IQD Calls Chat With Kaperoni  9-3-19

IQD Calls Chat With Kaperoni  9-3-19

Late Tuesday Night:

xyz   FLOAT = RV per guru @kaperon ...

Xyz    Kaperoni  what's the difference if the floating take an year to 1000%, which you call gradual vs 1000% in a month?

Kaperoni    xyz, technically there is no difference but the pace and rate is set by the CBI. I don't know if they could reduce the money supply that fast.

Kaperoni    I think 6 months is realistic at a min.  

xyz   Zig MarkZ: "I am Excited About This Week"  

xyz   I wish and pray that guru @kaperoni can come here and answer all my questions honestly -- without floating agenda ...

Dave   xyz he has never answered any of my questions either

Dave   evade or divert......

Dave   xyz CBI has been lying to us for yrs?

Dave   Kap has a better plan.......and these are his reasons

9-3-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru RVAlready We can see CBI educating people and preparing to release this. Progress is certainly being made...

Dave   mentioning coins though.......that cant be bad?

Dave   unless we get the 25k coins........????

Dave   someone mentioned 1000 dinar coins

Dave   but they already have that a almost delete 3 zeros.......

Zig   xyz Young_SC : Float with Kaperoni and me.....Come on!.....Very soothing.....Float your stress away......Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......

Zig   xyz: "maybe @Zig might drag his xxx here"....... ;oh; ...Oh my.....

xyz   Zig wow is that sr. Guru kaperoni?

Young_SC   Dave xyz lolol

Zig   .....A few lurkers have recently become active....Join the fun!.....Chat with Kap! and post today!.....It is simple as no email is required.....Follow the yellow lines for instructions.....located above/below the chat can be posting in a minute.....What are you waiting for?...... ;dont no;

Zig   Kaperoni is here, Z   Ask your questions....

xyz   Zig no .. and am on mobile yet again

Kaperoni   There still is a lot of people on here that just don't get it. I could care less what they do but those articles are talking about a LOP

xyz   Zig ask your buddy @kaperoni to answer my questions without floating ideas jejeje

Kaperoni   And those that want to believe the CBI over everything else should discount those articles 100% because those articles clearly say when they talk about the coins that the CBI is against it

Zig   Oh....the CBI disagrees, huh?

Kaperoni   Yes. Zig   Here is a quote from one of them...

Kaperoni   Alkdo expressed surprise at the "policy of the Central Bank, which does not favor the introduction of coins for circulation in the Iraqi market."

Zig   Someone made the comment that you are fixated on stuff from many years ago....and are not current.....

Kaperoni   But it is almost comical now that there are so many that just believe in an RV, and have absolutely no understanding of how they're going to account for 42 trillion dinar. It's just not possible with an RV

Tebow   Kaperoni No you don't get it! Many in here do not care what you have to say or your opinion.

Zig   Kaperoni : Well that's true, Kap.....many here do not care what you bring here.....LOL.....Oh well...

Kaperoni   It's funny if you want to contribute to the conversation you should actually contribute I coming up with a concept, or an idea or away for Iraq to afford your mythical RV

xyz   Kaperoni hey Zig buddy ... wonna try answering my questions fairly with bias?

Kaperoni   XYZ what is your question now?

xyz   Kaperoni Please take time with me as I am slow

xyz   Kaperoni Can you please define FLOAT concept?

Kaperoni   Again if Tebow actually had something to contribute he would come up with a solution for 42 trillion dinar but he won't he just bashes everybody who doesn't fit his agenda

Deano   And @Kap you don't ???

Zig   Funny.....Kap is not negative so I do not understand why some have a problem with him.....he is far from a

Kaperoni   Deano no I support everything I say with provable facts

xyz   Kaperoni Can you please define FLOAT concept?

Kaperoni   XYZ, the definition of a float is a type of currency regime. They're currently in a peg which is fixed when they switch to a float that is a different type of regime which allows the currency to appreciate. You know that Google works right?

Kaperoni   I should say I appreciate or depreciate depending upon the momentum

xyz   Kaperoni ... allows the currency to appreciate ... what is the time line for appreciation and/or depreciation?

Deano   @Kap I don't have a problem with what you bring. You may be right. You may be wrong. As other intel providers bring what they bring. It's when you call them names or bash if you will and say they're wrong I'm right. Don't listen to them listen to me.

Kaperoni   XYZ you asked that question yesterday and I answered it to you

Dave   Kaperoni is that TRUE?

Zig   Kaperoni : If the CBI thinks the float is making the currency gain/lose value too fast it can step in and control it, right??

Kaperoni   Yes Zig no matter who the central bank is if there currency is floating ultimately they have the right to step in and control the pace and rate if necessary

Dave   Alkdo expressed surprise at the "policy of the Central Bank, which does not favor the introduction of coins for circulation in the Iraqi market."

Dave   Whos ALKDO? Maybe it means not right now?

