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Samson:  Trump: The time has come for our troops to emerge from silly endless wars

7th October, 2019

US President Donald Trump has said it is time for his country's military to emerge from "infinite and ridiculous" wars.

"It's time for our troops to get out of the ridiculous endless wars," Trump said in a tweet. He will have to Europe, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia and the Kurds resolve the situation."  LINK


Samson:  China's purchases of gold exceed 100 tons in 10 months

7th October, 2019

China has added more than 100 tonnes of gold to its reserves since it resumed purchases in December last year, in line with the global trend of metal acquisition

Data released by the People's Bank of China on Sunday revealed that the central bank had bought more gold by the end of September, raising its holdings to 62.64 million ounces from 62.45 million ounces in August

In terms of ton levels, this means buying about 5.9 tons of gold last month, which follows the addition of 99.8 tons in the last nine months

The price of gold reached its highest level in more than six years during the month of September last year with the slowdown of global economic growth and trade war and cut interest rates

The People's Bank's move to buy the yellow metal comes in the face of the difficulties of a trade war with the United States and slowing economic growth in the world's second-largest economy

It was China's reserves of foreign exchange fell more than expected last month to 3.092 trillion dollars

By 12:12 pm GMT, the price of gold futures for December delivery fell 0.5 percent, or $ 7.60, to $ 1505.30 an ounce   LINK


Samson:  China reluctant to approve trade deal with Washington

7th October, 2019

Press reports revealed that Chinese officials are increasingly reluctant to continue to seek a trade agreement with the United States.  This comes just days before the completion of an expected visit by a Chinese trade delegation led by the Vice-Premier of the United States, for talks with US officials, led by the Trade Representative

Chinese Vice Premier Lu Hu told prominent figures in China that his deal with the United States would not include pledges on China's industrial policy reform or government subsidies, Bloomberg said on Sunday, citing unnamed sources

Industrial reform issues and government subsidies are key demands of Donald Trump's administration in trade negotiations with China

Informed sources confirmed that contacts resumed in the summer focused on how to resume negotiations, and to avoid further escalation of the tariff war that has strained financial markets

The sources added: "Discussions focused on what US administration officials consider a three-stage process, and if China insists not to participate in any discussions on industrial policy, those plans will be delayed   LINK


Coco:  Adil Abdul-Mahdi took office as Prime Minister on October 25, 2018 and was given one year to complete the reforms. The question is will he complete his mission by October 25, 2019 or will an Interim Prime Minister be appointed until an election is held?  The clock is ticking!



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Articles from Dee Grose at MarkZ’s Chat  today:  

Dollar Shortage Returns As Repo Usage Rises To Highest In A Week

One workday after the NY Fed took down only $38.55BN in collateral in its latest overnight repo operation, the funding market appears to again be getting tighter, and as the term repos are set to mature in the coming days, on Monday morning the NY Fed announced that it had accepted $47.05BN in collateral in its latest repo op, consisting of $36BN in TSYs and $11.05BN in MBS.

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Central Bank "Stimulus" is Really a Huge Redistribution Scheme

09/28/2019 Alasdair Macleod

When an economy turns from expansion to contraction there is an order of events. The first signs are an unexpected increase in inventories of unsold goods, both accompanied with and followed by business surveys indicating a general softening in demand. For monetarists, this is often confirmed by an inverting yield curve, which tells them that at the margin the short-term rates set by the central bank are becoming too high for business conditions.

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Greyerz – A Worldwide Stock Market Crash Is Coming

October 06, 2019

As the world edges closer to the next crisis, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE and historic moves in currencies and metals just warned King World News that a worldwide stock market crash is coming.

Excerpt:  But what will be different this time is that the market will call the tricksters’ bluff. The Eureka moment for the world will be when the coming “unlimited-money-creation-out-of-nowhere” trick will not work. For decades the central bankers have got away with printing money that they told the world has real value. Gold has of course always revealed the deceit of central bankers by destroying the value of paper money. But since virtually nobody owns gold (less the 0.5% of global financial assets), very few understand that their paper money vs gold has lost around 98-99% since 1971 and 75%-85% since 2000. And governments are doing their utmost to conceal this incompetence in managing a country’s finances.

This time, it won’t be someone shouting Eureka. Instead it will be an event that the world will experience in the most unpleasant way. Because it is likely that the sheer weight of the debt will totally crush the global financial system. This is the Eureka moment when people will realize that all the money printed, including all debt, actually has zero value. Because when you issue debt out of thin air, it must have zero value. For some reason no one has ever questioned this for the last few decades. I am sure that Archimedes, the brilliant mathematician would have proven that in a few minutes.

But the problem is much deeper. If the debt and the money printed have no value, neither does the assets that the debt has financed. If you attach a false value to debt or printed money, all the assets that were bought with this debt like stocks, bonds, and property, will also have a  false value. It is pretty straightforward really. If you print money at zero cost, it must have zero value.  And even worse, if you lend it out at zero cost, the assets that this money is invested in must also have zero value. The equation is simple: 0 value in = 0 value out.

As long as the value attributed to the debt is positive, the assets financed by the debt will have a positive value. But when the Eureka moment arrives and the debt implodes due to the sheer volume of worthless credit issued, then the debt becoming worthless will also lead to the assets financed by the debt being worthless. This is such a self-evident concept that everybody should see it. But in a world with illusive debt and illusive assets, people live under the illusion that it is all for real. How disillusioned they will become in the next few years when there will the most massive destruction of asset values and wealth. Only future historians will see this clearly. But it is of course easy when you have the benefit of hindsight.

It is really incredible that so few people can see clearly today what is happening. All they need to do is to measure assets using gold as the yardstick. Gold is the only money which has survived in history and the only money which has maintained its purchasing power for thousands of years. This means that gold is a truth teller and consequently reveals governments’ and central banks’ deceitful actions in creating false money.

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HSBC Plans As Many As 10,000 Job Cuts! As Negative Interest Rates Continue To Ravage The Big Banks

Oct 7, 2019

HSBC is said to be undertaking a new cost saving measure by the name of "project oak" there was 4,700 jobs already listed to be facing cuts, however the banks new CEO has notified of her intentions of cutting as many as 10,000 employees. As the global economy contracts companies are desperate for new ways to improve efficency, by that they mean cleaning house and they have even gone as far as to set incentives for bank managers shrinking their regional teams. They are paying managers to identify areas where jobs can be cut. Also we see the Trade deficit has continued to widen we will show you how.