IQD CALLS Chat Wednesday Night 9-25-19

IQD CALLS Chat Wednesday Night  9-25-19

 Baxter   9-25-2019 Newshound Guru Jeff ...Iraq is back to being as busy as can be right now. Basically what this is telling me is they need the remainder of this entire year of 2019 to finish setting the stage for the rate change...they're gonna need the remainder of this year to do it.

Regarding the Education Minister, IMO, they will not even finish that until next year probably around Q1 of next you might as well direct your focus to 2020.

Baxter   BOY... GURU JEFF has sure changed his tune from last week..... went from any minute.. to 2020

Young_SC   Jeff is all about the Education Minister LOLOL

xyz   US Become A Socialist Country

xyz   Trump Base Ignited Amid Impeachment Chaos; $5 Million Raised In 24 Hours

chocolatiere   Good morning / evening  everyone .. Just wanted to say thank you to Kaperoni for his time and patience .. for some years it's been pretty depressing trying to get info that seemed basic and that made sense in the midst of all the bla bla bla by unrealistic Gurus deceiving people and telling lies ..

it felt hopeless and kind of depressing BUT Kaperoni has been The plum line to reality .. while giving encouragement to those of us becoming negative ..I want to thank him and I hope he keeps showing up here .. so far he has been right .. I want to thank Chattels also and Sandy f God bless you all .. things are going to work out ..

Andrewetoldthem   No more dems the impeachment inquiry didnt work again from the 7th time trump release the transcript i taught they would of understand when i start it that mouse trap and they kept falling for it wow stupid gov

  Andrewetoldthem   in here its not about being right we are all the same its out there with the ones who hate us

Wilder   Welcome to the twilight zone. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between an illusive rv or a float, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone

Sandyf    @Tebow Doug_WCurrency issued~~~~48,589,655,939 so much for that argument, No the argument is still on. If you look at the total assets and liabilities they are the same. How can the be the same figure??????? Something is not right!!!!!

Sandyf    Tebow In a nutshell, your level of accounting expertise. Obviously never heard of "Balance Sheet"

Sandyf      @EricB @Kaperony @sandyf My questions are this: Would the CBI be able to manipulate the stated quantity of currency electronically and discreetly?

Did past govts that redenominated have these electronic technology/tools at the time they redenominated? Thank you.

Sandyf    No the CBI would not be able to manipulate what is in the accounts. They have independent auditors and also the IMF watching every move,

As for these so called tools, that depends on how far back you want to go but recent redenominations would certainly have had the same level of technology available. Zambia published detailed guidelines on their redenomination and it is available online, worth a read.

Kaperoni    xyz, technically we were very close 6-7 years ago under Shabibi so that is not an insult as you intended. Shabibi clearly prepared, held the dinar within 2% for 14 months or so and announced he was ready to move forward. As well the World Bank launched an extensive campaign on behalf of the CBI to inform citizens. For whatever the reasons, Maliki stopped him. Everyone is aware of that.

Sparky   Kaperoni ...yup, Shabbs was out of town, then, persona non Grata...and, tried to give him a criminal offence , if he returned...that's my boy... Maliki...

Kaperoni   One last thing...everyone should pay attention on Oct 24th. Parliament is set to vote on Special Grades. This is critical because the Governor of the CBI is at risk. If Parliament chooses to replace Allaq it could be a major setback. Some think otherwise..time will tell.

Kaperoni   Tebow I have nothing to do with the website other than posting and conference calls. You want to keep accusing me of of your nonsense prove it!

WPY   What reasoning person would put so much stock in a mediocre " sandbox " country like Iraq controlling a world wide event, financial or otherwise except a dunce ?

Sparky   WPY

PMWPY   Dunce number 2 then . . .

WPY   Iraq DOES NOT control this event ! Only an id*t would claim that.

Sparky   WPY ...then who

WPY   What Dinarland has ALWAYS lacked was a forum for reporting ACCURATE information.

Sparky   WPY . me out at a buck...

WPY   Or you, Sparky ?

WPY   The overwhelming american problem is that most people are con men being trained as salesman or salesman being trained as con men.

Sparky   WPY ... again, how much IQD in circulation, vs. USD in 1:1...huh, how does that compute in your thoughts...?


WPY   Do you really, honestly think you are going to get accurate figures about currency in circulation ?

WPY   Iraq is full of trained liars. Try & recall the last time they said they would do something & it happened ?

Sparky   WPY ... good point, but I believe there is too much IQD in circulation, to be valued at more than a start...

 WPY   I'll save you the search -- NEVER !


WPY   You never have

PMWPYAnd never will

Sparky   WPY ... Maliki ran Shabbs out of town...for instance...

WPY   All of the so called " Intel " is speculation, rumor, guesswork and plain old made up BS.

Sparky WPY ...hard to argue that...

WPY   How do you know he ran Shabs out of town ?