Dave   need how much a coke cost in fils and how much to mint those fils again? Kaperoni /?

xyz   Kaperoni am gonna restart what you said last night ... please correct me if I am off the rails

Kaperoni   Al-Qadu expressed his surprise at the "policy of the Central Bank, which does not favor the introduction of coins for circulation in the Iraqi market."

Deano   @Kaperoni are you still basing your opinions from what the cbi stated 7-9 or maybe 10 years ago ?

Kaperoni   That is the name of a member of parliament who is being quoted in the article

Dave   Kaperoni ! MP.......not CBI

Deano   So all the pictures and educating the citizens on the coins is false ?

Kaperoni   Deano I base information that I provide to anyone who wants to learn on facts that are uncovered whether it's professional documents, from the IMF, World Bank, UN or any other along with news articles and reports

Deano   @Kaperoni based on what year? Now? Or years ago?

Kaperoni   Deano some information is Newsome as old it all depends on where it came from and the validity of it.

Dave   Recollect that coke convo talk Kaperoni ?

Kaperoni   Dave no Dave

xyz   Kaperoni You agreed that a 1000% floating of minimum of 6 months determined by cbi is what you theorem is about

You also agree 1000% in a month are the SAME. I also state that I refer both as RV. Do you agree with me? If not why?

Deano   So why doesn't your info match the info from other providers ?

Dave   Fils ever in the pic?

Kaperoni   Deano because they're not providing Intel they're providing b* and trying to pump the sale of currency. But I am providing is factual research based on professional documents as I stated and news articles which contradicts everything the gurus say

Dave   with disregard to the words of cbi

Kaperoni   Dave Dave I just quoting an article that included a statement from the CBI that says they're not interested in coins so that contradicts your own nonsense that I disregard the CBI

Dave   Kaperoni WHAt does the CBI do with the dinar from its auctions?

Dave   Kaperoni Maybe just not right now?

Dave   Al-Qadu Whos that?

Deano   I can honestly say that I've not had one intel provider convince me to buy currency

Kaperoni   Dave it is put back into the marketplace through payroll Etc I know what you're getting at that they would somehow be collecting it but it's not possible because you have to understand how auctions work. Auctions are a balance between dinar and dollar that is how you create stability of the currency.

A shortage of one currency or the other creates demand and potentially affects the exchange rate therefore they cannot reduce Dinars or dollars in the marketplace under this technique substantially because it will cause the dinar or dollar to get out of balance. And we all know the CBI has boasted for over a year how they maintain the stability of the currency

Kaperoni   Deano No

xyz   Kaperoni 1 + 1 = 10 and Z can prove it

Dave   Okay employees get envelopes stuffed with Dinar....

Deano   So @Kap are you saying that their will never be an rv ? Or they won't rv overnight ?

Kaperoni   People want to associate me with some float theory. It's not a theory it's what the IMF has specifically asked the CBI to prepare for in 2013. That is a fact and subsequently the CBI has been making significant changes with monetary policy and economic conditions to accommodate such a move. That is a fact. That is not my theory

Deano   Yes but that's 6 years ago

Kaperoni   Deano there can never be a significant RV, RI because there's too much currency in circulation to support it. So the answer is yes

Dave   PIP PIP for Kap,,,,,LOL

Dave   wheel barrows instead of wallets for these folks

Kaperoni   Dave Dave maybe not Dave if they LOP

Dave   how much fior a coke then?

John   Kaperoni "Fact" As you see them

Kaperoni   A directive from the from the IMF is not fake. That would be saying the 2% spread is fake, Article VIII is fake, etc

Kaperoni   John facts are facts there's no way to interpret any other way a fact.

Deano   @Kaperoni is the cbi using article VIII tools ?

Dave   Post lop how much for that coke at the nominal rate Kaperoni ?

Kaperoni   You know it's comical that you back something that I proved is factual from legitimate documentation. But you don't go after the gurus who constantly make up nonsense everyday to prove what they say. How come? How come no one's ever asked Frank 26 or TNT Tony, or this Jeff m* to prove what they say? Because they can't, it's not real

John   Kaperoni Allot of miss interpretation happens Just like in the Bible? No?

xyz   Kaperoni Is it your position that you based your dissertation on an IMF directive that you can't even factually defend?

Kaperoni   John the Bible is subject to interpretation on many things a direct statement from the IMF to create the conditions which would allow the currency to gradually appreciate cannot I be interpreted any other way

Deano   @Kaperoni that's false. I have asked Frank26 and I got my answer.

Kaperoni   Deano Lol

xyz   Kaperoni has agreed that flotation is FAKE

Kaperoni   Well you all have fun in your Dreamland have a great day I'm going back to studying documents now

Deano   @Kaperoni you made the statement and I called you out on it. But then you want to laugh about it. You're a hypocrite

Dave   but you have yet to answer my question wheel barrows or wallets post lop?

Deano   I just don't understand how someone can base their theories on something from 2013.

Deano   The CBI has even said their would be no float. But yet he says they're going to float. Am I missing something here ?

