IQD Calls Chat Sunday   9-8-19 Part 2 of 2

IQD Calls Chat Sunday   9-8-19 Part 2 of 2

 Baxter   you know what... If I could understand Arabic.. I would go over there myself

Loren   I didn't have trouble find people that spoke English.

Loren   Even in Baghdad International Airport.

Dave   Loren would of thought 1 Iraqi would have GOOGLED Dinar Speculation and found this Site......

Loren   Even in Kuwait, Egypt and Dubai.

Loren   I used to belong to Dinar speculator with Medic.

Loren   His health was bad when I last read him. Recently I went back to the site there were no new posts for years. But it is like that for a lot of the old Dinar sites.

Loren   @that is what we all read on base, and you could get English and Arabic.

Doug_W   Loren on base??

Loren   yep, we could get it at the military's exchange.

Doug_W   where were U?

Doug_W   and did you serve or a family member?

Baxter   Well.. I put an ad in a magazine out of baghdad someone to transpose arabic to english... we will see if I get any takers..

Doug_W   good deal Bax

Baxter   fingers crossed

Loren   Covered the whole country, easier for me to spell bases. Cedar was the 1st base in from Kuwait, that was where the Pagan temple UR is and also Abrahams village. From there Anaconda in Balad which was a big Air base. Than Spieper in in Kircult , from there Mosul Camp Mareez and Diamondback. I left in 2013 from Basar.

Doug_W   were U and "E" or an "O" ?

Loren   I was a contractor for the department of defense and then a contractor the department of state.

Loren   For the Department of defense I drove truck outside of the wire. for the department of state I did inventory.

Loren   I actually miss it , when you are in that type of situation the extended family that you have is hard to replace.

 jsst   A study to delete zeros from the currency .. The Finance Parliament ruled out their application at the moment

Saturday 07 September 2019 - 15:42   Baghdad-conscious-Hendrin Mekki   The parliamentary Finance Committee, a study to delete zeros from the national currency, but ruled out the application at the moment for several reasons.

The Committee's Rapporteur Ahmed al-Saffar told the Iraqi News Agency "conscious": "The proposal to delete the zeros has been raised from the House of Representatives to the Parliamentary Finance Committee in order to study the change of the national currency and all categories and the printing of new currencies, but the preliminary study showed that the costs needed by the project big".

He added that "the budget deficit for this year and Iraq's debt is one of the most important reasons that will lead to delay the deletion of zeros (three zeros)," noting that "the Finance Committee has assigned specialized bodies of monetary policy to study the project carefully to submit to the Finance Committee to be the main lines of this project, which Its beginnings go back years. "

Al-Saffar pointed out that "deleting the zeros is a project that has more psychological effects than actual ones.

Baxter   jsst you have a link for that

Baxter   I thought the CBI was in charge of the currency

Dave   here we go.....

Baxter   yep... here we go

Baxter   I think its a bogus article myself

Whitelions   jsst and everybody else its a study they have to do it .I means nothing but another point of view and we all know government's need mover than one point of view before they do what they want anyway .people your better off what they achieved and where they are in real time to know we are at the end

Whitelions   Watching*

Dave   yes LDs expensive to mint ........though

Loren   I have wonder about myself, could you imagine what it would be like trying to exchange 25k notes for 25?

Whitelions   Baxter its not bogus its just a study

Loren   Then what about retail prices?

Dave   with no rate change........not a good idea.......expensive

Dave   Increase Purchasing Power

Dave   article never mentioned that

Whitelions   Dave Mentions what?

Dave   A lop not a good idea was my take

Dave   Whitelions

Loren   The only way that could work is start dealing with ATM's. Although then, why couldn't you leave the 25k notes and just use electronic banking?

Whitelions   Dave They will run the currencys side by side for people to bring in 5 years for banks 10 years its on the cbi site

Dave   yep.......

Dave   I agree with you 99.9%

Baxter   I remember them saying co incide for ten years

Whitelions   The banks get longet so iraq can call the money in as they need to

Dave   Baxter 10 yrts yes

Loren   so lets say that you bring in a 25k note the bank. Do they exchange the 25k note for 25k in small denominations?

Dave   Loren LDS is parrt of CBIs plan....

Whitelions   Dont knoe untill it happens

Young_SC   Whitelions Loren Listen to what Dave just said

Young_SC   Lower denoms and coins for Iraqi citizens


Loren   How do you bring up the purchasing power retail?

Whitelions   Young_SC so your saying they are going to only give iraqa willget the lower ds

Young_SC   Loren IQD is peg to the American dollar

Whitelions   Peoples

Young_SC   Whitelions Yes

Loren   Now I am beginning to get optimistic again

Dave   Lets GO GLOBAL....LETS GO!

Young_SC   Instead of that 25 000 K note it will be 25 dollar note for the citizens

Young_SC   Que the lifting of the zeros from the exchange note

Young_SC   Deletion of the 0's

Young_SC   Statement

Dave   Young_SC At what rate ......HEHE?