WPY   RUMOR   SPECULATION     All hearsay

Sparky   WPY ...fact and historically proven...

WPY   The rarest commodity in Dinarland is proof of claim / evidence -- the second rarest is an accurate prediction.

WPY   So where is Shabs now ?

WPY   Where's REAL evidence, i. e., FACT ?


Sparky   WPY WPY ... I I'll give you accurate prediction... tomorrow...1190 per USD..

WPY   His " Theories " -- again, when has he ever been right ?     WHEN ? ?

Sparky   WPY ... sensible logic...

WPY   And your evidence / proof is ? ? ?      You don't have any, and neither does Kap

Sparky   Sparky WPY Article 8...

WPY   Article 8 nonsense is printed or talked about by who ?   Iraq ?   Who lie with every breath ?

WPY   None of the old mechanisms are relevant to this event -- NONE.

Sparky   WPY ... synthesized opinion , after years of reading , and personal beliefs...

WPY   Ahhh belief -- which is based on " faith " without evidence. How's that worked for you so far ?

Sparky   WPY ...ok, how do they support and sustain more than a penny ?

Sparky   WPY WPY ...same as your opinion and belief...

WPY   Drop the old ways -- they will not be relevant to this event, assuming it ever happens.

WPY   I make no claims, Pablo.   Those who make claims bear the burden of proof.

Sparky   WPY ... we will know who is right, after the fact...not before...

WPY   That is the standard cop out for claimants -- they expect doubters to prove a negative.

WPY   CORRECT -- that's the only time we will find out facts, not before.

WPY   Until the " event," all this chatter is extraneous nonsense, backed by no evidence or proof, never mind fact.

Sparky   WPY ...but, still fun to discuss...

WPY   True . . .

WPY   What's interesting is to see how easily many are convinced that crap like channeling or meditations are gonna fix anything. Billions of prayers, thousands of meditations & hundreds of rounds of Kumbaya have gotten us where ?


WPY   It's pure distraction, nonsense that keeps you from looking for the real answers.

WPY   "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary." ― H.L. Mencken

Kaperoni   WPY is full of it. There has been many provable facts to date. We have watched the CBI follow the directives from the IMF over the last several years and those are accomplishments and factual.

We have watched the media and the WB talk about the directives to create a market economy. Those are provable facts as we watch the GOI create the 2020 budget. The list is long..but so many don't want to read and learn.

WPY   "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." ― Voltaire

Sparky   WPY ... with that statement, I absolutely is better with just may bring you peace bro...

WPY   Cut to the chase, Kap : NAME YOUR LAST RELEVANT PREDICTION . . .

WPY   Well, Kap ?     Name one

Kaperoni   WPY want to insinuate that I get paid. I am retired. I do this to educate those that want to learn. There is no revenue in researching this investment. I came here cause I was invited to do so. Believe me, I could care less about this site.

Kaperoni   Name one what? accomplishment?

WPY   I don't care about Iraq

Kaperoni    WPY I never dodge a legit question

WPY   they are irrelevant


Kaperoni   prediction of what? I dont make predictions   never have    I research and provide facts

WPY   Then where do you get the " facts " from ?

Kaperoni    facts come from professional organizations..IMF, WB, UN and media sources

WPY. . . and we all know we can TRUST the IMF, WB, etc, to report accurate information, don't we . . . .

Kaperoni   WPY you think they would put bogus Article IVs?

WPY   Prove to us you mean what you say

Kaperoni   There are several accomplishments. For one the IMF became Trustee of the CBI. That is fact in 2015. The CBI has followed the directives since then passed the anti-money laundering law, changed the auctions to get in compliance and held 2% per IMF requirement for 16 months. That is just a few

Andrewetoldthem   the only thing left after a great world wide UN GA under D.T. Donald J. Trump admissions the president of iraq went back to iraq on a mission with an agenda of fulfilling the education ministry for prime minister Mahdi -

 for iraq to be fully stable and to formed a fully completed successful government --  to uplift their country and our life for ever despite the hate the lies the rumors  --

we will prevail -- we will win --  its our time  -- its our turn --  we in control --  Iraqi parliament to elect education minister: deputy speaker -- Now that the government is almost fully formed,  --

the prospects of good governance still remain subject to many variables

Parliament voted to complete Iraq’s cabinet: What’s next?

Andrewetoldthem   promises have to be kept

Andrewetoldthem   3:32 P.M. EDT

 PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much. We’re glad to be joined by the President of Iraq and his representatives. And I will say that we’ve had a very good couple of meetings with Iraq.

We’re doing well with Iraq. It’s been a very long and complicated but friendly relationship, especially over the last little while. I was in Iraq a little while ago, as you know. And it’s fascinating what’s taking place.

So we’re going to — we have a lot to talk about. There’s things to talk about that we can’t talk about in front of you, but we have a lot of good things to talk about. And you’re doing a fantastic job. Thank you very much.