IQD Calls Chat Sunday  9-8-19 Part 1 of 2

IQD Calls Chat Sunday  9-8-19 Part 1 of 2

 chattels   Not everyone who allows for the possibility of a " lop " is making any money or preoccupied with any sense of self importance.

chattels   "Accordingly, I think OPEC+ will not resort to new production cuts" because that would further blunt the group's already shrunken market share, he said.

European benchmark Brent was selling at $61.54 per barrel Friday, in contrast with more than $75 this time last year but up from around $50 at the end of December 2018.

chattels   Why is it a " drive by " if some people stop in and opine, but not others ?

Doug_W   good question?

chattels   Doug_W I prefer good answers, :)

chattels   Doug_W Wish that I had some.

spankie   I am taking the 5th- I know nothing

chattels   spankie A. Lincoln said that " It is better to remain silent and be thought a * than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. "

chattels   We have an asterisk for " f o o l " ?

chattels   The " speech police " seem overly sensitive, eh ?

spankie   lol

chattels    "Araji warns parties and political blocs against the loss of the last chance"

Sunday 08 September /  BAGHDAD / NINA / Former Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji on Sunday warned political parties and blocs against the loss of the last chance.

Araji said in a press statement that "reform and the fight against corruption and state-building, the responsibility of everyone, especially the parties and political blocs.

He added: "The government will be the tool to achieve this will and let everyone know that we are facing the test of the last chance."

chattels   The " Last Chance ".

chattels  "Japan's Toyota .. the most profitable car companies per second"

Sunday 08 September /  BAGHDAD / NINA / Toyota is Japan's most profitable car company per second.

The company sells one car every 4 seconds and earns about $ 537 per second. 

chattels   Who knew ?

chattels   I am fond of words and phrase that have consonance, alliteration and or internal rhyme.

Baxter   Good Morning DinarWorld.... are we ready for another week of Dinar Mania? ;quarrel ;ice-cream;

chattels   Baxter A penny for your thoughts and a dime for your dinar. :)

Baxter   Good Morning Chattels... I will take the Dime..

JoeSchmoe   I heard through the Dinargrapevine that bobby cahill isn't sounding AS negative lately as he has in the past....something about how we may finally be at the end, whatever that end may be. As opposed to this dragging on for years.

Baxter   Didnt he have the Heart Attack?

JoeSchmoe   Baxter I thought he did last year of something

Baxter   Yes.. I think he is the one..... why did they stop their calls?

JoeSchmoe   but he has always sounded negative about this, how we would be here forever or something to that effect

Baxter   Maybe he had a vision when he was near death??

JoeSchmoe   Baxter i have no idea...maybe he/they were hearing how everyone didn't like how it sounded about being here for another year?   Idk

Baxter   DOUG.... you know why DP quit their calls...Zig said last night they havent had one since Late July...

Baxter   I just wonder what really is going on in IRaq... are they really having tv broadcasts about the lower denoms..or is that just more bull hockey....

JoeSchmoe   Baxter well I wouldn't be surprised if it were why I mentioned. It's commonly known that bobby never sounded too high on this thing. So maybe people vented

Baxter   very well could be Joe

JoeSchmoe   I know if I were a member there, I wouldn't last a day :laugh

JoeSchmoe   prolly not even an hour

Baxter   I know... they dont put up with much...

Loren   Has anyone heard of activity going on with the bill boards and media campaigns within Iraq, other than Frank26?

JoeSchmoe   read articles for yourself and make up your own mind, not to be persuaded or disuaded by gurus

Loren   So do you believe that we are close, or do you believe that it is more of the same that we have seen over the years?

JoeSchmoe   Loren I'm not going to say either way. I have felt this way many times before, leave it at that

future   i wil say this every single one of us better hope they are campaiggning the new notes

Loren   Good Copy thank You

JoeSchmoe   it is always, 'the news has never sounded this good'.....yada yada yada

future   the citizens are coming from a war torn country that havent had a damn bank account ever

future   advertising and media campaigning is a MUST

Wheresmyrv?   There has been a lot of articles about the coins coming out so that's kinda good news

future   yes it is

JoeSchmoe   Wheresmyrv? let's just hope it's not the start of year long articles of coins, like dtz articles started years ago....

Wheresmyrv?   I know

Loren   People within the Green zone around Baghdad International Air Port seen to get their power from the poverty of the Iraqi citizens. This being said, is there more incentive for them to the currency and the ecomic situation the way it is?

Loren   There has got to be some reason for them to be holding back. Having been to Iraq is see it as a treasure chest begging to opened? the only reason that I can see for not doing it is because of their fear of loosing power?

spankie   true that- no freedom for the peeps

Loren   I met a lot of Iraqi's on base and at the Consulates. The 1st thing that really surprised was the numbers of them that spoke English and where able to write it. Although without those skills they would be allowed on base, but there was never any shortage Iraqi's with those skills.

the reason that I point this out is because the Iraqi's that I met were highly educated and it would be hard to pull the wool over their eyes.. Evidence of that would be the demonstrations in the streets of Baghdad by the Graduates from Iraqi Universities demanding jobs.

Loren   My last question is: does anyone believe that the Iraqi's are being Educated on how to use the ATM? Are they being Educated on how to use the international stock market?

Loren   I have notice that the Admins sort out the fluff from these chats and that I can come back and get my answers. Thank you for allowing me get my questions, please excuse me for interrupting your conversation. End of line...

