IQD CALLS Chat Tuesday Afternoon 10-1-19


IQD CALLS Chat Tuesday Afternoon 10-1-19

Dave   Clay read the news today about the protests......?

Clay   no not really been on not in the best of moods today

Clay   protests about what

Clay   services?

Dave   Corruption laws unemployment

Clay   still huh?

Wilder   Dave Iraq?

Clay   how about here in Congress

Clay   Bidens

Clay   no forgot they r not corrupt they are innocent collecting billions

Clay   omg

Dave   Wilder (Baghdad: Euphrates News) The government media cell announced a joint statement of the ministries of interior and health on the demonstrations today.

The statement received the agency (Euphrates News) a copy of it “witnessed the capital Baghdad and a number of provinces launch protests demanding the provision of public services and employment opportunities.”

The cell “regretted the violence accompanied by these protests, issued by a group of rioters to overthrow the real content of these demands and stripped of the peacefulness of which they came out, and that while we stand in solidarity with the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution,

and based on the principle of national responsibility, we call All citizens to calm and restraint, and stress the continuation of the security services in the performance of their duties in order to ensure the security and safety of the demonstrators.

 The Ministry of Health, according to the statement, “on the continuation of its medical staff to provide treatment to the wounded who were received by health institutions, where recorded one death,

while the number of wounded 200 wounded, including 40 injured members of the security services, a number of them came out after receiving first aid, with continued Medical staff in providing health care for the remaining 50 ”

Clay   dont blame the protestors

Wilder   Soros behind it?

Wilder   Or whatever his name is

Dave   Al-Madar got the demands of a demonstration tomorrow (Tuesday, October 1, 2019) that will be launched in Bashtak.

The demands are:

1- Declaring a real war on corruption and opening all files of corruption with the help of international bodies specialized in corruption cases

And legislation the law from where you get this.

2. Preventing the interference of political parties and blocs in government work, separating political entitlement from government positions and establishing the Federal Service Council.

3 – Formation of the Construction Council, which consists of specialists to be responsible for all projects and future plans of the country.

4. Really support the private sector, protect the domestic product to eliminate unemployment, move the local economy, maintain foreign currency within the country and open the door for real domestic and foreign investments.

5 – Cancellation of the currency auction and the adoption of free market policy.

 6. To confine arms to the State in a genuine manner and to abolish all armed manifestations and the militarization of society.

7- Restructuring all government sectors, especially the service ones, to be real productive sectors.

8 – Restructuring and organization of the institution of education and fast and urgent in order to produce a successful educational sector according to international standards.

9. Amending the Electoral Law to be a fair law and preserving the rights of all.

10. Repeal and amend all laws and legislations that contravene the Constitution and immediately apply the disabled paragraphs of the Constitution and abolish all special privilege laws.

■ Give an opportunity not more than 15 days to start the implementation of the above or else the ceiling of our demands next time will be higher and bigger ,

Clay   hes behind everything unfortunately

Doug_W   what a mess over there

Clay   yep

Dave   nodda happening yet......?

Dave   in this session....hmmmmm?

Doug_W   they are passing laws that contradict other lawsw like that hydrocarbon law

Doug_W   what amess

Tebow   Dave like 5 – Cancellation of the currency auction and the adoption of free market policy.

Clay   canceling the auctions would be good

Clay   always heard that whether true or not

Clay   Tebow I agree

Tebow   yes free market, they would have to do something

Clay   need diar b4 this could happen

Dave   as banking is no where in Iraq ...CBI needs to make money somehow?

Dave   any of you folks familiar with fractional indexing used by banks?

Crazycrypto   seems Mahdi's back is against the wall

Dave   Crazycrypto thats why they chose an independent

Crazycrypto   hoping that no one gets killed wit the massive protests going on seems the people ave finally had enough

Crazycrypto   what do you mean dave?

Dave   protests for the same things for yrs now.......

Crazycrypto   i agree Dave but at some point something has gotta give

Dave   Madhi has no strong party affiliation

Crazycrypto   hes an agent of Iran

Crazycrypto   seems that way anyhow

Clay   they all r

Crazy   cryptotrue clay

Clay   Started with Maliki

Dave   thought just really depose able

Crazycrypto   sadly Iraqis seem they cant escape them

Clay   shocked we havent heard from sistani or whats his name

Clay   sadr

Clay   in a very long time

Crazycrypto   isnt Sadr in charge of these protest?

Dave   in the news today

Clay   probably

Clay   but hasnt said much

futuremoney   sadr sucks

Crazycrypto   i cant believe we are in the 4th quarter of 2019

Clay   he used to have a voice

Crazycrypto   seems unreal

Clay   yep

Crazycrypto   this year went by fast

Clay   another year

Crazycrypto yep

Wilder   Dave couldn't find indexing. Fractional banking. Fractional reserve banking is a banking system in which banks only hold a fraction of the money their customers' deposit as reserves. This allows them to use the rest of it to make loans and thereby essentially create new money. This gives commercial banks the power to directly affect the money supply

Dave   and leverage each loan up to 1000times

Wilder   And not including collateral.

Dave   Cbi makes 9 % on each loan a bank writes

Tebow   wish I could make 9%

Dave   just over 20% of the pop use banks currently......

Tebow   we go to negative rates in the states, that will be here

Dave   Wilder suspect SandyF will give us an education on this

Wilder   U read my mind

Wilder   They need to do just like our country here. Just keep the printing presses running. Raise the rate backed with nothing.