IQD CALLS Chat Saturday Evening 9-21-19

 IQD CALLS Chat Saturday Evening 9-21-19

WPY   "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." ― Voltaire

WPY    “There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” ~ Ayn Rand

WPY    " When poverty declines, the need for government declines, which is why expecting government to solve poverty is like expecting a tobacco company to mount an aggressive anti-smoking campaign. " ~ STEFAN MOLYNEUX

WPY   “Patriotism is often an arbitrary veneration of real estate over principles." ~ George Jean Nathan

WPY   "Man is certainly stark mad; he cannot make a worm, and yet he will be making gods by the dozens." ~ Michel De Montaigne

WPY   “We hardly find any persons of good sense save those who agree with us.” ~ François de La Rochefoucauld

I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence. ~ Doug McLeod

Zig    FYI: In August Sam I Am recorded a call with RamblerNash.....if you have interest it can be found at

Sam I Am   Why is my call being posted?

Zig   Sam I Am : Do you want it removed?.....I just happened to mention it to iqdcalls.....they did not know about they put it on the page with your prior calls.....

Sam I Am   I don't mind. I was just curious.

Sam I Am   I stand by everything I've said

Kaperoni   Where is my pal Sam?

Doug_W   Kaperoni he left just a bit ago

Kaperoni   Bummer lol

Zig   Kaperoni : Hey Kap.....check back later for an award I will be giving you....LOL..... :naNa

Kaperoni   Can't wait

Zig   Too bad Sam left.....oh least you two have civil discussions.....too bad others can't follow suit......

 Kaperoni   I was just thinking the other day all the people that have died that have on various sites that I've been on. Maybe my pizza is poisonous. Going back to Sam's friend, the guy who had dinardetectives, the guy who owned dinaralert.

Kaperoni   I get along with Sam because he doesn't make up stuff. We disagree but a lot of that disagreement is because he doesn't really care or research.

Zig   Sad....remember RCookie at Dinar Updates chat???.....he passed away a long time ago now.....was a great news hound......

Kaperoni   We have a pizza wager me and Sam question if I should ever pay it if I lose because it might kill him just like the others

Kaperoni    Oh yes I remember him that was another side I was on I must be getting paid from there too

Zig   LOL

Kaperoni   Site

Zig   I used to drop by there once in a while.....BGG, another

Kaperoni    It was a sight many many years ago it was a spinoff from Dinar Vets I forget the name but the guy went to jail for selling fake hot tubs

Zig   LOL

Zig   Remember the BH Group?......also went to jail......

Zig   That guy Rudy and his hedge fund.....I almost bought into

Kaperoni   Yeah I remember those guys I never really got involved with them because a lot of those guys would get together with all the gurus the sum powwow somewhere in the United States and I wouldn't participate in that nonsense

Kaperoni   There used to be a time in this when the dinar dealers were flying the gurus in to their offices to build relationships. Total scam nonsense but I think a lot of that is stop now since several of them would have gone to jail

Zig   That reserve scam?

Kaperoni   Yeah that was a big one too

Zig   I never bought a reserve

Kaperoni   I think that one actually forced the US Treasury to change their currency dealer law

Zig   Wow

Zig   Been a circus....never have seen anything like this before.....

Kaperoni  The scam that never ends you mean? LOL

Zig   This investment has attracted so many con artists......

Kaperoni   Yes

Zig   Kaperoni : You realize that some people put you in that category......

Zig   Comes with the territory

Kaperoni   I think I tweeted the other day about all the con artist, that people listen to these gurus and have no idea where they have come from. From Breitling and unemployed construction worker, to frank26 a dishwasher, to TNT Tony the felon, the list is long

Zig   See anyone who is well-known gets thrown into that group......

Kaperoni   People that include me as a guru don't realize what I've done over the years and how long I've been in this and what my motives are. I have never just made up anyting. Everything I disgust is based on factual documentation or reports. There's a significant difference

Kaperoni   Discuss

Kaperoni   Stupid voice recognition

Zig   Then you will get this kind of post by"Whitelions"

"Good Morning all, I see Kaperoni is screaming his float at the top of his voice hoping against all hope that some one will believe him ."