Whitelions   Young_SC why do we care who gets the lower money because to do that they have to rv

Young_SC   Whitelions what are you talking about lolol

Loren   I like that, a unit of measure that everyone recognizes.

Dave   How would they make change?

Young_SC   IQD is peg to the American dollar Whitelions

Young_SC   Remember the CBI statement from 4 months ago about bring us your 3 zero Notes to us

Loren   in fills, 1000 fills makes one dinar or one dollar.

Young_SC   In preperation to get them off the street

Whitelions   Young_SC about the LDN. Only being in Iraq we wont need they we are judt in this for the exchange rate

Dave   I just Want MY USD.....

Young_SC   Dave well when you are peg to the American dollar they will come out 1 to 1 at first

Young_SC   And will rise

Loren   @Dave, that is what I am waiting to hear.

DaveYoung_SC    We hope......

Whitelions   The L.d.n just tell us they are ready to rv

Young_SC   Dave what do you mean?

Whitelions   And there will be NO FLOAT

Loren   Think about how 1 to 1 would simplify everything in Iraq.

Young_SC   We've heard the statements many times from Iraq

Dave CBI never indicated rate?

Young_SC   They want to be competitive with Kuwait

Young_SC   King of the ME

Dave   yep


Young_SC   AS stated

Loren   did you notice that AMF never showed a rate IQD.

Young_SC   Dave only mystery is will it be 3.25, 3.16, 2.50

Dave   Anything less a dime would be a lop ......

Young_SC   Iraq was at $3.22 in their glory days

Loren   I guess a good question would be, has the AMF ever showed a rate for IQd?

Dave   I would be okay with a 10000% ROI

Whitelions   Loren dont pay attention to that stuff. No institution will ever tip you off that way that is a guru bs line

Dave   more BONUS

Young_SC   Whitelions exactly

Whitelions   Young_SC it should come in higher to keep up with the trade world wide

Loren   @young_SC. I have wondered, if you can take a currency down like that, why can't you just revaluate it the same way?

Dave   10000%-325000%ROI

Young_SC   Loren Imo i think Iraq will come out at a fixed rate right away

Young_SC   3 dollars plus

Young_SC   Ive always stated that

Loren   That is what Kuwait did!

Young_SC   Loren indeed

Dave   Loren NOT EXACTLY....but OK

Loren   Everything that I have read out of Kuwait says that they want the IQD to come out par with the KD

Young_SC   Loren And kuwait is at 3.29

Young_SC   Thats why ive always said Iraq will be at the 3.22 3.28 mark

Dave   IQD RESTORED.....

Loren   Those are the numbers that make the most sense to me, or wish full thinking?

Young_SC   Loren Its realistic

Young_SC   As stated many times by Iraq

Young_SC   They want to restore its currency and give purchasing power

Loren   I agree, that would also make the most sense to the Iraqi citizens.

Young_SC   Loren Well the whole point of this matter is for the citizens

Young_SC   They come first

Loren   For sure!

Dave   Heard that IRAQ may have the largest Gold reserves in the World

Loren   I read that Iraq has (6.6 tons, the Arab nations combined 993 ton.

Loren   Excuse me Iraq has 96.6 tons    of gold

Dave   Loren talking still in ground

Loren   No in reserve

Dave   Loren worth about 5 billion usd ...yes

Loren   Please check my math, but the way I have it figured, 96.6 tons of gold = 5t. do you agree with that?

Dave   Young_SC !500/oz times 16 to a lb times 2200 times 96........equals?

Loren   I have read that with oil reserves greater than Sudia Arbia, that have never been touched. That Iraq is in a position to become one of the richest nations.

Dave   Loren 5 billion

Loren   You right!

Xyz   IMF floating guru expert... Michael Kaperoni@kaperoni   The reason why I say they will float is 1, the IMF specifically gave such a directive, 2 Iraq can't afford any other increase in value with so much currency in circulation, 3 have to reduce the currency which can't occur until after the value starts to rise.

Sam I Am   Well Kap is right about the bloated money supply

Sandyf   @Dave An article today from Parliament clearly states they have no intention of deleting the zeros at this time.....Thought that was the work of CBI.......

That is a dinarland myth, in any country changes to the monetary unit is the work of the government, or in non democratic countries the head of state.

In 2014 the government postponed the project for 5 years so not much of a surprise it has been postponed again.

sandyf   @xyz Kaperoni never mind ... I understand you hypothesis but you have never explain the time factor.

If the IQD was to float from the current value and appreciate at 10 percent per month, in 2 years the rate would be about 100/USD, at 3 percent per month the rate would be about 600/USD.

No economy could withstand those levels for any length of time, I think the largest recorded was China at 7% in a year. Normal appreciation is in fractions of a percent.