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Joyousleaf:  The FEDS have been quietly depositing $75 billions overnight with no explanation of where they got the $ from…I heard on the radio 3 days in a row now that the Feds have been quietly depositing $75 billions with no explanation of where they got the money from. The source was Financial Times. They did it again last night.

So, I went to the site, https// /  ... Check out their front page headline! Regrettably, I don't have the account so can't read the story, but looks like they have been doing this 4 days in a row.

Dojiman:  They got it where they have always gotten it. Created it out of thin air. The question is why now. Early signs of economic implosion.

On one hand they claim the economy is  great and will only get better. On the other hand, mostly out of the public eye, they are trying to juice up the economy artificially. There is no need to 'juice' up a strong economy. You only juice up a slowing economy or one that's coming out of a recession. With a strong economy, you are only concerned about inflation, which is not a concern today.

Inverted bond yield curves, peaking housing markets, feds lowering interest rates and overnight lending liquidity problems are all early signs of a slowing economy and impending recession. By the time the general public hears about it, its already too late. 2008-2009 was not that long ago but nobody seems to remember or even recognize the repeating of the same scenarios.


Federal Reserve Intervenes with Massive Repo to Inject Cash into Money Markets

SEPTEMBER 18, 2019

For the first time since 2008 the private central bank Federal Reserve has intervened in the money markets due to “unusually high demand for cash,” that sends borrowing costs soaring high, with massive $53 billion repo on Tuesday, and another $75 billion on Wednesday.

The Wall Street Journal reports,

The New York Fed moved Tuesday morning to inject $53 billion into the banking system through transactions known as repurchase agreements, or repos. The bank said Tuesday afternoon it would inject up to $75 billion more on Wednesday morning, but many in the market were looking beyond that decision.

“The market will be waiting to see if the Fed makes this a more permanent part of the playbook,” said Beth Hammack, the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. treasurer.

The New York Fed hasn’t had to intervene in money markets since 2008 because during and after the financial crisis, the Fed flooded the financial system with reserves—the money banks hold at the Fed. It did this by buying hundreds of billions of dollars of Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities to spur growth after cutting interest rates to nearly zero.

Reserves over the last five years have been declining, after the Fed stopped increasing its securities holdings and later, in 2017, after the Fed began shrinking the holdings. Reserves have fallen to less than $1.5 trillion last week from a peak of $2.8 trillion.

The Fed stopped shrinking its asset holdings last month, but because other Fed liabilities such as currency in circulation and the Treasury’s general financing account are rising, reserves are likely to grind lower in the weeks and months ahead.

In addition, brokers who buy and sell Treasurys have more securities on their balance sheets due to increased government-bond sales to finance rising government deficits.

Then on Monday, corporate tax payments were due to the Treasury, and Treasury debt auctions settled, leading to large transfers of cash from the banking system.

Who are these people doing “large transfers of cash from the banking system”?

Why are they hoarding cash if there’s no economic recession coming?

Countermeasures like these only feeds the doom and gloom predictions about a massive recession coming. For how long can the fiat system kick the can out of its massive $400 trillion bankruptcy in the US alone, as earlier posted on this site?

In its report, AB Bernstein took debt from a number of sources and compared it to GDP. Using this methodology, federal, state and local government debt combined amounted to 100 percent of GDP. Households and firms accounted for 150 percent, while debt held by financial firms came to 450 percent. Another 27 percent came from trusts for social insurance programs, 484 percent from promises under current social insurance programs, and 633 percent from obligations for social programs. The total debt therefore amounted to 1,832 percent.

“US debt is large. And it’s growing. But if we want to think about debt problems (in any sector – sovereign, households, firms or financials), the conditions rather than the levels are more significant,” Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak, chief US economist at AB Bernstein, said in the report.

That’s the bleak scenario within the debt-based fiat financial system controlled by the Corporatists Nazionist plague.

There is however a different scenario wrestling its way to the public through a fully restored US Republic, to wit:

HR25 – the Fair Tax Act;

HR193 – the Sovereignty Act – presumably to end dominance by the UK IAW the Act of 1871;

HR24 – the Act to Audit the FED;

HR10 – the Act to end the bankster bailouts, thus repealing Dodd Frank;

S2155 – a three part solution – economic recovery, banking changes, and consumer protection

Both HR25 and S2155 have a distinct similarity to the so called NESARA Act, that could now be considered GESARA (G for Global), our volunteer researcher, ex-Air Force Pilot John, suggests.

So, there you have it folks, i.e. a way out from the Khazarian Mafia slavery system. Will you take it, or just do nothing?

Source: Covert Geopolitics

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Jeff   ...Based on news we could not be at a better point in this investment.  We are in the best position we've ever been in.  Iraq is at the end of the road right now. 

Based on their own news they have reached the end of their road.  Either they have to release news telling us that they're going to start something new or they're at a point where they just have to finish the formation of the government so they're no longer boxed in that corner and they can advance to their new beginning which is the rate change. 

We look amazing.  We have to see this play out.  The current period that we're in right now is the best news we've every had throughout the history of this investment.  It does not get any better than this.  Next week is going to be red hot...


When Will Silver Rigger JP Morgan be REMOVED?! (Bix Weir)

Road to Roota:  Published on Sep 20, 2019

As the rigging of the markets go unabated many people are asking when they will be removed....the answer is WHEN THEY ARE READY TO SHUT DOWN THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM. So it won't be a decision somewhere but due to the result of the collapse.