Kaperoni  That's how I got into this whole mess years ago when okay old man was telling people that smaller denomination pictures were being printed I challenged him and he just kept telling me oh it's on another website. Of course that ended up being fake and not real just Okie nonsense

Kaperoni   Apparently white lions is  naive and doesn't realize that the guru sites monitor the chat rooms and Twitter and such and post my comments. And so she takes as it is if I'm out perpetuating the float when I've done none of the sort.

Kaperoni   The other thing that irritates me is how often people take what I say out of context either because they didn't understand what I said or because they have their own motives such as Tebow

Zig   Kap, all I know is you have been good for this chat people either like you or hate you.....

Kaperoni   Yeah well I think I'm good Wherever I Go. Not to toot my own horn but at least I'm perpetuating factual information rather than Guru nonsense. A lot of people get hurt from those lies

Zig   Okay, Kap.....nice chatting.....too bad some others don't want to chat.....see you later.....

Doug_W   WHY would anybody hate another person for there opinion differences??

Zig   Doug_W : Who knows

Kaperoni   Doug you don't believe the people that send hate mail or threats it's crazy. But they don't want anyone to ruin their fantasy of overnight riches

Doug_W   amazing~~

Doug_W   even still,,,, HATE?

Zig   Yes, are sticking your finger in their

Kaperoni   Oh yes they still continue

Kaperoni   Ok zig see you. We need to come up with a plan to make some money zig u and I. Lol

Kaperoni   All right i will leave also. Have a good day everyone.

Doug_W   Kaperoni tell Baxter to push that   FLOAT button then

Kaperoni   Someday when the conditions are right the CBI might do something. But right now there just having a difficult time maintaining the spread. Which could fall out of compliance after 16 months due to Iran which would really screw everything up and force them to start over again with the IMF on the compliance Iran is sucking a lot of money out of the CBI. I think the aucions are over 230 million a day and they usually where around 140. That's a lot of pressure on the CBI to maintain the spread

Doug_W   WOW

xyz   Kaperoni what is SOMETHING? Sell moonshine or LOP or RV or ...?

Kaperoni    XYZ they'll never significantly RV it's not possible. It's all a myth Guru nonsense. But they could Lop or do what the IMF proposed which is float and in my opinion is the most likely due to the fact that they are working behind the scenes to create a market economy to create the conditions for a float.

Kaperoni    But I don't know if the market economy / private sector is ever going to get off the ground with all the corruption

Kaperoni    First of all t-ball if you're going to make up false stories about me at least get your facts right dinaralert charges 7.95 not 9.95. And people that know me know I have nothing to do with the website other than posting and hosting the conference calls.

Tebow   So what is it today? Lop or gradual increase and something else?

Kaperoni    The are both possible. If Parliament gets involved it'll be a Lop.

Kaperoni   I don't promote anything I just discussed the services on the website as a favor to the owner during the conference calls call it whatever you want but that has nothing to do with me

Kaperoni     Actually a lot of people do care because they want the truth they don't want the fake RV stories that aren't possible. There will never be a significant RV of the dinar ever

Kaperoni    I'll always leave a simple carrot at the door. If anyone wants to prove how you can RV the currency when there's 42 trillion + dinar in circulation then I'm open ears.

But nobody to this day has ever been able to come up with a solution. Except for the gurus who lie and don't have anything factual to support their nonsense

Tebow    you don't know how many dinars are in circulation so quit with your fake 42T

Kaperoni    Tebow you can become a legend in your own mind by proving to the dinar Community how you can RV the dinar with 42 + trillion and circulation.

Tebow   there you go 42T again, YOU DON"T KNOW!

Kaperoni   Sure because the facts don't lie. The CBI publishes a quarterly report showing how much dinar, the IMF publishes a yearly report. And several news articles over the years have come out and told as well how much dinar is in circulation. All three of those add up to a pretty factual statement that 42 + trillion exists. And again nobody has proven once that that amount is wrong

Tebow   only impossible to you with your old news

Tebow   No facts, old facts, only facts that support my theory

Kaperoni   Even if the 42 + trillion was wrong and it was say 10 trillion it's still too much money for Iraq to ever significantly RV.

