IQD CALLS Chat Wednesday Evening 10-9-19

IQD CALLS Chat Wednesday Evening 10-9-19

Dinar Perspective Roundtable Pre-Recorded Call w/ Pat, Mark, and Bobby Replay LINK  49 mins

Portmagaland   Just got done listening to Silver Doctors podcast and they were saying on Monday that China is going to be allowed to play in the COMEX sandbox regarding gold futures.

Sounds like China will be to gold what JP Morgan is to silver. They will manipulate the price and make tons of money when gold goes up and when gold goes down. Those of us who think we will get a fair shake before we die live in fantasyland apparently.

Baxter   Portmagaland I can believe that

Portmagaland   Baxter So, let's see how China opens up on the COMEX Monday. It'll be interesting.

Baxter   I was born poor... looks like I will die poor the same way..

Doug_Walso DP did a call yesterday link shortly (USA short not iraq) LINK

Baxter   yeh.. bring it in

Portmagaland   I used to listen to TNT long time ago and they always had the same staged callers. Sounded more like a sitcom with paid actors than a real informative news show.

Portmagaland   Baxter Me too dying poor.

Baxter   kids today dont know what a dollar is... thats for sure

Baxter   its sad...

Portmagaland   Baxter Eventually, they'll find out, join Antifa and riot on the streets just like Iraq.

Portmagaland   Ok, back to work. Just wanted to share the China joint the Comex on Monday and as they say in China, bu hao, not good.

Kaperoni   Young_SC if you're going to quote me at least quote me accurately. If they Lop which is a neutral event it'll reduce the money supply from trillions to billions in the physical zeros will be removed so what 25,000 note will become 25. They can float the dinar after that and it can appreciate in value.

Some believe it could rise to 2 or 3 to 1. That is what I said. But I'm hoping that Parliament doesn't get involved in pass a law executing such an event

Kaperoni   My believe still is that they will just simply float the dinar from 1190 and if the investment comes in to create a market economy / private sector the CBI can allow the currency to rise as pressure is created through the financial system from the influx of capital. This would allow a much more substantial gain.

But it wouldn't happen overnight like I've said before there is no such thing as an RV for the Iraqi dinar You're simply is too much currency in circulation for such an overnight event to occur

Kaperoni   There is simply too much currency in circulation. As already stated in the article I posted a couple of times here there's an excessive 40 trillion

Kaperoni   In excess of 40 trillion dinar outside the banking system

Kaperoni   Okay I'm out of here have a good day

Young_SC   Kaperoni hello

Young_SC   The "Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced on Monday (19-August-2019) the" government direction to reinstate the currency and delete zeros from paper currency in order to strengthen the national economy


Young_SC   Kap take a look and enjoy an ice cream ;ice-cream;

Young_SC   In addition to the results achieved on the scope of monetary policy applications internally and convince global financial organizations, the most important official reports issued by them confirmed the success of the policy of the Central Bank to achieve an important transition to the Iraqi economy and achieve stability in the exchange rate and the recovery of the Iraqi dinar and raise its purchasing power, one of the objectives of strengthening the economy.


Clay   still too much in circulation omg

Doug_W   Clay amt in cir means nothing IMO

Clay   agree

Doug_W   look how much USD is "out there"

Clay   thats my point

Clay   yep

Doug_W   electronig money now

Baxter   Turkey is invading Syria... which is Iraqs neighbor... not good... not good at all

Baxter   there goes my DIMES

Clay   they want to destroy the kurds

Dave   Abdul Mahdi: We will issue a list of the top corrupt in the coming hours

October 9, 2019 Walter   Policy, security and economy

Dave   we shall see....maybe?

spankie   M should be top-- #1

Dave   yep followed by Allawi....Naijafi talabanis on and on

Dave   "where did you get that?"

Dave   richest politicians in the world.....

Dave   fingers crossed

Kaperoni9 Oct 19, 02:43 PM Young_SC   The "Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced on Monday (19-August-2019) the" government direction to reinstate the currency and delete zeros from paper currency in order to strengthen the national economy

Baxter   Hi Kap...

