IQD Calls Chat Special Guest Beny Wilson 9-12-19

IQD Calls Chat Special Guest Beny Wilson 9-12-19

Beny Wilson   Hello Guys I am Beny

Beny Wilson   Do you guys have any questions?

Woke AF   Beny! My man! Was the ECB decision today the "happening for Sept 12th?

Tigger   Beny- just invited a bunch over to ask questions!

 Beny Wilson   The Italian Goverment is pushing to introduced new bonds in the market. This is one thing I been saying for a long time. New Bonds will bring new back currencies  

Beny Wilson   I want to make sure you guys understand what type of bonds i am talking about. These bonds are not loans from banks but Natural Resources bonds. If Italy intro Bonds lending themselves, This may break the system

Tigger   That's what we are waiting on, thanks!

Beny Wilson   The Prophetic Word told us that something may happen in Europe and The UK.. So far we seen something is happening in Europe

Beny Wilson   Hello Guys, I will be here for the next hour. So please ask questions if you have any.

Beny Wilson   I am trying to have a live show tonight. But nothing is for sure. I am still waiting for something important to happen in Europe or The UK.

Chris Smith   Beny, you say 800#'s coming very soon, how long after do you think before forex change?

Beny Wilson   The Forex will change and almost instantly I believe these criminals will come up with the 800 numbers. Although I been told. Since they have close contacts with the cabal they may release it 2 hours before the Forex goes live to deceive many to call those numbers

Baxter   BENY.... I have a question... what do you even need 800 numbers for? this dinar.. if internationalized..will be just like any other internationally exchanged currency... it is nothing special... banks do not have exchange it.. just like some banks dont even exchange any international currencies.. its up to the bank... whether to exchange or not.. every bank now has 800 numbers..

Beny Wilson   We know we don't need any 800 number. It's people who been brainwashed who depends 24/7 of these numbers. You saw the pics from a chat i had with a woman. There is still people out there who believe that if you don't call the 800 number you won't exchange

Chris Smith   It seems like the 800 #s would have to come out days or a week before to be maliciously effective, no?

Beny Wilson   It could. Like I said. The People behind these numbers are Cabal Agents. They brainwashed People for over a decade. So don't expect people will believe me after that many years

Woke AF   Beny Wilson are you of the opinion that we will have our blessing this year? Or as Johnny's opinion of Jan -March 2020?

Mario Di Paolo   Hi Beny given the nature of my job I do not always have the privilege of tuning in your live broadcasts and was wondering as to what the people s response is so far to you continuing doing your pay per view.I for one am very grateful for your dedication and hard work and appreciate every one of the videos you made regardless of the amount you charge.

Beny Wilson   I got 2 opinions on that. According to The New Elites We should have the change of the rate this month. But those details I can't mention here make me believe they might bringing on by December of this year at the most April of 2020

Baxter   Iraq has a ways to go before they increase in value... they aren't even in Article 8 status yet...and still have some Article 7 issues to contend with...

Woke AF   Thank you Beny~

Beny Wilson   The CBI has notified the new Elite that they are now 100% INDEPENDENT . So They said they can changed the rate at any time they want to. We'll see if they do. I do not think we rely into any article to be completed

Baxter   Beny Wilson every country with an international currency MUST BE article 8 status...

Baxter   check it out

Beny Wilson   If The CBI raise the value of the Dinar without caring of any Article Status. This will Show Dinarland what I been saying all these time. Bankers do not need goverments to do their own agenda

Baxter   Beny Wilson the CBI does not have them go international.. it has to go thru the IMF

Chris Smith   @Baxter how do you KNOW they aren't article 8 yet? So much deceptive material out here and all

Baxter   they are currently in Article 14 status...

Beny Wilson   The right thing should happen through a announcement from The IMF.. But as far I have seen. That Might not happened at all. Our last Reno Meeting show the deception of protocols and everyone there was shock

Chris Smith   What do we make of Macron, at the G7 while sitting next to Trump, said many countries are GESARA compliant?

Beny Wilson  OMG..not again

Beny Wilson   Gesara was never mend to be a Law At All.. It was always mend to be an Agenda. The New Elites will make that happen.

Chris Smith   Just a question! He said it on msm. First time I'd heard it mentioned in a forum like that

Doug_W   what is that ?

Woke AF   Beny Wilson will Iraq go before the GCR? And possibly readjust with the GCR?

Chris Smith   I asked what do make of it. Why say that there, then?

Beny Wilson   That's The Plan so far...But it could changed all of the sudden. We know they will come out with some crazy move

Chris Smith   I didn't mention LAW, just curious as to his probable intent.

Beny Wilson   Trump is hiding something. The Fed has it's days counted. We know that once The U.S goes without the Fed . The Game is over for all The Central Banks of The World. The Tendency is getting higher and higher


Beny Wilson   Trump is pushing for ZERO Interest rates...If you remembered my Intel.. I been saying that the Elites want us take us on ZERO ...

Chris Smith   Why the smiles @woke af?

Woke AF   What would be some great currency's to pick up while exchanging our dinar at bank? Just this a.m. Denmark's currency devalued after the announcement from the ECB~

Beny Wilson   I looking for a Major Hack Attack like no other in history

Woke AF   Chris Smith Gold destroys the FED.

Beny Wilson   That information is on my Next meeting

Woke AF   Beny Wilson tonight?

12 Sep 19, 03:21 PM Beny Wilson   No My Next meeting is on The 27th of Sept

Woke AF   Thank you~

Beny Wilson   Ok only ten minutes left in my clock

Chris Smith   @woke af , have you seen the latest deceptive gold holdings chart going around? Always trying to minimize q posts. Imo

Woke AF   Are the elites still wanting it to happen on or before the 24?

George Ruben   Beny, currency moves are generally in pennies. A reset is much greater. Even then, a reset of $.50 cent's is staggering. Do you feel that the Dinar will "trade up" in the marketplace?

Beny Wilson   Gold should drop up to 800 . Once this happened it will sky rocket and never come down. This is Their plan

Woke AF   Oh sweet!

Chris Smith   800? With no paper thrown at it? Wow!

Woke AF   Chris Smith no I havent~

Chris Smith   ?

Beny Wilson   A reasonable rv on the Dinar should happen between 1 cent up to 5 cents at the most . The Reset should change the rules of trading base on real value. Oil or Gold.. but the chances that it could be Oil are much greater then Gold right now

Vizo   I just came over the Verazzano Bridge and want to let you know (especially you skeptics) that our ship has finally arrived! The freighter DONG-A has finally entered the NYC harbor..

Woke AF   Thank you for your insight Beny Wilson God bless!

George Ruben   Thanks Beny!

Vizo   I have a picture of it but it's a bit blurry...LOL!

Beny Wilson   Thank you guys. Sorry I can't stay longer but I am very much busy at this time. God bless everyone. Thank you for inviting me Zig