IQD CALLS Chat Wednesday Night 10-9-19

IQD CALLS Chat Wednesday Night 10-9-19

Wilder   mod what are your thoughts on this? Surely you have sone opinions on this matter.

mod   Wilder Anytthing is possible but not making it my plan A

Wilder   Well that sure helped

mod   It is always good to be diversified

Wilder   Yep

mod   I bought m first IQD in 2004 and did not look at it for years

Wilder   About the same here.

Mod   It's all speculation but at one time IQD was over $3 so that is what made some sense to me yrs back. I don't like vegas type gambling but did this.

Mod   Zig LIke I always say anything is possible

Francis Albert   Sounds like Kap was having a tussle here. Sorry I missed him. KIds, no need to get snarky about this stuff, we are just exchanging ideas. From the cheap seats in the bleachers it is clear that many who have been hanging on the "any day" for years, have a hard time even listening to contrarian ideas.

I believe that Iraq is certainly going to do something significant with their currency. Any one including Kap, who doubts that, simply is not, or doesn't want to pay attention.

Zig   Francis Albert : Kap adds life to this room!!!.....LOL

Francis Albert   I is good

Francis Albert   Now how it is all going to play out is up for fun talk

Francis Albert   One of my key arguments of why I believe the banks/FED will monetize, (create dollars) for IQD is that is how UST will end up with them and exchange for cheap oil. Which, IMO, was and is the whole point of the invasion of Iraq. What's the point of invading if you don't take their stuff?

Xyz   Zig he keep fighting me with 40 trillion --- and i do have numbers that don't agree with his. I could be wrong but hey ... this is a speculation --- Z is speculating that DOW is gonna be down tomorrow

Francis Albert   What is his theories on float...could be lots of variances here?

Zig   Francis Albert : Hopefully you and Kaperoni will be in the chat at the same time eventually to have a real time talk.......

Francis Albert   I don't think the money supply matters in the whole scheme of things. USD has about, we can only conjecture, but I think this is close...30 Trillion floating around the World. So 40 Trillion Dinar at .00086 doesn't sound like ridiculous number.

xyz   Francis Albert float by kaperoni definition --- gradual increase over time

Z claims that time factor is the key. Assuming that time is LESS than a day, then Z call it RV but Kaperoni that I am crazy and outta of my mind

mod   I never bought reserves and only boought outright what I could afford to loose and did not get greedy with it

Zig   mod : Same with me....

Wilder   Francis Albert but if you take that at 3 to 1 then where are you wuth that?

Baxter   Answer me this... there is about 2.7 trillion USD in the world... and the U S is over 22 Trillion in debt that we know of... so how could the USD be worth what it is now... if the money supply mattered

xyz   mod Am a pure dinarian jejeje ...... did lots of those NAKED reserves and lost a lot. I enjoyed it though and I was always looking forward to the hour before it EXPIRED hahaha

Francis Albert   Well, if it goes on Forex at any rate from .10 to .87 ( I think it will be .87) then it gets traded up from there by buyers and sellers.

xyz   Used to stand by the window waiting for the FEDex haha

Francis Albert   XYZ....Sir, you are way off at 2.7 Trillion. It is more like 30 Trillion. Just trust me on this. We don't know exact numbers as the discontinued publishing M1, M2 and L etc. about twenty years ago. Yet smart people, like mentor stayed on top of it.

Zig   Francis Albert : Was Baxter, not Z

Baxter   thats even worse

xyz   Francis Albert check some of unusual stuff

Francis Albert   U.S. has 22 Trillion in bonded debt. Money owed to investors in Treasures. From China to Ireland, private parties, pension funds, hedge funds, mom and pop, and The FED has a pile, the FED's books are open and you can see how much U.S. debt they hold.

xyz   Francis Albert OMG I never claimed 2.7 trillion -- that's a lie

Francis Albert   Sorry, mis read...Baxter stated 2.7 T my apologies

Baxter   I thought I read thats what it was

Francis Albert worries Baxter...lots of numbers, not a big deal, just thought I would correct so some kind of reliable info gets posted here.

xyz   Baxter someone has to loose

Baxter   not this bad

xyz  Or a repeat is demanded

Wilder   Francis Albert atleast you are positive about this. No ridiculous numbers either way. Thanks for your input

Francis Albert   But, Baxter to your point of money supply and debt. The total debt of U.S. is about 40 trillion. Not a made up number....unfunded liabilities, all sorts of stuff. And the debt of the world in dollars far, far out weighs the dollars in circulation...that keeps its value up.

xyz   @Tebow 10-9-2019 Intel/Newshound Gurus Frank26 & Walkingstick ...Notice there has been no effect on the Iraqi dinar exchange rate due to the protesting. Not one pip movement of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate. Because it is not unstable. It is not off track. It is a process moving forward and I'm excited about Monday [October 14th].

Wilder   How much U.S. currency is in circulation?

There was approximately $1.70 trillion in circulation as of January 31, 2019. This figure includes Federal Reserve notes ($1,655.2 billion), U.S. notes ($0.2 billion), currency no longer issued ($0.2 billion), and coins outstanding ($47.2 billion).

Baxter    Wilder thats less than I thought... thx... thought it was 2.7... well at least its not 22 trillion

Wilder   However. Put debt with that figure. What's rhe difference. Other than not a physical trade out

Francis Albert   Right...I saw that. 1.7 Trillion in paper currency. about 95% of dollars are digital.