Kaperoni   You better hope that doesn't happen because they're talking about a lop it's clear as day I want to remove the zeros off the paper meaning lop them

Wilder   Kaperoni when?

Baxter   Kap... I am about to the point... I really dont care anymore... I just want to know..

Kaperoni   Xyz you think the number of dinar outside the banks that exceed 40 trillion is a lie? Lol it is confirmed by the imf as well as thw cbi's independent auditor. Why would they all lie? Lol

Kaperoni   Baxter Know what?

Xyz   Kaperoni you numbers are distorted and without merits

Wilder   Who can prove any different.

Baxter   whether its going to lop..or be worth something

Kaperoni   Xyz i posted yesterday the numbers. They are the facts

xyz   Kaperoni nope and I read all of your writing ... I got tied of FACTS that have not be proven.

Kaperoni   Baxter.. my hope is the CBI is going to follow the directive of the IMF in float the currency and allow it to gradually rise based on the influx of capital as a result of significant investment to create a market economy.

But as a backup it seems that Parliament wants to pass a law to Simply lock the zeros off the notes and create a one-to-one exchange rate, as well as reducing the currency from trillions to billions.

I believe that would have significant impact on there economic potential if they executed such an event. But it seems like it is possible because they continue to talk about it. But I assure you if Parliament gets involved that's what they will do

Baxter   thx Kap

Xyz   Kaperoni stating and restating 'something' doesn't make it.

Kaperoni   Lop not lock

Kaperoni   Xyz you find another credible source then and prove its not in excess of 40 trillion

xyz   Kaperoni do US all a favor -- always prove anything you claim as a fact.

Kaperoni   I already did. I dont repeat myself

Kaperoni   That facts are clear.

Kaperoni   Go back to yesterday and read my post

Kaperoni   We have to hope iraq succeeds in launching this market economy.

xyz   Kaperoni If I were you, would stick with FLOATing theory and leave FACT alone

Kaperoni   Whatever xyz. These organizations dont lie. You just dont want to accept it. Well thats fine. Dream away on your rv lol

xyz   Kaperoni I wish you were open minded as I believe you are a smart guru unlike hammerman

Kaperoni   I think i have signifcantly researched this for 10 years. I think I know a little bit more than you on the subject

xyz   Kaperoni Really? wow kap ...

xyz   Kaperoni and I for 8yrs

Kaperoni   Sitting out here in chat rooms and not reading every single piece of material available doesn't mean crap. I spend all of my time reading every document I can find I am probably the most knowledgeable person on this investment in the dinar community whether you want to believe that or not I've read more material than anyone else I'm sure of that

Xyz    Kaperoni unlike you, I don't inject my person opinion and demand others take it as facts.

xyz   Kaperoni reading and intelligently interpreting are totally different

Kaperoni   I've always said to anyone to prove anything that they can and I'm more than willing to listen but so far all I've seen it in this chat room if people bringing me articles that are talking about a lop

xyz   Kaperoni proving is left to those with big mouth that want everyone else to believe them.

Kaperoni   Lol

xyz   Kaperoni no?

Kaperoni   People want the truth. They want the facts. They dont want your bs

Wilder    Baxter Flip your dime. kaps is heads xyz tails for who is right.

Kaperoni   You can sit here all day and dream about your magical RV that will never happen because it's not how monetary policy works for one thing and it's total BS from the guru's for another

Kaperoni   Once you realize that you'll realize in there must be something else that's going to occur and then maybe you'll start reading instead of making up crap and insulting people that have nothing to do with another website

xyz   Kaperoni what's truth? HYPOTHESIS: earth is cubic. Prove otherwise

Doug_W   @Baxter here ya go Pal

Wilder   mod what are your thoughts on this? Surely you have sone opinions on this matter.

mod   Wilder Anytthing is possible but not making it my plan A

Wilder   Well that sure helped

mod   It is always good to be diversified

Wilder   Yep

mod   I bought m first IQD in 2004 and did not look at it for years

Wilder   About the same here.

Mod   It's all speculation but at one time IQD was over $3 so that is what made some sense to me yrs back. I don't like vegas type gambling but did this.