IQD CALLS Chat Friday Night 10-4-19

IQD CALLS Chat Friday Night 10-4-19

Dave   just really really really hope these protests this time will finally have some teeth....

Dave   so lets talk about whats happening in the real world?

Dave   find it strange the news reported all thosse killed yesterday on our news,but nodda from Iraq?

Young_SC   Dave hmm interesting

Young_SC   I wonder why

Dave   direct from Badghdad too...

Dave   38 killed ??????


Matt   Dow Jones Industrial Average  INDEXDJX: .DJI    26,573.72 +372.68 (1.42%)^

Sparky   ...funny. .. now, Sadr and Sistani trying to calm down milineal (sp) protestors...if, my interpretation is correct...

Sparky   ... average age of an Iraqi is what...25 ?... the fog's are dead or in underground prisons.

Sparky   eman4u55 ... thinking the young protestors got a whiff of Hong Kong rebellion... social media may help our endeavor ?

Sparky last, I see a useful purpose for tweeting, and twerking...

SparkyId have to ask someone above my pay scale...but, I believe Iraq is less than half surveyed for underground resources... Wednesday article about huge gas find... must add significantly to potential GDP...imo...

Sparky be very clear... I'm down with a thousand fils for a 1:1, would be a buck...

Sparky   ...or, 1 deenarz...  ... approximately correct...

Xyz   Abadi joins Sadr and demands the resignation of the government and early elections

Sparky   xyz ... that's why Abadi left SOL... correct ?

Sparky   xyz ...Abadi next pm...pick up where he left off...

Sparky   xyz ...Abadi was also former Finance well as former PM...

Sparky   ...the "Hong Kong " of democracy...very fragrant...and, potentially lucrative...

Sparky the we have a chance to here in the good ol' USA...

Sparky   ... unofficial end of rant...

Crazycrypto   seems mahdi is on the run

Crazycrypto   mahdi confirmed an iranian puppet

Crazycrypto   the people want him gone!!

Crazycrypto   we shall see what comes of this all

Sparky   Crazycrypto ...Iran has had Iraq in their pocket for almost two decades... just in case they need bank...imo...

sandyf   All currency is issued against collateral and in the case of Iraq that collateral is in the form of foreign investment and currency reserves. If Iraq has a billion dollars in a foreign bank, it does not matter what people would like to think, that asset will always be worth a billion dollars.

Collateral for the US dollar can be found in Table 6.

6. Collateral Held against Federal Reserve Notes: Federal Reserve Agents’ Accounts

Millions of dollars

Federal Reserve notes and collateral Wednesday

Oct 2, 2019

Federal Reserve notes outstanding 1,931,285

Less: Notes held by F.R. Banks not subject to collateralization 213,812

Federal Reserve notes to be collateralized 1,717,473

Collateral held against Federal Reserve notes 1,717,473

Gold certificate account 11,037

Special drawing rights certificate account 5,200

U.S. Treasury, agency debt, and mortgage-backed securities pledged1,2 1,701,236

Other assets pledged 0


Total U.S. Treasury, agency debt, and mortgage-backed securities1,2 3,767,788

Less: Face value of securities under reverse repurchase agreements 277,288

U.S. Treasury, agency debt, and mortgage-backed securities eligible to be pledged 3,490,499

Note: Components may not sum to totals because of rounding.

1. Includes face value of U.S. Treasury, agency debt, and mortgage-backed securities held outright, compensation to adjust for the effect of inflation on the original face value of inflation-indexed securities, and cash value of repurchase agreements.

2. Includes securities lent to dealers under the overnight securities lending facility; refer to table 1A.

xyz   Death toll climbs to 100 in Iraq as protests spread

More than 2,500 people also injured since protests began on Oct. 1

chattels   Iran's influence seen in transfer of Iraqi war hero

READ IN:  Mustafa Saadoun October 4, 2019

Read more:

chattels   Iraq is a complicated and tangled web.

chattels   Corruption, deceit, fear and loathing.

chattels   Iraqi Parliament fails to convene emergency session to discuss protests due to absence of MPs. Speaker of Parliament meets with 50 person delegation representing protesters & receives demands. Over 100 killed in protests.

chattels   Amir Abdollahian of Iranian Government: there is a foreign hand in the unrest in Iraq, Zionists & those who protect takfiiri terrorists.

chattels   Baghdad Operations Command announced on Saturday its attempt to arrest a sniper targeting demonstrators in the capital. LINK

chattels   Sadr said his Sairoon bloc would boycott parliament He and Abadi called for govt to resign and new elections Speaker Halbusi invited protesters to parliament to voice their demands

chattels   PM Abdul Mahdi continued feckless statements to protestors Said he was committed to fighting corruption and called for reform. Ayatollah Sistani's Friday sermon seemed very establishment & as bad as Abdul Mahdi's Said violence should stop and parliament and courts should carry out reforms.

chattels   Protest in Najaf broken up by gunfire Governor & police chief said saboteurs infiltrated protests and causing violence Similar rhetoric used last yr to discredit demos in Basra and justify repression.