Monetary System is Dysfunctional

Monetary System is Dysfunctional

The Final Wake Up Call By Peter B Meyer

More Inflation is Needed to Keep the Financial Expansion Alive

Inflate or Die

Negative Interest Rate Mortgage

Cashless Society

The solution out of this Mess is ready for implementation

 Counterfeiting Money

The world’s monetary debt-backed monetary system of the Rothschild Central Banks’ days are numbered. It is irreparable and according to their plan, was already poised long ago to be replaced by its successor, the SDR-monetary system of the IMF.

That was planned to be implemented after a major event had taken place, marking the start of WW3. Fortunately, the cabal has now been driven into a corner and their original plan cannot be implemented, despite their many attempts to force a war first with the Ukraine and now with Iran.

Top cabal puppet Benjamin Netanyahu, among others, has been at the forefront of the efforts to provoke this full-scale war.


 Today’s monetary system works on false debt backed money, which is a do-it-yourself version of inflation to rob the people blind of their purchasing power. It is not without reason that it has been deemed illegal. It is a classic example of large-scale fraud, pretending that this new money represents real wealth.

The only people who can get away with this type of scam are those who work for the government; they claim that their counterfeiting stimulates the economy. Which is nonsense.

The counterfeit money is introduced into the economy in a number of different ways. Over the last 30 years, it has mostly gone into financialised assets through monetary back alleys, and stayed there. Of course, this was great for people who owned stocks, real estate and bonds.

 The top 10% of the population, watched its wealth grow from about $20 trillion 30 years ago to about $75 trillion today. During that same time, U.S. GDP rose only $15 trillion — which is about what the bottom 90% gained in wealth during that time.

The proof has been amply provided that the Monetary system is Dysfunctional, as short-term funding dried up and liquidity panic broke out, which was confirmed by the recent already 5 overnight in a row Repos to save the financial system. As $84Billion was needed, only $75Billion of the Central Bank Bailout money became available for the Banks, so someone didn’t get their funds?

 It should be known, that USA Inc. in the meantime had to pay $ 1,000 trillion of debt repayment to the Chinese Elders at the end of September, for which they received on their request a postponement until October 18.

That debt payment deadline has resulted in the production of trillions of new dollars to keep the markets afloat – which is probably the reason why the dollar index has passed the 100-point-status and automatically can lose up to 50% of its value.

Due to this situation, that is expected to continue to worsen, and will become the ultimate reason to choose the only way out via the global reset with the introduction of the gold standard, in order to prevent a worldwide depression.

 The immediate cause of the cash shortage is unclear. In a larger sense, it is most likely a manifestation of the Inflate-or-Die trap; by having funded the economy with huge quantities of funny money – $22 trillion added via quantitative easing over the last 20 years.

And having driven savings rates down near all-time lows, by punishing savers with negative yields; The central bank is now forced to add more and more fake money just to keep the show going on.

 “Inflation” refers to an increase in the supply of money. People use it colloquially to refer to consumer price increases. But increasing the supply of money doesn’t necessarily increase consumer prices.

 It depends on where the money flows and how it gets there. Following each of the two bubble blow-ups this century, the feds decided to “stimulate” the economy  with fake money..

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