IQD CALLS Chat Tuesday Evening 9-17-19

IQD CALLS Chat Tuesday Evening 9-17-19

Larrykn   Abdul Mahdi reeling after stormy disputes between the Shiite poles, are we close to dismiss the government

Baghdad - Iraq today:   Iraq, which is in a precarious political situation, is witnessing an unprecedented wave of differences within the Shiite house between the leaders of the Popular Mobilization Forces and others between politicians, which threatens the stability of the country and the future of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

Only 11 months have elapsed since Abdul Mahdi's government, whose influence so far derives from the coexistence of two lists, backed by prominent Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, and the Fateh, the political representative of the Popular Mobilization Forces, within and inside parliament.

In the context of the situation in Iraq, the Iraqi Prime Minister said that the Iraqi government is working on the rule of law and confine arms to the state. "The government has a clear vision of solutions and to face internal and external challenges," Abdul-Mahdi said during a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and his delegation in Baghdad.

According to the head of the Iraqi Center for Political Thought, Ihsan al-Shammari, a number of new factors, especially the frustration caused by the Israeli strikes, which the Popular Mobilization said targeted its forces, put pressure on this fragile relationship.

"The situation is confused, political parties are repositioning and large alliances have broken up," he said. Al-Shammari also expects a "tactical alliance" between Sadr and Fatah to collapse as Sadr has increasingly criticized the Popular Mobilization for the latter's possession and movement, according to some reports, of forming his own air force.

Sadr said last week in a tweet on the "Twitter" that Iraq is shifting from the state of "law" to the state of "riot." A few days later, Sadr appeared in Tire during an unannounced visit to Iran. Al-Shammari says that it is possible that Sadr was

larrykn   intended to Iran to complain about the popular mobilization or to get more support, including the opinion on the next prime minister in the event of a no-confidence of the current government.

Al-Shammari confirms that al-Sadr is still the largest sponsor of the government, and will likely turn to the scenario of demonstrations, if the government does not make progress in solving problems.

In a sign of what could happen, Health Minister Alaa al-Alwan, backed by Sadr, resigned on Sunday under the pretext of administrative corruption. The influence of Shiite parties increased after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime following the US-led attack on Iraq in 2003.عبد-المهدي-يترنح-بعد-خلا

larrykn   Security experts analyze .. How Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi addressed his supporters in 30 minutes ??

Baghdad - Iraq today:   Al-Furqan, the Islamic State's media arm, on Monday broadcast a new audio recording of the group's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, including instructions for his followers and wills related to patience, calling on them to "liberate" the women of his fighters detained in Iraq and Syria, despite acknowledging the superiority of Iraqi forces. And number.

" The 30-minute speech, "Say Work," carried signs that, according to analysts, the Islamic State leader intends to start a new phase, after acknowledging the military and geographical defeat, identifying his followers with new ways of fighting and priorities, most notably capturing them. , "Liberating" the women of his fighters detained in Iraq and Syria, and using "dialogue" to win over others.

* "Reprimand for agitation" *

Al-Baghdadi, who began his speech by knocking out hypocrites who failed to fight and threatened to taste the reward when he reminded them of the promise, acknowledged the bitter reality of his organization by saying, "No matter how long, there is no way to stagnate," which appears to be a recession. Reprimand for the state of relaxation, "before" implicitly intended to atone for those who did not join the organization "when he talked about the return of religion strange.

He added that the case of the leader of the Islamic State "appeared to be miserable", when he began to repeat the word patience and talk about "death for the sake of God," noting that "texts synonymous with a clear simulation of the state of begging and hope and despair of his followers and incitement to incite them", despite reminding him of the passage of half A decade of organization life, he repeated it six times in his speech, a sign of "continuing to go on.

" What is remarkable, according to the security analyst, is Baghdadi's recommendation to his followers to "not be    tough with the Sunnis" and the need to win them "compassion and dialogue under the pretext."

"Invasions of Bhalil", a class of suicide bombers. ISIS leader Shamta seemed to be "Shamta" with the commander of US Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Danford and his "inability to protect his allies in the region," after which he would review his "alleged state from Khorasan to the coastline" (Gulf states).

