

chattels   If the president of the Integrity committee is corrupt then very few or select persons are outed for corruption or lack of integrity, eh ?

larrykn   they have to find away to get all that is corrupt. no matter where they seat

chattels   Interestingly, both Halbousi and al-Zobaie are Sunni Muslim, I think. Some competition there maybe.

larrykn   MP Talal Khodier stripped of parliamentary immunity over corruption charges

larrykn   chattels if you posted that I'm sorry

larrykn   Hikma: Abdul-Mahdi relies on inefficient advisers

larrykn   seem to me they are attacking everyone that is corrupt or slowing the govenment down, looks like a big move is happening now. this could be good news for all of us.

chattels   larrykn This is the one I wanted you to see / read, Tarek Harb reveals the effects of withdrawing immunity from the MP

Tuesday 20 August

chattels   Duty and the privilege of service to my fellow man calls. Time to earn a living.

chattels   Have a fine day all.

larrykn   have a good day :)

larrykn   Iraq's gov't is just delivering messages instead being mediator: Observers

larrykn   Iraq has executed 100 since January, 8,000 on death row: official

larrykn   ok have a great day all cya all later

Dave   Parliamentary Finance: Go to re-work the coin and "delete the zeros"Baghdad-InThe Finance Committee of the House of Representatives announced a move to reintroduce the currency that has been used for decades in the country, stressing the importance of pre-empting the process of minting the coin by "deleting zeros" from current currencies to make the small monetary classes valuable.

Committee member Hanin al-Qaddou said in a press statement, today, that "during meetings and discussions with officials of the Central Bank we stressed the need to re-work the coins that have been used in Iraq during the past decades, instead of paper that is damaged and printed in large quantities again."" According to al-Sabah newspaper.

He added, "The use of metal categories and their descent into trading gives a legal value to the currency," he said, noting that "the exchange rates of a number of neighboring countries are very high against the dollar, and yet we find that they have a coin in order to preserve the currency and do not need to ask for more banknotes, especially with Small categories".

Al-Kaddo expressed surprise at the central bank's policy, which does not favour the introduction of coins in the Iraqi market.

For his part, parliamentary finance member Majid al-Waili expressed the committee's readiness to prepare any legislation requested by the Central Bank, which could benefit the Iraqi economy and market, including the trading of coins.

"The cost of a coin is more than paper, and it is more difficult for the citizen to carry it," said Ahmed al-Saffar, a member of the finance committee.

Al-Saffar suggested that "there is a step to delete zeros before the coin mint process so that there is value for small versus large categories."

futuremoney   Al-Saffar suggested that "there is a step to delete zeros before the coin mint process so that there is value for small versus large categories." I like that part..

Dave   several other articles today on this.......yesterday too

Dave   Directed to re-work coin

Dave   several articles on this in as many days.........

Dave   and lifting of immunity of some MPs as well..........may be up to something

Dave   corruption i read could be a hindrance to our investment i hear tell....

Dave   The Govt seems to want coins......CBI says no.........?

Dave   wonder WHY.............?????

Young_SC   Dave i wonder where are the articles that support Kap's theory of his Float 😂

Dave   if anyrthing made more frugal

Young_SC   And a gradual increase of 12 to 14% as he stated

Dave   Young_SC care litttle for Kaps opinions

Young_SC   I wonder if Sandy F has been reading them aswell when i mentioned the purchasing of power for the citizens he laughed

Dave   i prtefer what they say in Iraq over Kap....not hat that means much

Young_SC   Dave where does kap get his numbers from?

Dave   CBI and Govt have stated increasing the purchasing power with coins.....that will not be a burden works good for me

Young_SC   Dave indeed

Dave   they mentioned the cost to mint coins........

Dave   like i have been saying for yrs

Young_SC   Dave yes i remember you stating that

Dave   now in black and white AGAIN

Dave   Kap wont read it though

Young_SC   Dave no i doubt it

Portmagaland   Everyone seems hyped

Portmagaland   Both Larry and Chattels had a good convo earlier

Portmagaland   They dont cry wolf, but seemed a bit more optimistic earlier

Tebow   Kap only sees articles that will support his lame theory. If CBI came and said they are going to RV, he would call it fake.

Tebow   that the Finance Committee will work to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar and give it strength among other currencies in the Arab world, or at least maintain the current exchange rate to have monetary power within Local market.

Tebow   Kap believes they will float from 1186. No country in the world would let outside forces determine the value of their currency. Iraq will determine the true value of the dinar and then let it float as other currencies do in the world market.

Young_SC   Tebow Exactly

Sparky   Tebow where do you believe the rate that they start from?

Sparky   Tebow 1:1 ?

Young_SC   Sparky can you tell me where does kap get his numbers from?

Young_SC   Im curious

Sparky   Young_SC USD in circulation, vs IQD in circulation...

Young_SC   He stated a 12 to 14% gradual increase to go with his float lol so where is he getting those numbers from

Sparky   Young_SC simple math, ... depending on the

Tebow   Sparky I would say at least 1:1.

Young_SC   And by making up the number of dinar in circulation he came up with the 14% gradual increase?

Young_SC   Sparky ?

Tebow   Young_SC he doesn't know

Sparky   Tebow ... would make it easier on shopkeeper s...

Sparky   Tebow yes, would need a crystal ball for those numbers...

Sparky   Tebow 1:1, if possible to support and sustain...

Tebow   1186 X 14% gradual increase is -166 dinars. Still at 1120 to 1 USD. No need for the coins they are bringing up in articles. LOL

Sparky   Young_SC ... not sure how he came up with those numbers...

Sparky   Tebow ... check your math...but, still not sure about such specific %... increase...

Young_SC   Tebow lol

Young_SC   Young_SC manage float i think is a 2% every 3 months

Tebow   and since they have no 1, 5, 10, or 20 bills the increase to the the Iraqi means nothing as they can't get no change so no benifit.

Young_SC   14% is high on a manage float

Young_SC   No? Lol

Sparky   Tebow ...may use combo of USD / IQD during transition...?

Tebow   Mute point to all of this, Kap doesn't know!

Sparky   Young_SC ... could be " dirty float "...

Sparky   Young_SC ...staged at a predetermined rate is also an option... depending on how much dinar is in country...

Young_SC   Tebow lol

Young_SC   Where's Sam and  Sandy F      Lol

Young_SC   What are their thoughts on the articles that came out yesterday

Sparky   Young_SC up your mind, and be free for any possible outcome...

Tebow   Young_SC their thoughts mean nothing

Young_SC   Tebow  smile

Young_SC   Lol

Young_SC   Lol

Sparky   Tebow ...all thoughts are valuable,...imo

Sparky   Young_SC ? Got a clue ?... please share...

Sparky   Young_SC ... don't be afraid to speak your mind... I'm not...

Tebow   Sparky totally agree, everyone has an opinion. And they are just that and must be taken for what you think they're worth.

Sparky   Tebow ...well said...

Tebow   I take most at 8 cents from Baxter's dime

Dave   just luv the talk of coins again.......  from several sources over several days.....

Dave   gives me some encouragement  surprised the gurus are not all over this

Sparky   Dave Dave too...they deal out coins...we rich... imo..m