IQD Calls Chat With Dinar Investor Jeff  8-31-19

IQD Calls Chat With Dinar Investor Jeff  8-31-19

Xyz   Zig Who is @Jeff.... a guru or deep rooted source?

Zig   xyz : a Guru but more grounded than

Zig   @Dinar Investor: Is that you, Jeff??

Dinar Investor   It is I.

Dinar Investor   Where's my BFF Kaperoni?

Tebow   Dinar Investor he selling his $9.95 RV notification package

SKELFLA   Dinar Investor Jeff, I have corrected several of your videos which you subsequently withdrew... Yet never acknowledged that they were patently incorrect.

xyz   Dinar Investor Jeff?

Zig   Dinar Investor :Welcome

Dinar Investor    how are you guys

missme   Dinar Investor Kap is a floater....

Tebow   Dinar Investor like your calls

Dinar Investor   thanks

Zig   Dinar Investor This is Jeff who does these videos

Dinar Investor   Ive seen Kaps posts for many years and not real fond of his work.

Tebow   Zig duh!

Dinar Investor   doesn't back his claims with facts

missme   Floating the currency is downright silly...

Dinar Investor   Iraq will be structred like kuwait pegged to the SDR basket and the rate will be market driven

Zig   Dinar Investor : I hope Kaperoni comes in sometime while you are here....would be

SKELFLA   Dinar Investor But Jeff, you have taken down several videos after I highlighted that they were patently you remember?

SKELFLA   Dinar Investor Try me ! PLEASE! I've already forced you to take down videos after I highlighted them as being completely wrong.

Dinar Investor   Skefla I don't remember, I see to many posts.

Zig   Dinar Investor's (Jeff) videos can be found at

missme   SKELFLA Give it up....

Dinar Investor   Skefla your name doesnt look familiar

SKELFLA   Dinar Investor Come on Jeff... You don't remember having to remove videos, blocking me after I pointed out they were COMPLETELY wrong?

Dinar Investor   i block rude people Skefla your starting to sound a little like that

Matt   Dinar Investor SKELFLA Is just speculating and watches CNN

Dinar Investor   your personality is abrasive

Matt   Just Opinions

SKELFLA   Dinar Investor Not being rude... But you must remember having to remove videos recently after a poster highlighted that they were patently wrong...

Dinar Investor   i dont i've removed many rude people and trolls

Dinar Investor   oh the liberal news network

Matt   Dinar Investor corrupt News Network

Dinar Investor   every one has been wrong bro

Whitelion    Zig I cant believe you just did that xyz has different way of expression but her knowledge of what is happening in Iraq is spot on she i well read .

Tebow   Dinar Investor bingo

SKELFLA   Dinar Investor Are you telling me you have never removed a video after posting when you have been shown by me as being completely incorrect?

Dinar Investor   if your so sharp why arent you running your own channel proving everyone wrong?

SKELFLA   Dinar Investor I've proved you wrong on several occasions forcing you to quickly remove videos... I'm happy to start with that !

Dinar Investor    ive removed videos with incorrect information in respect to my followers so theyre not mislead out of respect

Dinar Investor    skefla if your so intelligent start your own channel and prove every one wrong

SKELFLA    Dinar Investor Not true... You have been forced to remove videos after I highlighted you were COMPLETELY wrong!

Dinar Investor    no one has ever forced my to do anything, i respect others your quite ignorant I must say

Zig   Dinar Investor : I knew if I bugged you enough you would come you visit often.....

SKELFLA         I'll start with one example where you claimed that salaries were being cut and you claimed that was a reflection of the coming "RV" I read the original article in Arabic and pointed out it was the complete opposite... Even the translated article was clear. I could go on these have been SEVERAL instances...

Dinar Investor   Skefla i work 70-80 hours a week and didnt have time to read that article in entirety. That was my mistake and thats why I deleted.