According to Abu Raghef's perspective, "the most dangerous part of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's speech is to call for a cloning of the demolition of fences in Iraq and Syria, and to focus on" targeting investigators and judges.

For his part, summarizes the security analyst and strategic expert in the affairs of terrorist groups Hisham al-Hashemi, the "functions" organization d Live in the new phase announced by al-Baghdadi in his speech as "reconciliation with the environment in which they were defeated, recruiting after verification of the recruiter's repentance, the continuation of unified invasions, and qualitative operations to break prisons."

larrykn   Allaq: Iraq's revenues go to build the economies of other countries .. The law does not allow lending to the government

Baghdad - Iraq today:   The Governor of the Central Bank, on the relationship, Tuesday that the size of Iraq's foreign exchange reserves exceed the ratios of international standards, while noting that Iraq's revenues go to build the economies of other countries.

Alak said that "our foreign currency reserves are comfortable and good and within international standards, but exceed the normative ratios, but according to the law is not to cover the deficit, but is a cover for the local currency," pointing out that "the government has reached more than saturation, and that Iraq's revenues go to build Economies of other countries. "

He added that "the strength of the exchange rate and the strength of the Iraqi dinar depends on this cover, so the process of linking the reserve and cover the deficit is improper, and the law of the Central Bank does not allow the reserve to be used to lend to the government directly or indirectly, but is to maintain the value of the dinar against the dollar ".

As for the sagging government jobs among the relationship, "the government apparatus has reached more than saturation, which does not add economic value, but that in its expenses is a major challenge to the public budget and reduces the resources that can go to employ others and create more jobs through real projects."

 He added that "the basic solution to the issue of unemployment is the operation of the real sectors, which are industrial, agricultural, tourism and other, which is the basis in moving economic rings, so there must be a focus on moving these economic sectors by changing the economic model that exists in Iraq today, the model that exists now is that our revenues They come from oil, they pump the bulk of them in the form of salaries, and these salaries turn into demand for imported goods and goods.

larrykn   The governor of the Central Bank, "Our revenues go to build the economies of other countries instead of moving the pace of the economic situation.

" He explained, "It is not possible to lay off people from their jobs, but the money taken as salaries can be invested inside Iraq through the expansion of the real sector and this will occupy other people, and that depends on coordination in trade policies, investment and tax situation internally."

Wilder   maintain the value of the dinar against the dollar. Tell them its time to get past this maintain talk. New word they need to learn is INCREASE the value

TWWIII   Clay I received an email update from my friend, US Army deployed to Kuwait 3 months ago. (copy & pasted from my email): Sky is just as polluted here as always from all the oil smoke in Saudi, people complain about the United States pollution but the rest of the world is disgusting.

I saw ur chat yesterday when one guy commented that he saw a pic from here & said he did not see the smoke blowing in our direction. How would he know he is not here. We ordered not to leave the base while this problem is solve with Iran.

Doug_W   TWWIII Thank You

TWWIII   Doug_W Your Welcome

TWWIII   Additional email info from Kuwait news from my friend: I checked all over post and we do not have any banks or currency exchanges, I do not plan on leaving base whilst I’m here.

As it is illegal in this country to wear shorts 🙄 and the list goes on and on if you’re a foreigner. Yet again, no one in the states has a freakin clue as to how other countries treat people.

So I’ll just stay safely here on base. If that changes, I’ll let you know about any information I find out regarding transfers of currency.

How’re things back home? Saw all the protests and crap across the river and hearing about all the gun ban news, that the west coast and Walmart are leading the charge on. Idk what I’m going to be returning to state side... but I hope you guys are getting as ready as I am.

TWWIII   Doug_W He sends me updates often. When everything clears, he is going off post to a local bank to see if he can purchase IQD & ship them here to my address. Kuwait banks DO NOT have any IQD LD's no fils nor coins

Baxter9-17-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat ...If everything goes as planned, then they move on to the “reinstatement”. This means reinstating the dinar back on the global currency exchanges and then it can be legally traded...Yes, its been a very long journey...The nice part about this final step is when it does occur this is when we get to go to the bank and exchange and not before. There is no premature exchanges scheduled for us internet investors...