TNT, KTFA and Bix Weir Tuesday 10-1-19


AJTexas:  The only thing the cbi has to do is change the rate. Everything is done based on what Iraq is doing. As tony states, why would the cbi tease them with training and showing pictures of the new notes now. Then wait forever to release the new rate. Doesn't make any sense! I know one thing, if I were an iraqi citizen I would be totally upset if I had to wait that long after you told me months ago "in the coming days we will increase your purchasing power."

KMan:  We're all beyond ready. Like Tony said yesterday, the holdup is here in the US. The $64,000 question is what are they really waiting for?

Hammertime:  when the UST tells the CBI to change the rate

SandJ:  The CBI in the GOI are putting stuff out to their citizens cause they're ready however somebody else is not ready and not letting it go through that's what makes sense…..I have this gut feeling someone is holding it hostage for some reason...not foongvto get political but it is political if that makes sense

Brandon316:  totally agree its political

SandJ:  We have heard for months now that Iraq is ready has been ready but somebody else is holding up Call the sanctions are off of them the IMF believes that they're ready the BIS believes they're ready who does that leave

Crusty:  U.S. Treasury

SandJ:  Yep US Treasury.... And think about this four years ago if we were told the truth a lot of these guys are already got their payouts...hummm

SandJ:  Tony said that it’s the Treasury the gives the banks to go ahead or when the time is there to get the go ahead If that information is correct and the banks keep going and in sitting there twiddling their thumbs then what else or what entity could be stopping it?

Natok:  there is plenty behind the scenes that we will never know about.

NWMontana:  Yikes..Things have gotten messy in Iraq today...demonstrations turned confrontational, violent.~


Samson:  Bridge Republic now

2019/10/1 16:19

Tear gas covered the sky of the Republic Bridge after clashes between demonstrators who tried to enter the Green Zone and security forces, which repelled them with tear gas, wounding a large number of demonstrators.   LINK


Samson:  Clashes between security forces and demonstrators

2019/10/1 15:28

Clashes between demonstrators and security forces took place on Al Jumhuriya Bridge and Tahrir Square in central Baghdad.

A number of demonstrators headed to Tahrir Square on Tuesday morning, in addition to other demonstrations in a number of governorates calling for "improving the living situation and obtaining job opportunities."

A security source told the (Euphrates News) that "injuries occurred among the demonstrators and security forces in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, because of the recent use of gas bombs in an attempt to disperse the demonstration."     LINK


CoCo:   In my opinion I believe we have another 2 weeks.

There are a few things I'm still looking for:  

Mahdi to be out and Abadi to be in as Prime Minister of Iraq.
Announcement of peace deal in the Middle East that Jared Kushner is working on that President Trump said could be announced in October.
The U.S. to be back on the Gold Standard.
Declassification of FISA Warrants.
Perp walks in the U.S. by politicians, FBI and DOJ employees.
U.S. Dollar Index to be at 100.00, currently inching up each day and today it's at 99.59

There are a few other items, but could all be done within this time frame in my opinion.

Cleitus:  My question, Coco, is, will the demonstrations accelerate the stepping down of Mahdi or will the RI occur and then Abadi comes to the scene?  The other points you eluded to are important but as Frank said, "everything is done. Just waiting for the rate."  IMO.

Tivon:  The NASDAQ platform technology upgrade that included the ISX and the opening of "Baghdad International Airport" along with today being the new fiscal year apparently to reach this crescendo point with all the momentum built up for it to finally explode into the International market proves Iraq is a professional and defying the laws of physics for the umpteenth time for how many times left?

I have no idea. These people just operate outside the normal cosmic behavior patterns that is supposed to dictate the planetary biosphere in such a way that keeps surface, atmosphere, and hydrosphere of the earth occupied by living organisms intact.

 I no longer consider them as natural inhabitants on this living organism we call mother earth. Because at this point they are behaving towards their citizens as some alien entity that does not cope, empathize, or understand human nature and the will to survive by enduring a regime hell bent on suppressing their economic freedom.

By denying them the right to exist coherently with a peace of mind without the worry totalitarian corrupt proxy officials trying to usurp the last strong hold to overcome this strife that is the spirit of God trying to breakthrough and set the world free.

They have no regard other than their own worry that their reign is coming to an abrupt end with swift justice on the horizon where fate meets them face to face unabated from persistent stall tactics that kept justice away far to long.

Cleitus:  You're correct, Tivon and I will go a step further.  The "mantra" for the CBI and lately with the GOI has been, "this MUST NOT FAIL with the citizens!"  With that said somebody is NOT telling the truth here.  Who stands the most to lose the CBI or GOI. I would say the CBI simply because their agenda is to help make money for the banks! An agenda the IMF is in lockstep with the CBI.  The GOI has a corrupt "deep state", IMO just like we do! For these folks to lose control is anathema and will do the upmost to hold on to power unless their lives are at stake!!  Let's see where this takes us...., stay tuned and IMO.

Suzie:   Doesn't look like the Iraq/Nasdaq meeting amounted to a whole lot, the demonstrations going on and with Iraq being #13 of the most corrupt countries in the world(look it up) it would sure appear to me they NEED to fulfill their promises to not only their citizens but to the rest of the world and finally prove they are trying to live up to their word for a change, otherwise the can keeps going down the road, the lies and corruption continue and the world and their citizens will have NO faith in Iraq. Enough talk, start doing


Samson:   Najaf Council decides to suspend official working hours for four days

2019/10/1 16:11

Najaf Provincial Council voted in its ordinary session, on Tuesday, chaired by Khudair Nima al-Jubouri and unanimously to disable official working in the province for four days.

Al-Jubouri said in a statement received by the Euphrates News that the council's decision came in order to provide the opportunity for the people of the province to participate and contribute to the service of visitors Arbainiya Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) million and who will go to the province to perform this visit.

He added that "the holiday will start from Tuesday, 15/10/2019 until 17/10/2019, in addition to the disruption of official working on Sunday, which falls on 20/10/2019." He Jubouri, the "exception to the resolution of service and security departments in charge of duty".   LINK

Bix Weir

A Surprise $55B Bank Bailout Today as Fed Runs OUT of Excuses!!

Oct 1, 2019

$55B today when ALL the "quarter end" troubles were supposed to be behind the banks...who could have predicted that? They will soon (in 2019) come to the US Congress for a $20 Trillion bailout and then it's up to us to say NO!!