News, Rumors and Opinions Sunday Morning 9-22-19

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT -September 22, 2019(Disclaimer:

The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The Republic is being gradually restored.

Once DECLAS is complete and the government has been purged of Deep State Cabal corruption; various acts that have already been introduced are expected to be passed.

These acts are under the Alliance's GESARA agenda

HR25 -Fair Tax Act

HR193 -Sovereignty Act

HR24 -Act to Audit the Federal ReserveHR10 –Act to repeal the Dodd Frank act and end bank bailouts

S2155 -Solution to Economic Recovery, Banking Changes, and Consumer Protection

In other news, ElSalvador is expected to convert an unfinished nuclear power plant with Tesla technology and introduce free energy.

This will create new investment opportunities in free energy technology.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is now lending billions of dollars to major banks to keep them afloat.

This signifies that central banking is failing and the fiat money system is imploding.

A new type of asset-backed money system is the only solution.

According to sources, several indicators suggest Iraq will soon revalue their currency.

Other currencies are expected to revalue as well once each country either adopts the gold standard or a type of asset-backed money system.



Tishwash:  Czech government delegation to visit Iraq this week

Iraq's ambassador to the Czech Republic, Sondos Omar Ali, announced on Sunday an upcoming visit by a Czech government economic delegation to Iraq this week.

Ali said in a press statement that she "met with a Czech delegation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which will participate in the meetings of the third session of the Czech-Iraqi Joint Commission to be held in Baghdad and for the first time for the current period from 42 to 52 September," indicating that the delegation headed by the Minister It will discuss strengthening economic and trade cooperation between Iraq and the Czech Republic in the coming period. ”
For its part, the Committee on Economy and Investment in the House of Representatives considered the visits of international delegations to Iraq as a guide for the country's economic recovery.
The visit of these international delegations to Iraq is a positive sign, and evidence that Iraq has reached the stage of economic recovery, and that the arrival of countries, capital and investors to establish large and investment projects is a sign of that," committee member Mazen al-Faili said.
The economists of these countries saw in Iraq a safe and fertile environment for investment," he said.



Don961:  Commission of Integrity: 56 criminal cases against electronic exchange companies

September 21, 2019 8:49 PM  Author: alzawraapaper

BAGHDAD / Al-Zawraa
clarified the Integrity Commission, on Saturday, the details of its investigative procedures regarding cases of electronic exchange companies operating in the country, indicating the referral (23) criminal case related to those companies to the judiciary.

In a statement received by Al-Zawraa, the Investigations Department of the Authority referred to the opening of (56) criminal cases against these companies because of suspicions of corruption and exploitation of their work, 23 of which were referred to the Court of First Instance and another court of inquiry, while there are 26 cases. Under investigation, pointing out that «Directorates of the Commission's investigation in Baghdad, Basra and Nineveh, in addition to its offices in Diyala, Qadisiyah, Muthanna, Anbar, Wasit, Najaf, Kirkuk and Salah al-Din took the investigation of these cases according to spatial jurisdiction.

She stressed that «these issues were divided between suspicions of forgery smart cards, and the receipt of salaries of those who do not deserve them illegally, and the issuance of cards and pensions to deceased people and give them to others, and the issuance of cards in return for money, in addition to the existence of cases of exploitation of employees and retirees by the outlets of those companies through Withholding more money than planned, and forcing employees to receive their salaries through one company alone in one department. ”

It is noteworthy that the work teams of the investigative offices in Baghdad and a number of provinces have been able to seize the followers in possession of transactions and ID cards and electronic exchange.

In Baghdad, (48) issuance of smart cards issuance in the retirement body was attributed to the employees of the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, and accused of possession of (17) cards and money, in addition to the arrest of an employee received money; Exchange cards in Anbar, and the arrest of a person in the province of Salah al-Din poses as a lawyer and the tracking of transactions and a number of exchange cards.    link


Don961:  Babylon Council reveals a corruption deal in the project of surveillance cameras

September 21, 2019 8:48 PM  Author: alzawraapaper

Baghdad / Al-Zawraa
Thirty billion dinars appear to have gone unheeded, after spending on the surveillance cameras project in Babylon, and found out that the project is much below the required level ..

Security Committee in the provincial council confirmed that the project suffered a clear financial corruption It is fair to know who was involved in that deal.

 Dr. Baqer Huwaidi, a specialist in digital security technologies, laid the first building blocks for the project in 2010, stressing that what has been done is far from what was previously planned. 

He described the current project as nothing more than a camera system designed to protect a small commercial building at a very high implementation cost. 

Babylon police, as the beneficiary of the project, said: It is too early to judge the project as it has not been finalized, and that there is a specialized committee is the task of receiving it, and will adopt what you decide on the project.  link


Goldman Warns About The October Effect, Major Stock Market Crashes Happen In October Because Of This

Silver Report Uncut:  Published on Sep 22, 2019

Economic collapse news. First we have Goldman and sacs warning about what is commonly known as the ocober effect.

The 1929 crash, 1987 crash, 2008 stock market crash or (red october) In fact there may be something to this seasonally weak period that leads to major stock market crashes.

The problem is the charts look exactly the same as today concerning valuations.

Also we see home flippers have been seeing declining profits, increased volume of financing, and longer periods to build up holding costs.

None of this is good as it coukd be a precursor of things to come.