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2Cents:  Newshounds......just a heads up......IMO.......News out there saying Mahdi Government to be voted out tomorrow by Parliament and a one year emergency government installed with Saleh replacing Mahdi..........Calls for all Parliamentarians to attend tomorrow........Things are getting interesting...... IMO.....Mahdi lifting curfew at 5AM Saturday........Crazy.........

Jay:  Intristin 2c. Frank spoke of this last night on the YT.  IE. Emergency replacement Government. Now who was it that the article said from a few days ago and Frank (iho) said last night would head the Finance Ministry?????      OH YEAH!!!!!!!!! Shabibi. 


Iobey777:  I can't help but wonder if Sadr and Sistani knew what was going to happen when they told the people to demonstrate the Goi?  Surely..IMO..they were not that naive to think that those who did not want to see the RI wouldn't take advantage of the situation and cause the problems we are seeing?

 IMO..the RI is still ready to be implemented..maybe it's the right time..or maybe not..but I do believe there IS a time for everything and I still believe the time for it is now!! We shall see what happens!

Maybe..just maybe.. it might be the perfect time to finish the RI and make the people happy and shut the mouths of those who are against it!!


MilitiaMan:  Fascinating that what I started to see in the demonstrations at the onset, we are not alone in our thinking now. 

The hijacking of the peaceful demonstrations to set an agenda reeks of those that do not want Iraq to succeed in the reform effort, and may / would likely lay in the hands of the corrupt who have everything to lose.

Just as the demand for the Auctions to Cease is threatening the gravy train the corrupt shudder to have to give up. What may or could have been a disaster, may actually been planned brilliantly to get the effect needed for the RI.

A Wag the Dog type scenario, risky as they can be, but, if placed accordingly by professionals that have had experience, they may have calculated things to be in our favor.

As those demands the citizens placed in the public domain are core issues that if all put into effect could be a game changer~ in the short term.. imo ! ~ MM

Don961:  Today .. Baghdad is on a date with popular demonstrations and protesters identify 7 demands: get to know them

Politics  ,   2019-10-01 16:58  


is scheduled to witness the capital Baghdad, on Tuesday, popular demonstrations described as "million" by the organizers to demand a range of issues, most notably work and services and has not adopted any political party so far, the responsibility for the start of these demonstrations, headed by these leader The Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, is known for his protest plan, in addition to other political currents capable of attracting and mobilizing the street, including the leaders of the Popular Mobilization. However, supporters of Tuesday's demonstration did not prevent the Sadrists from being thrown into the protests in order to gain momentum like Sadr's supporters are doing in similar events. Proponents of the demonstrations aired earlier statements by Moqtada al-Sadr urging his followers to protest.

A list of 7 demands

The organizers of the demonstrations published a statement on the pages of social networking sites followed by "Yes Iraq" represented their demands, which will start Tuesday afternoon, Bhashtak '# Nzl_lak_haqqi', and the demands are:

1 - Declaration of a real war on corruption and open all files of corruption and with the help of international bodies specialized in corruption cases and legislation of law where do you get this.

2. Preventing the interference of political parties and blocs in government work, separating political entitlement from government positions and establishing the Federal Service Council.

3 - Formation of the Construction Council, which consists of specialists to be responsible for all projects and future plans of the country.

4. Really support the private sector, protect the domestic product to eliminate unemployment, move the local economy, maintain foreign currency within the country and open the door for real domestic and foreign investments.

5 - Cancellation of the currency auction and the adoption of free market policy.

6. To confine arms to the State in a genuine manner and to abolish all armed manifestations and the militarization of society

7- Restructuring all government sectors, especially the service ones, to be real productive sectors.

How did things evolve?

The story began when protesters were dispersed by high-school protesters in Baghdad, followed by beatings and water-throwing by riot police, sparking widespread resentment among the public. Hundreds of demonstrators in Tahrir Square, Baghdad, Najaf and Karbala have called on the House of Representatives to open an investigation to reach the perpetrators and hold accountable those responsible for the attacks on protesters with higher degrees, while many unions and unions confirmed their standing with the right to demonstrate and express their opinion and demand job opportunities.

 It is guaranteed by the Constitution, condemning repression and unjustified methods of force used to resolve peaceful protests. Protesters who gathered under the monument of freedom, after a call by activists, warned of "irresponsible behavior and excessive violence directed towards the holders of higher degrees who demand their constitutionally guaranteed rights", calling for "consideration and implementation of their demands, with compensation for those affected Solemn apology to them. ”

 Al-Saadi is on the crisis line To make matters worse and increase the protests circle is the issuance of the government headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi, a decision to transfer senior leader of the counter-terrorism service Abdul Wahab al-Saadi to the Department of the Ministry of Defense and freeze his military powers. 

The government also erected a statue of Saadi in the center of Mosul, the capital of Nineveh province, which generated great anger among the people there. Witnesses said that "at three o'clock after midnight yesterday, a column composed of army and counter-terrorism removed the statue of Saadi after encircling the neighborhoods of light and media in the city." Saadi is very popular in most Iraqi provinces, but his weight is concentrated in Mosul, the capital city of Nineveh province, which he oversaw liberation from ISIS in 2017.   link

BillA:  These 7 demands were written by Intelligent people who know and understand exactly what they are demanding. IMO…..Makes one wonder, who is orchestrating these demonstrations by the citizens.


Frank26:  IRAN GO HOME 10-4-19

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