Kaperoni   No country can support 1 trillion in currency let alone 42. So either they raised it gradually and reduce the money supply. Or they Lop there are no other options

Tebow   point is you DON"T KNOW how many are in circulation, how many the CBI holds. Over the years, that's good! LOL

Kaperoni   Like I said I give you the benefit I'll a reducer to 1 trillion rather than 42 + as they have documented. They still can't afford it. LOL there will never be an RV pull your head out of your ass

Kaperoni   Ok. I gotta go. Keep on dreaming.

Tebow   Bye find some new articles that support your facts

Young_SC   Kaperoni you honestly believe Iraq is going to let people know the true number in circulation??

larrykn     looks like a lively conversation this morning

Young_SC    Kaperoni can you please post an article from Iraq stating that the currency will not reinstate or RV

larrykn    float or no float that is the ??

larrykn   42 trillion dinar , thats a lot of dinar

larrykn   what happens when they remove those mean zeros

larry   knhow long would it take to remove currency when they open up those E currency machines and do things electronically

xyz   Kaperoni check what is in your LIPS jejeje not a liar like a 'pot calling kettle black'

Kaperoni   Sure because the facts don't lie.

larrykn   and then you will always have countries outside of Iraq that will keep a certain amount of Dinar on hand for exchange

Young_SC   When Kap comes into this chat room xyz Tebow Can you please instruct him to post an article/statement from the country of IRAQ stating there is no such thing as an RV because of 42 t out in curculation. From the GOI or especially from the CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ if he cannot post such words then do not entertain him

Dave   no one bothered to ask kap about the auctions?

Dave   all the dinar cbi takes in for usd?

Dave   is all that dinar sitting in cbi still in circulation?

Dave   oh yes Kap told me they stuff envelopes to pay employees,,,,,,,in cash much for those Q cards

Tebow    Dave all the dinar the CBI has can be wiped off the books in a second. Say they have 42T as Kap thinks. They Rv and wipe 41T they're holding. Leaving 1T. That 1T at Say 1USD is worth more than the 41T dinars they wiped off the books.

Dave   that dinar belongs to cbi....they can have camp fires with it if they wish

Tebow   41T @ 1190 = 840336134 USD currently.

Dave    41 triilion printed ,,,,need not mean its all in circulation......CBI could be sitting on a huge chunk

Dave   but kap states its being used to pay salaries

Dave    CBI has been taking in about 4 trillion a month for months and months at the auction

PM   Dave    41T @ 1190 = 840336134 USD sure? thinking more like 30 some billion

Dave   1000billion in a trillion

-21-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat ...I have said over and over again that the next step is to issue the smaller of the small category notes and coins (250,500 and 1000 already issued) and then to change the program rate by deleting the zeros. For instance, a program rate of .00083 will become .83 or 83 cents.

It will still remain pegged at the de-facto peg solely to the US dollar at this point, as it is today. ...Is this changing the rate? Yes... The goal of the CBI is to monitor the inflation rate after they make this next move. This could be 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months. My take is it will be about a week... ;$$$

Baxter    ONE WEEK..... WOO HOO

Dj   36billion

Dave   Baxter like to see those coins

Dave   Dj thanx

Baxter   dimes..DIMES...dimes...DIMES

Dj   If it's all in circ.

Wilder   Dave i thought iraqis got their pay with Qi Card not with the actual dinar.

Wilder   Dave iqcard. overcom

Wilder   Qi.card.

Dave   Wilder good article......debunks what kap said.......

Dave   so where all those notes going......?

Sparky   Dave ...Iran...Shia brothers...

Dave   Sparky kap told me to pay salaries in iraq not iran unless i misunderstood

Sparky  Dave ...yes, to balance out necessary funding of ghost employees, and soldiers...via Iran...

Dave   4 trillion a month...........

Sparky  Dave ...maybe half legit...imo...

Dave   like imo.....?

Sparky   Dave ... everything I write is imo...

Sparky or educated, you just having fun...

Dave   so am i at your expense.......

Sparky   Dave ...saw recent article about passing controversial laws in this legislative term...maybe FCL...or..."oil law ", 5 more...