Wilder    Francis Albert I agree

Xyz   Francis Albert How much U.S. currency is in circulation?

There was approximately $1.70 trillion in circulation as of January 31, 2019. This figure includes Federal Reserve notes ($1,655.2 billion), U.S. notes ($0.2 billion), currency no longer issued ($0.2 billion), and coins outstanding ($47.2 billion).

Francis Albert   So, if you want some homework. Do the math on what 1.7 Trillion is 5% of what number and that will give you a close count of total dollars in circulation. The 5% in paper is about the World's average of paper to digital.

Francis Albert estimate about 30 Trillion

Wilder   Just go to iraq and marry one of them and cash out.

Sparky Kurds are ** their pants...

Sparky make up with central government... else...they cash their ticket...imo...

Wilder   It's a ness over there . always has been.

Sparky   Wilder herding cats...

Sparky   Wilder ... I personally like Israeli play now...with Suadi... eradicate the head of the snake...

Sparky   ...Turks about to run over Kurds...if they play their cards wrong...imo...

Wilder   Still won't change. We know hiw it's going to end. Just kicking the can till it crushes.

Sparky   Wilder ...lots of pressure on Iran...

Sparky   Wilder ... now we put pressure on smarten up...and play nice..

Sparky   Wilder ...idle threat by Trump...imo...

Sparky   Wilder ... militarily sound location...we don't leave... building more bases...

Wilder   Thought we were pulling out

Sparky   Wilder ...idle threat...imo...he would make to be more stupid, than even I give him credit...

Sparky   *have

Wilder   Brb. Plbg call

Zig   I sent a message to the owner (Brandon) of Dinar Alert where Kaperoni is his reply: "I have taken over the website about a year-and-a-half ago for my father who passed away... He started the website 10 years ago... Not interested in any other sites but this is my website now... Kaperoni is a mod here only." "Brandon"

Sparky   ...Iraq finally figuring out they can make more from gas...?... instead of flaring...

Sparky   Zig ... thanks Zig...not news to me...but, nice clarification...

Sparky   ...Kap makes zero dollars from DA...imo...

Whitelions   Abdul Mahdi announces a reshuffle and the date of submission of the names of special grades and positions

Sparky   Whitelions ... listened and note count...hard to reconcile 43 Trillion USD... impossible...

Sparky   Whitelions 1:1...

Tebow   Sparky so basically any guru can tell you something and you'll believe him

Whitelions   Sparky but how do you know he is telling the truth when the CBI said so different than what he tells you on so meny points

Whitelions   Sparky ok what do you think 1 to 1 means ?

Sparky   Whitelions much IQD in circulation ?

Sparky   Whitelions 1 IQD : 1 USD...

Whitelions   Sparky I dontknow or care this is a exchange only and we as privet people have 2 years to turn in where as the banks of the world have 10 years ether Iraq can ask the banks to turn in as they need or the banks can turn in as the rate changes at a penny or 2 we will take our dinar to the banks and they will deal with the cbi from there .so you think 1 to 1 is a dollar or 3.65 witch is the going rate for the dollar ?

Dave   thought banks held foreign currencies

Sparky   Whitelions ... hopefully the I don't know sh it...

Whitelions    Sparky you have not explained how you know he is telling you the truth

Sparky   Whitelions ...good reason for that... I don't...

Whitelions   Sparky but we do know the CBI has told us how they will handle the dinar its on their web site

Dave   like your bank is going to exchange for cash

Whitelions   Dave for the banks of the world yes for us and all the people taking it to the banks 2 years

Sparky   Whitelions CBI has said several things over the years...

Dave   yes numerous times no float

Whitelions   Sparky it's in writing you have been listing to gurus to long tell a lie long enough and people will believe it thats what gurus count on

Tebow   Dave what?

Dave   Tebow cbi.....

Dave   nyet!

Dave   to float

Tebow   Dave yep

Sparky   Whitelions said gurus...

xyz   Whitelions 10-9-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [How long will we have to exchange?] I understand we will have about 10 days to make our appointments and about 30 days to do our exchanges

Sparky   Whitelions ...10 years banks... probably always good if taken to the source...even 50's..

Whitelions   Sparky yes I did I'mnot a guru no matter what some call me because I dont care what you think I dont want followers I just post the news and give you and others a chance to deside for your selfs with out spin .

Sparky   Whitelions ... however, do like your thoughts of close to ports of Kuwait value...for importation...

Sparky   Whitelions ... just a big support and sustain...

Sparky   ... absolutely no necessity to persuade me... I m all in... catch the difference how we get there...

Dave   Sparky no Tsumami for you!

Whitelions   Sparky this is really close the demastrations have set it back a little the ports are set so dont worry about them ,we see more the the avriage iraqi on the street they are to busy trying to sivervie to watch what is happening in the banking system or what the gov. is doing to improve there lives thats why you are seeing them protest if they had waited a little longer it would have been different Trump pulling our troupes may push it he did it because Iraq told him to shove it where Iran is conserend so he started kaouse in Turkey

Sparky   ... I figure I'll at least triple my investment...

Whitelions   Sparky I agree

Dave   almost doubled mine.....

Dave   thanka to cdn crashing

Dave   thats with no rv......

Tebow   Whitelions anyone ever said you write like Andre

Sparky   Whitelions ... appreciate your last post...

xyz   Tebow yes you just said it

Whitelions   Tebow I dont dought it my spelling is so bad and at this time aof night its worse cocktails are no help lol

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