Dave   still not sure on that ALKIDO dude either

Deano   I haven't seen anything about no coins

Dave   Deano Kap claimed a source

Deano   @Dave that's what I meant. I haven't seen that come from any source. Not saying it didn't happen. Just haven't seen it.

Dave  Whos Alkido ????

Dave   just a dude?

Dave   So now Kap claims no to coins?????

Deano   I just did a search and nothing comes up.

Deano   Wait I found it. Give me a minute

Deano   The member of the finance committee Hanin al-Qadu, Monday, that the use of metal categories and lowered for trading gives a notion value of the currency. He added, "The use of metal categories and their descent for trading gives a notional value to the currency." Cash, especially in small categories."

Dave   translational errors me thinks   Save that for Zig.....

Dave   good job.........give yourself a treat.........;o;   lol

Deano   For his part, a member of the Finance Ministry Majid al-Waeli, "the readiness of the Commission for any legislation required by the Central Bank, which could BENIFIT the ECONOMY and the IRAQI MARKET, including Circulation of The Coins "

Deano   @Dave I knew their was more to that.

Dave win Deano

Deano   One last one and then I believe I proved a point here.

Deano   "The committee respects the independence of the central bank and its monetary policy. " Waeli said, stressing that "the bank has technical autonomy by decision regardless of administrative affairs, which determines the USEFULNESS of the move to use the coin."

Wilder   When?

Wilder   Oh. Sawy

Dave   Dinar taken in at auction used to pay employees in cash.......that definitely get people to

Dave   stuffed in envelopes.......great transparency

Deano   Fro what I'm seeing Iraq has 45 billion in circulation. Not trillions like he was saying.

Dave   Deano How much of that is CBI sitting on.......?

Dave   Deano you may be wrong there.....

Deano   @Dave doesn't really say but I am doing a search

Deano   @Dave if I am then I'll admit it. Just giving what I found in a search.

Dave   know cbi is selling 200millionish usd 24 times a month for the last 1.5 yrs

Dave   tons of dinar

Dave   from dinar

Deano I can't find anything

Deano   Alright good people. Gonna call it a night. Gotta prepare for this big hurricane that's not going to affect us.

EricB   Kaperoni Is it reasonable to assume the paper IQD that is/has been collected thru the auctions is destroyed and later reissued as needed thru the ecards?

Wilder   Ecards?

EricB   Wilder Bank cards, credit cards, debit cards, etc. Point being electronic versus paper.

Red   Hi y'all, thought you might be interested in a different kind of intel for a change. FYI; It's ALL connected. ;secret;

Kaperoni   EricB that is a valid question. What you're really asking is can they convert paper money to electronic money and maintain the money supply until an appropriate time.

Kaperoni   I don't know if that is possible or not. As well I don't know if the CBI documents a difference between emoney and paper money. The question is legitimate and it is worth investigating but there may be other factors that come into play as well.

Kaperoni   The first thought that comes to my mind is if they're going to LOP e-money they would also have to LOP paper money I do not believe there can be a difference it must be treated the same.

Kaperoni   But they could technically probably just eliminate the emoney which would reduce the money supply.

Kaperoni Goodnight

sandy   f@Portmagaland Deano SandF lives there in Goungzhou or Shenzhen, I believe or he does extended business their. I've heard SandF boast about China, in posts awile back

Like many others you hear what you want to hear and jump to conclusions. I have been retired for over 10 years, have never boasted about China and do not have any pro Chinese stance, unless of course you believe that comes automatically being married to someone part Chinese.

My wife's niece studied medicine at Sun Yat Sen for 6 years and I will challenge garbage from those that have probably never heard of the place far less been there.

Senator McCarthy was discredited but obviously his views live on. There is a communist community in a village near where I grew up in the north of Scotland called the Findorn Foundation that has been funded by wealthy Americans, should they also be eradicated?

There are several communist countries in this area but the US is only anti any economy that is large enough to be a challenge, we see the same rhetoric directed towards the EU.

sandyf   @xyz Kaperoni never mind ... I understand you hypothesis but you have never explain the time factor.

If the IQD was to float from the current value and appreciate at 10 percent per month, in 2 years the rate would be about 100/USD, at 3 percent per month the rate would be about 600/USD.

No economy could withstand those levels for any length of time, I think the largest recorded was China at 7% in a year. Normal appreciation is in fractions of a percent.

sandyf   @JoeSchmoe future skefla has a very sandf..ish feel to him

The only thing we have in common is that we have both been to Sharjah, I was in the military there 10 years befor he went to school. Apart from that he is a lot better informed than I am.

I had cataract surgery on Sunday and it is even clearer you like to make things up.

sandyf   @Loren When Sadam took over the Iraqi government, 1 dinar was $3.22. Why is it not possible to believe that it can not revaluate the same way except inverse?

Apart from the currency in circulation issue, there are rules against asset appreciation. Depreciation is another matter and routinely carried out everywhere.

Some years ago Iraq had to get permission from the IMF to revalue some assets that had been acquired during the Saddam era, but many seem to think there is no problem randomly revaluing assets.