Deano   Well I see everyone is in a good mood this morning lol

Loren   I think that I chased everyone off?

foxmulder   Loren no you didn't

Loren   Maybe people are afraid that they nwill catch a virus from me?

foxmulder   Loren the political parties running the country and the rampant corruption , needs to be addressed . But I am sure we are not seeing the whole picture.

Loren   I am very optimistic right now. I am wondering if I am creating this optimism in my own mind?

foxmulder   Loren nope

Deano   @foxmulder and we never will

Deano   @Loren I stay optimistic. Don't ever let anyone try to steal that away from you. Their are so many good things happening right now. It's all good.

Loren   Hey Thank you for your reply!

Doug_W   Loren MOSTLY everyone in here is like that :)

Deano   @Loren anytime. @Doug is very correct. My only advice is if you're going to give any kind of news or intel, have something to back it up. These guys are sharks and will eat you alive lol.

Loren   @Deano: I have no advice, however I have spent ten years there. When get news I can sometimes sort how the good from the bad. When I tell about the abundance of oil that is there and the amount of irrigation ditch's that contain dust. That is fact, I do not believe that those facts are questioned.

However the facts that I question are what is going on with CBI, WTO, IMF and the AMF. Didn't you find it curious that IDQ rate was not released with Jordan Kuwait and the AD?

Loren   Needless to say I am excited about the possibilities this week!

Matt   Loren What years where you in Iraq?

Loren   I was in Iraq 2003 thru 2013

Dave   Howdy Folks......   Maliki in the news alot lately....... in light of the talks of corruption.....?

Dave   I thought they eliminated the VP positions?

Baxter   Loren do you know of any newspaper or tv station that prints or talks in english...

Loren   When I was over what read was (I am going to butcher the spelling) Al Jazir. A lot o people say that they are slanted one way. But I always kept that in mind when I read them. But I kept on reading because I wanted to know the Arab side of any subject.

Baxter   ok... thx... I would just like to know if the gurus are just spreading more manure about them educating their citizens..

Baxter   I mean... I have been hearing this for five years

Baxter   even Iraqis cant be that stupid

Loren   Me too, A lot of people don't like Frank26. Maybe I do because he is telling me what I have been waiting to hear. But he is showing pictures of big flat screen bill boards, pictures of coins and saying that they educating the people.

Loren   Does Zig still have contacts in Iraq?

Baxter   Dave... well someone in here.... must know somebody that can translate this crappola

Baxter   Loren... he has none...

Zig   Loren : LOL....I never had any contacts in Iraq......

Baxter   isnt there an app or something that will translate arabic??????????

Dave   yes difficult to translate....NO.....

Loren   I am going to do some digging to see if I can dig up a web site for Al Jazir, I'll get the correct spelling too. That is actually a huge publication, with what I thought was good cover of worlds events.

Dave   BENY!

Baxter   how about something like this:

Baxter   Loren... I think its Al Jazeer...

Baxter   but its not in English

Young_SC   Baxter Frank can be very comical at times i agree but i tell you this to be honest what he has been saying in the last few weeks makes alot more sense then the other nonsense you will hear from other gurus

Dave   Difficulties translating the word NO....

Baxter  Franks office used to be in the same building as was the BH Group.. when they got raided and arrested by the FBI five or so years ago... I think he was on the floor below them... when he first came back on.. after they were arrested... he was a changed man... for a while.. a short while

Young_SC   Imo all im saying is what Frank has been saying recently does make a lot of sense

Baxter   If.. its true... I would just like to know if they actually are trying to educate their citizens and if this stuff really is on TV over there

 Young_SC   Baxter with something as big as this i think it is very wise for its own country to educate its own citizens on something this BIG

Baxter   Young_SC I agree... but gurus have been saying this for five years now

Loren   I just looked it up, address is I scanned it very quickly and saw nothing about any signs or any training. However there were other articles about Iraq. Not very many though.

Baxter   Loren ok.. thx

Young_SC   And to be honest with you guys i doubt something like this will be blown up in the media

Young_SC   Especially here in North America

Dave   How many yrs ago did CBI indicate in their news delete 3 zeros project?

Baxter   well at least.. if its in print and tv like Frank says it is... it should be somewhere

Baxter   Dave.... about ten years I would guess

Baxter   I doubt if it would be in North America... but some newspaper or tv in Iraq should have it

Dave   just gave a hint....changes maybe coming?

Baxter   I know I have been hearing this for at least five years off and on....maybe more

Loren   The newest article that I could find was about Mosul, it was talking about trying to rebuild the city. Nothing about IQD!

Baxter  Here a column about Iraq... but nothing on education... just war.. rapes.. bombings and missing dead...

Baxter   Loren I know... I couldnt find one piece on education

Loren   I used the search, nothing!


Young_SC   Like i said there will be very limited info on the media front

Loren   The pictures I saw, shows conditions worst than when I left.

Baxter   well how are they going to educate the citizens without going thru the media

Young_SC   Baxter Many different ways

Young_SC   Cell phones, Advertisements on tv

Young_SC   Jus sayin

Dave   Baxter Would be interesting if someone could dig up those old arts when WTO and Iraq were in discussions...... Reality Rate vs Sanctioned Rate

Baxter   well.. we need to find someone that can translate those supposed advertisements on TV

Loren   For sure no sewage, no electric. Then did you notice that everything looked like it is still in ruins?

Baxter   Loren yes.. I did

Loren   The article said it was dated 29-Oct-19.

Baxter   Loren LOL  really