News, Rumors and Opinions Thursday Morning 10-3-19


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The Deep State Cabal is backing themselves into a corner.

Obama is expected to publicly speak out against Trump in the coming days as Democrats begin panicking.

President Trump has called Adam Schiff "Liddle'" multiple times implying that he is a pedophile in a discrete manner.

The IG reports are about to be released.

Many democrats will be implicated in a scandal with the Ukrainian government and other crimes.

General Mark A. Milley became the 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff succeeding General Joseph Dunford.

General Milley is the perfect man for the job in the event of Martial Law and mass arrests.

The gold fringe coming off of all US flags will be an important indicator that will signify the restoration of the Republic being complete.

Also, Ron Paul stated that we are nearing the end of the fiat system and heading in the direction of adopting a more modernized gold standard.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi people are rioting in protest against their corrupt government which is also expected to spread across the border into Iran very soon.

Zimbabwe is expected to introduce their first Dollar Notes next month which signifies economic progress in their country.

Zimbabwe is expected to undergo more economic reforms over the coming months.

All currencies will undergo revaluation once each country begins adopting the gold standard or asset-backed monetary systems.

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Source: Operation Disclosure

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank26  I owe you an apology...there was a misunderstanding between me and bluestar...he must have told me 'Frank you need to verify this'...I missed it.  My rush and excitement to share with you what I thought was proper was not..."the dinar was live on Nasdaq."  That was a mistake.  That is now null and humblest say the dinar was trading live insinuates a lot of other things that were not true.  I'm really really sorry.



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Bluedog:  So, it looks like a curfew will  be from 5am till further notice and Iraq's business and government will be closed tomorrow all IMO, from what I have seen ..... sorta a official closer ... how convenient while armored vehicles move throughout Iraq ...... activating the protest was brilliant at a time as this ............ great plan IMO


Don961:  Urgent interruption of Internet service in Baghdad Date: Edit: 2019/10/2 21:15   link


SamsonDefense Minister orders all troops to be put on alert as protests hit

2019/10/2 20:14 

Defense Minister Najah al-Shammari has ordered all troops to be on alert for the protests.

Al-Shammari called in a statement "to preserve the sovereignty of the state and government facilities and vital targets, embassies and diplomatic missions."

He also called for "the preservation of state sovereignty, government facilities, vital targets, embassies and diplomatic missions."  LINK

The Dow Loses 883 Points In 2 Days As All Major US Indices Crash Below Key Technical Resistance

The Silver Report Uncut:  Oct 3, 2019

Economic collapse news. The Dow Jones has crashed 883 points in 2 days.

It closed Wednesday down 494.42 points and all the major US indices have crashed below key technical resistance.

The market sell off began with the ISM manufacturing survey print falling to the lowest level since 2009. We also see the major Internet trading companies have begun the "race to zero" as TD Ameritrade has decided to follow Charles Schwab into the zero commission trading game.

The above mention have also begun to sell off fast with many major banks downgrading these companies to sell. The also have adjusted their GDP estimates for the 3rd quarter.