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Iobey777:  WOW!!! Once again..from last night's video...Iraq could not be accepted into the WTO unless they have raised the value of their currency!!! IMO...Congrats, IRAQ!!!

Dr.. Ammar Mahmoud Hamid al-Rubaie *: Establishing the rules of the social market economy in Iraq and its role in the successful accession to the World Trade Organization



Iraq's accession to the multilateral international trading system appears to be of great importance, as it allows it to benefit from a clear and transparent trading system and the mechanism for resolving trade disputes on a collective basis away from unilateral trade reprisals, especially with large international actors. 

Joining the Organization is a state certificate of discipline and the adoption of international standards, which gives Iraq a commercial and economic image of recognition and acceptance, especially as Iraq is living in a state of confusion in laws, instructions and investment and commercial decisions, and this makes it line up within the unified legislative system, which creates an attractive party to deal Based on the trust given by the organization as it takes its agreements and principles towards the possibility of attracting foreign investment and technology as well as the possibility of export and marketing, which is called market access.
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Ammar al-Rubaie - Social Market Economy - Editor



Frank26:  GOOD MORNING ISE 9-25-19

Samson:  "Oil for reconstruction" new Iraqi-Chinese agreement
25th September, 2019

The Iraqi delegation's visit to China resulted in the signing of eight agreements and memorandums of understanding between the Iraqi and Chinese governments in Beijing on Monday

The most prominent of these agreements was the "Arithmetic Credit" agreement, which guarantees oil for reconstruction, and was signed on the sidelines of the World Industrialization Conference in the city of "Hefei" Chinese

Under the agreement, 100,000 barrels per day will be deducted to China, in return for Chinese companies implementing strategic projects such as roads, railways, hospitals, schools, housing complexes, ports, energy, dams, infrastructure and others

Iraq is counting through the "oil for reconstruction" agreement to rebuild its cities in a record period, and accelerate the wheel of development, reconstruction and construction

China attaches great importance to its relations with Iraq, considering it a "strategic and essential partner in the Middle East   LINK


 Don061: Digital Media Center: Trump speech causes heavy losses to tech companies

25-09-2019 09:41 PM

Reuters) - The largest technology company in the United States has lost billions of dollars in market value because of US President Donald Trump's speech to the United Nations, the Digital Media Center said Wednesday

Trump's speech cost Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and FT, the owner of Google, a total loss of $ 58 billion, with Netflix losing 4.3%, Facebook losing 3%, Amazon 2.5% and Google. 1.3%, and Apple 0.5% according to Business Insider

The Center noted that Trump in his speech attacked the companies that owned social media platforms and said that they had tremendous authority over what we can see and about what we can say, and that a free society will not allow the giants of social networking sites to silence the views of people    link

Samson:  Trump: We are seeking an exceptional business deal with Britain

24th September, 2019

US President Donald Trump said he is working with the British Prime Minister to hold a new trade deal between the United States and the United Kingdom after Albraikst

US President Donald Trump said in his speech to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday: "With Britain's preparations to leave the European Union, I made clear that we are ready to complete a new and exceptional trade agreement with the United Kingdom

The US president described the potential trade deal with Britain as "fantastic," adding that it would bring enormous benefits to both countries

Trump's comments come with serious doubts about the possibility of Britain's exit from the European Union by the end of next month after parliament succeeded in blocking Brexit without a final deal

Britain's Supreme Court declared today that Boris Johnson's decision to suspend parliament was illegal, noting it was unusual and occurred in exceptional circumstances   LINK


Samson: Lagarde rules out global recession despite risks

25th September, 2019

The head of the International Monetary Fund believes that the global economy is likely to avoid a full recession, even though trade tensions remain at the top of the threats to growth prospects

Christine Lagarde told Bloomberg on Tuesday that economic growth rates were moderate and were in danger as a result of one major threat: a trade war that was increasing, brewing and causing uncertainty for investors

The IMF has lowered global economic growth forecasts several times recently, most recently in July, where the global economy is now expected to grow at 3.2 percent this year

Lagarde also talked about her next position as ECB president and said she was hesitant to take over the ECB because she had not played this role in the monetary policy industry before, but agreed after talking to former bank presidents who supported her position

Lagarde is expected to take over the presidency of the European Central Bank later this year, after the term of incumbent President Mario Draghi ends

As for Lagarde's vision of Brexit, he said he was perplexed by what would happen in Britain   LINK

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