Whitelions   Dinar Investor Hi your on point but calling date is bad business

Zig   Dinar Investor : Busy?......Understand......whenever you have time or maybe when you see Kaperoni in

Whitelions   Zig starting crap clling names thats what your setting up

Matt    Dinar Investor You Keeps it simple and mostly real Thank You

Zig   Whitelions : I'm an instigator.....what can I say?...... :naNa

xyz   Kaperoni acknowledged rv

SKELFLA   Dinar Investor Shall I continue ? That's just one example! There are many more! How about the time I pointed out the fact you couldn't tell the difference from 42000 Billion equating to Trillions? That's a major mistake which you subsequently removed... I'll keep going if you like

Dinar Investor   Skefla your so noisy you sound like a narcissit needing to yourself talk

Dinar Investor   Skefla you should join Kaperoni's ignorance club and share intel and be extra noisy together

Sue   Dinar Investor ;hello Like your style Thank You

SKELFLA   Dinar Investor I'm waiting to be shredded ! I respect you only for the fact you haven't monetised your b* yet like the so called gurus but I don't like the fact you propagate utter baseless b* to gullible people who have zero understanding of monetary policy much like yourself.

Dinar Investor    how can you guys stand listening to his noisy insane individual.

31 Aug 19, 09:53 PM Tebow   Dinar Investor we don't

sue   Dinar Investor We can't

Dinar Investor   Im out you guys can keep your idioit's, best of luck

SKELFLA   Dinar Investor I'm still waiting to be "shredded" so far its been one sided... Unfortunately for you , you can't block me here... Time for me to call out your b*!

SKELFLA   Well Jeff kind of showed himself up! Lol I enjoyed that.... Please bring more gurus on... All of them without exception have nothing... When he realised I was the one who had been exposing his b* for several months he ran away !

EricB   SKELFLA, a poster named sandyf suggested that a redenomination would be a bad look for Iraq at this time, as they are trying to attract investors. Agree with this opinion?

SKELFLA   EricB I would agree with that.... But that's not to say they won't do it... But yes it would be detrimental to foreign direct investment

Zig   Dinar Investor : Please come back again.....preferably when Kap is here...

SKELFLA   Zig He won't come back... Lol next! Lol

Tebow   Zig thanks for inviting him,

Zig   SKELFLA : I don't think Jeff scares easily....he will be back.....

EricB   SKELFLA Thanks

SKELFLA   Zig I just counted how many videos he had to remove after I highlighted how wrong he was... 12 videos! I know this because I had to start a new YouTube account each time as he would block me and then remove the videos... Trust me he won't come back... He knows I'm the one who has been exposing his b* ...he wasn't expecting it! Lol love this place. Bring on some more...

Whitelions   SKELFLA ycan you prove that

SKELFLA   Zig But don't worry ZIG I've always wanted to go up against sam... I might agree with him that it can't RV overnight but Sam is patently wring on a number of other things...

Tebow   Zig has no worries

Zig   SKELFLA : Sam will be a formidable opponent.....would be interesting.....he won't back down......

SKELFLA    Whitelions Well I just did ! I reminded him of two videos he had to remove because they were completely wrong ! And he ran away! What does that tell you? Seriously ! Wow

Whitelions   SKELFLA the eternal question wht o you get out of this ?

Whitelions   SKELFLA Thats only proof in your mind not our

EricB   SKELFLA One of the gurus has a guy in Iraq that says he has been asked to keep multiple ledgers on USD-IQD at 1 to 1, 1 to 2, etc over the last couple years. Do you know what the purpose of that would be?

Zig    I do hope Jeff returns....maybe when SKELFLA is out of the

Whitelions    SKELFLA I want tangible proof not your say so

Tebow   Zig yes

SKELFLA   Whitelions believe it or not I have a huge disdain for gurus who are just complete morons and also for those who sit on the other side such as Sam who can't see that something is in the works ..... Think of me as someone who sits on the fence destroying each end of the paradigm.... I know for a fact something is in play.... And both sides will turn out to be wrong!

Zig   SKELFLA : But we don't want you chasing everyone away!!

SKELFLA   EricB Well without knowing more my first response would be b*... Why would you adopt such an accounting practice? Can you elaborate ?

Whitelions   SKELFLA No thank you your no better that okie tony or te worst of the con people both en and women

Tebow   I know for a fact, yet can not provide any facts, delusional!

Zig   Whitelions : Doesn't this remind you of the good old days in here??

SKELFLA   Whitelions lol you going to have to work on your English there buddy I have no idea what you are trying to

Tebow   Zig I love the good old days. When was that?

Whitelions   SKELFLA We do the news every day and thats ll we do jeff has come the closest to what is going on in years so you keep doing what you do we will keep doing what we do with people like you

Zig   Tebow : A few years ago.....fights daily.....crazy times.....

Tebow   Zig has really?

