IQD CALLS CHAT Tuesday Night 8-20-19

IQD CALLS CHAT Tuesday Night  8-20-19

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 Portmagaland   Young_SC I've always been confused about lop vs. deleting zeroes as to us laymen it looks and sounds the same.

Young_SC   Monetary policy for Iraq is completely different from Iran. Iran's economy is on the downside while Iraq is obviously on the upside. Iraq technically is one of the richest countries in the world

Young_SC   That is why Iran has Lop its currency because economically they are doing poorly as a nation

sandyf   @Sparky Dave ... haven't seen coins over 2 dinars...

Coins issued in 2004 were 25 Dinar, 50 Dinar and 100 Dinar. Withdrawn and sold off as scrap.

Scroll to the bottom of the page,

sandyf   @Dave Tebow now if cbi is sitting on tons of dinar would that necessarily mean that they are out of circulation?

The liability in respect of currency in circulation is documented in the CBI accounts and and freely available. People need some credible basis to start disputing an audited figure.

sandyf   @Tebow No country in the world would let outside forces determine the value of their currency.

Absolute garbage. Currencies on a floating exchange rate are subject to market forces. Only currency on a fixed exchange rate can devalue/revalue, floating currencies depreciate/appreciate.

The UK is a classic example, depreciated by 30% in the last 5 years, the Thai baht has appreciated by around 100% against GBP in the last 15 years. Neither has been devalued/revalued.

sandyf   @Tebow Kap only sees articles that will support his lame theory. If CBI came and said they are going to RV, he would call it fake.

You mean like when the CBInsaid they were going to redenominate, you said it was fake news.

Tebow   sandyf if you knew how to read you would have read that I said the currency would float on the world market with other currencies, but only after they put a value on it. Maybe you do not comprehend well what you read.

Tebow   sandyf aYou mean like when the CBIn said they were going to redenominate, you said it was fake news.gain I never said ", maybe you have been up too late or too much too drink. Or maybe just confused! But try to get it right.

chattels   I find that I am better served by listening than speaking and certainly there is no need to bash the posts / opinions of those interested enough to come into this chat.   GOOD NIGHT ALL.

sandyf   @Dave The Govt seems to want coins......CBI says no.........?

Before the CBI can proceed with a redenomination they must decide which form the small denominations will take, coins last a lot longer but can be a great deal more expensive to produce.

The government probably see the simplicity of coins, much easier to produce coin slot machines for say to buy tickets than it is to have a banknote reader.

The CBI however probably see the complications and cost of trying to prevent forgery. The UK has recently redesigned the pound coin to try and reduce the number of fakes in circulation.

The old concept of knocking out aluminium washers are a thing of the past.

Portmagaland   Young_SC Iran is rich in resources as well. In addition, I read awile back Iran has the easy oil to get out of the ground. Based on what I read and my faith in Trump to get his own Iran Deal done using the North Korea model, I still hold out some hope for Iran as well.

 I just cant see Iran letting Iraq have all the glory and being cool with not being able to attend the dance. This too, is another reason why, I feel Iran wants to get a deal done with Trump despite all the posturing, which again, we saw play out with North Korea.

Portmagaland   They say time tells all, however, people in this chat might not apply that rule to Iraq as they have been waiting indefinitely for time to tell Iraq's story regarding the dinar.

Whitelions   sandyf I must admit that I dont read what you type i see your name and just skip over but now that were at th end of this road I wanted to see what you had to say for yourself and I see your no better than the worst of the gurus in so far as its not working out the want you have always screamed about so you are changeing tatics and just disagreeing with the gurus you think you can safely know are wrong in how this WILL HAPPEN LOL

Whitelions   Portmagaland Did you know that 8 countys have filed papers with the un asking the petro dollar be taken out of the usa dollar and put into the pound because of trump and what he did with Iran? and more are fallowing

Whitelions   Just like that tanker that trump tried to stop iran delevering oil to Greece because we have scantions agenst Iran and Greece told us to go ourselfs they were buying the oil

Whitelions   At a very redused price

Portmagaland   Whitelions I'm a believer in the GCR and thus, a believer that petro dollar is about game over. I expect a significant drop in the value of the dollar, while other currencies increase in value. Trump is on record multiple times stating just this. Plus, I'm more concerned about just about every major city on the West Coast has

Portmagaland    Turned into cesspools of feces, needles and homelessness.

Portmagaland   I could care less about Greece, they can manage their own problems, while we try to get our cities back into the shape they were when I was a kid.

Whitelions   I dont live on the west cost so I dont see that but I have A brother in sandago he has not said anything about that and his wife has not posted any pictures of that and she posts everything lol

Portmagaland   Whitelions    I'd being willing to bet your brother knows all about that.

Portmagaland   You can Google San Diego's problems regarding its homeless situation yourself if you like.

Portmagaland   Regardless the situation out here is getting worse not better,.

Whitelions   He has been in the borader patrol for 30 years he tells me everything else he thinks is out of hand there but not that yet give him time

Portmagaland   Whitelions Wow, he sees all kinds of crazy stuff then. It's a sad world no doubt.

Whitelions   If you let it be yes me all I can do every day is do a kindness for someone and ask them to pass it on Im no saint and drugs are a big problem everywhere but we can stop fighting.

Portmagaland   The most frightening thing is automation as it makes people obsolete. Here in Portland Dhamlier Chrysler is working on autonomous trucks, which is going to make long haul truck drivers obsolete.

I read about apps that will be more accurate than doctors and AI eventually taking over for techies. Sure a lot of this technology will lower costs and this explains why a number of tech CEOs pushing universal income for everyone, but themselves.

Portmagaland   As these CEOs know what's coming down the pupeline.

Portmagaland   Universal Income for the useless eaters as Kissenger dubbed us decades ago.

Whitelions   Portmagaland Its the future if we cant grow with we die so instead of dieing we learn new ways yes some never will. but change is a constant and it never stops

Portmagaland   Whitelions No arguing that.