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StillHoping:  1st day of new fiscal year….. Hope you all have an amazing day today!

DT:  nwmontana posted other the article and pictures of the folks attempting to get to the Green Zone for protests today and then the follow ups? One dead update Posted as a thread below, perhaps an hour ago. Here it is

Doetracker:  “We want this government to be changed. This is a government of political parties and militias,” said Fadhel Saber, 21, who was participating in the protest because he is unable to find a job.

Eccle519:  It's the same ole same ole in Iraq...they have no jobs and lacking services. Killing a protester? yikes, not good and yes they need value in currency, bring in investors and start infrastructure projects and jobs and dependable services. Who knows why they delay

Doetracker:  Ecc. Seems like if the RV would be the fix for what is happening and been happening in Iraq but I guesss there is to much corruption and power hungry politicians

NWMontana:  Hong Kong is bound up in protest too...70 years of communist rule is 70 years too much

CautiouslyOptimistic:  Have you read "The Creature from Jekyll Island. All governments are owned and subject to the elite worldwide bankers. I will not say here specifically who they are but they own and control everything including this GCR, the timing, rollout and after plan... there is way more going on here than meets the eye...

Eccle519:  This Administration is hated for going after the Globalists/ Central Bankers and bringing back sovreignty of nations. Very dangerous as Lincoln and Kennedy (alegedly) were taken out for similar reasons. That's why we pray for this President

CharlieOK: I can't wait to get Kuwaited.

AJTexas:  My Chase Private Banking Services Manager told me yesterday they are just waiting for the ok. All the training has been done. She told me the shop around for the best rates. No need to rush. Most importantly, to be prepare to negociate. My bank is ready. She knows I have (currency?)


BigGun505:  I went to my local WF Friday in New Mexico to open an account. I explained the nature of my requirements. I was greeted with enthusiasm and was told that I would be given every available perk. There was no denial of impending RV. No comment of a scam. I was quite surprised. They were very friendly.

TotallyBlessed:  Sadly, I have no "local" WF anywhere to be seen.  I must say, my Chase bank treats me with total respect. They do not confirm or deny but when I recently said "I sure wish I could exchange right here instead of an exchange site" the manager replied "me too."  She totally believes it is real. 


TnDr:  Two killed, 200 wounded in Iraqi protests after police open fire


BAGHDAD (Reuters) - At least two people were killed and 200 wounded in clashes in Iraq on Tuesday as security forces used tear gas, water cannon and live fire to disperse demonstrations over unemployment, corruption and poor public services.

The main protest took place in Baghdad, with some demonstrations in other areas.

A government statement and a health ministry spokesman said one person was killed, and that 40 members of the security forces were among those injured. They did not say where the death took place.

Police sources in the southern city of Nassiriya said a protester there was shot dead.

The government statement blamed “groups of riot inciters” for the violence and said the security forces were working to ensure the safety of peaceful protesters.

In Baghdad, police opened fire in the air as some 3,000 protesters tried to cross a bridge leading into Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, which houses government buildings and foreign embassies.

Reuters reporters saw several people with blood covering their faces. Ambulances rushed in to transport the wounded.

Security forces blocked roads and used stun grenades and water cannons to push back crowds. Protesters refused to leave and so security forces opened fire.

Since similar but more deadly protests took place last year, public anger has simmered over a chronic shortage of job opportunities, electricity and clean water.

Iraqis blame politicians and officials for endemic corruption that is preventing Iraq from recovering after years of sectarian conflict and a devastating war to defeat Islamic State.

“This is not a government, it is a bunch of parties and militias who destroyed Iraq,” said one protester who declined to give his name out of fear of reprisal.

Shi’ite Muslim paramilitary groups known as Popular Mobilisation Forces play a large role in Iraqi politics and have representation in parliament and government. They are also said to control parts of Iraq’s economy, which they deny.


2Cents: This upcoming Holiday is the largest migration Holiday of any.........Perfect Holiday to celebrate the move to the Market Economy (and ALL that comes with it)

Samson:   Najaf Council decides to suspend official working hours for four days

2019/10/1 16:11

Najaf Provincial Council voted in its ordinary session, on Tuesday, chaired by Khudair Nima al-Jubouri and unanimously to disable official working in the province for four days.

Al-Jubouri said in a statement received by the Euphrates News that the council's decision came in order to provide the opportunity for the people of the province to participate and contribute to the service of visitors Arbainiya Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) million and who will go to the province to perform this visit.

He added that "the holiday will start from Tuesday, 15/10/2019 until 17/10/2019, in addition to the disruption of official working on Sunday, which falls on 20/10/2019." He Jubouri, the "exception to the resolution of service and security departments in charge of duty".   LINK


Photoman57:  Kim Clement  February 22, 2014  

Listen and get a sense of peace as this prophecy is unfolding now. Thanks Clare for your help and thanks to FRANK for allowing me to post.  

Note: Key words: Gold, Russia, Ukraine, Jerusalem, Impeach, Politicians about to become embarrassed. You will be shocked at how he takes the “giant”down!.(Deep state?)   The enemy will do everything in their power to put a “witch” in the White House…but there will be no more corruption in the White House. I will raise up the Trump to become a Trumpet. And “I will not forget 9-11” there will be a praying man in the White House and the economy of this country will change….He will have 2 terms.

Raptor:  WOW! Amazing! Kim Clement has was a great prophet. 

"In Plain Sight" by BladeScott - 9.30.19

Entry Submitted by BladeScott at 8:41 PM EDT on September 30, 2019

Good Evening! Do you know what a 'tell' is? I learned it from playing poker and it is when somebody at the table will unconsciously do something that 'tells you' if they are bluffing or not.

We are in a critical window this evening. IMHO the tell here is if the yellow Fringe comes off the US flag this week!

This has so many ramifications on every aspect of a global reset and there by an RV, I just wanted to ask a favor of you all... to keep your eyes open for this... I just can't imagine it happening without this going down.

It would be a huge project to replace all these flags and I certainly will be looking out for it. Without that, and all of its influence in financial and judicial worlds, I think it is relevant to watch.

Just my two cents at the end of the financial year.