SKELFLA   Whitelions come closest? Are you serious ? Wow you haven't just drunk the kool aid you are literally drowning in it! Lol

Zig   Whitelions was in the middle of every fight back

Whitelions SKELFLA    yep. I drink the koolaid everyday. And. I finely like where we are. You on the other hand hav no clue the longer you type the lmore you show your ignorance

xyz   SKELFLA ignorance has no defense

EricB   SKELFLA Well supposedly he owns a few private banks or exchange companies and was asked to keep these ledgers. The guru is an idiot but the guy with the banks always seemed reasonable. That's all I have, wish I could remember more.

SKELFLA   So far Kap has been a disappointment... And Jeff ran away like a you know what... When it dawned on him who I was...

Whitelions   SKELFLA Omg tell us who you are lol

Whitelions   Are you someone we will know in lets say Iraq politics higher up so we know your the real deal

SKELFLA   EricB Well..... Let's assume there was going to be an overnight RV. Even then you wouldn't adopt an accounting practice that forecasted a RV for transactions that concluded before the rate change. Makes absolutely no sense. There is no reason why anyone especially a bank would adopt such a practice. I call b*.

Whitelions   Bla bla bla

 EricB   SKELFLA It was explainedNever made any sense to me.

SKELFLA   But I would have enjoyed Kap having ago at Jeff... It was too easy... Jeff really has issues with even the most basic economic principles or even general common sense. But at least Jeff hasn't monetised his b* (yet) but he will eventually...they all do.

EricB   SKELFLA The way it was explained is that he kept 2 sets of books, one documenting their day-to-day transactions and another documenting the same transactions at a different rate. Anyway, that's the story. Was wondering if that was a common practice by the GOI or CBI.

Whitelions   New player inthe room

SKELFLA   EricB There's no reason to do that unless you were back in the 1800s where different ledgers were used for different types of book keeping purposes. In this day and age you don't keep different ledgers you can pro actively change things whether as a forecasting mechanism or the like.. Sorry but that's b*. Typical Guru b*.

Whitelions   SKELFLA your spouting bull and when you called out you try to throw people off by attacking others that are not here tostand up for them selfs

SKELFLA   Whitelions Examples please...

 EricB   SKELFLA Well, I'm not sure what

Whitelions   Every thing you have posted here is you versis them and when not inline with you You atttick

EricB   SKELFLA Well, I'm not sure what technology they used by that was a general principle. Thanks.

 SKELFLA   Whitelions What? Goof ball Jeff ran away... And couldn't put together one single counter argument. See the problem with this "community" is you guys have been played for so long you are punch drunk from all the b*. That's why this thing will come and go and none of you will be any the wiser. But as is always the case the big boys will have cleaned up nicely...

Whitelions   mudder Well said

SKELFLA   mudder Great analogy.... Just a shame that it would appear that I'm the only one who is actually making money on the dinar... Hmmmm whilst you clowns keep dreaming about it!

xyz   SKELFLA why are so many gotta anger to you guru?

SKELFLA   xyz Isn't it obvious?

xyz   SKELFLA no worries Tebow luv ya

Whitelions   SKELFLA Ill just be glad when your gone I dont know what your getting out of your bull except maybe interactions in your life but you have no clue how the. momentary system works inside Iraq

SKELFLA    Whitelions Really? Well how about I show you a video where I'm giving a speech to the CBI five years ago in Arabic? I shared it on discord .... Was received very well....

SKELFLA   Whitelions You can barely string together a structured sentence but you claim I don't know how things work in Iraq? Okay good luck with that train of thought...

Whitelions   SKELFLA I'll just be glad when your gone I know what you get outof this bull except interactions ith people because you have no clue how the monetary system works in Iraq no matter how you try to convince us

Whitelions   SKELFLA ok where do I fined this video

Tebow   Whitelions that would be a video of someone anyone could claim to be, pure b*!

SKELFLA   Whitelions you really need help with your English. You should take some extra classes or at least slow down and think a little before spewing nonsensical rubbish

SKELFLA   Tebow Really, I sent my credentials to Baxter and offered more... He hasn't come back yet and said anything negative or to the contrary...

spankie   too much competitiveness and anger

SKELFLA   Baxter has the means to contact me for further verification. I'm old fashioned in that I provide stuff to those who are courteous rather than .. Well just ignorant. I'll come back to the board before the end of the year when its proven than there was an ongoing play on the dinar by certain institutions and was concluded and subsequently the average speculator was none the wiser. I look forward to that day in the not too distant future.