IQD CALLS Chat Saturday Evening 9-14-19

IQD CALLS Chat Saturday Evening 9-14-19

chattels The United States will soon deploy soldiers to Afghanistan born after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

chattels   A forever war.

chattels   The Punic War(s) lasted for 100+ years.

madness    it would have cool if they did an rv on friday the 13th

Matt   live now on WARS

Chattels   Iraqi Oil Minister: Kurdistan produces half a million barrels of oil a day & none of its benefits go to the Federal Government. However, we are close to reaching an agreement with Erbil.

chattels   Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Oil Minister Thamir Abbas Ghadhban, on Saturday expressed optimism to reach an agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the latter's export of crude oil.

chattels   He added that "the past period has seen constructive dialogues between Erbil and Baghdad with regard to the export of oil in the region and we hope to reach an agreement soon," adding that the rate of production will reach four million and 500 thousand barrels per day in the event was agreed with the region.

The Ghadhban said that "optimistic to reach an agreement between the two sides," stressing "We and the Kurdistan region in one ship, and we should reach an agreement."

chattels   One question is whether the optimism expressed by Baghdad is shared by Kurdistan.

chattels   Another question is whether the " agreement " is budgetary and for one year or is it a permanent agreement equating to the long awaited HydroCarbon Agreement.

chattels   Both sides in a disagreement invariably believe that their respective positions are reasonable.

chattels   Any permanent HydroCarbon Ageement will likely require amendment / clarification constitutionally.

chattels   Can the Iraqi Parliament establish the super majority necessary for amendment to the constitution ?

chattels   Historically it is not likely and the current politics of the region make it unlikely.

chattels   However, a budget law agreement, if fully performed / honored by both sides, could be a good beginning.

chattels   Changing the subject, I am not a Trump " fan ", but of any of those Democratic candidates for the Presidency are elected, ....................... God help us !

chattels   " According to Iraq's budget for 2019, the Kurdistan region should export 250 thousand barrels per day through the Iraqi oil marketing company "SOMO", but Baghdad says it "did not receive any amount of oil from the Kurdistan region," and adds that "for this reason is being deducted part of The share of the Kurdistan Region of the budget, and does not deduct the salaries of employees"

Sparky   Portmagaland ...and Red...we may be approaching syzygy... that's for the Juan, Mac link... I I'll have to listen again... good stuff... thanks...

Red   Sparky Did you actually watch the WHOLE video this time?? Lol

Sparky   Red ... twice...but, have to check it out again...but, thanks !

Red   Sparky :Thumbs-up

Sparky   Red ... first 5 minutes hurts my ears...

Sparky   Red ... who is 107 ?

Red   Sparky audio is bad. The Colonel livestream is unscripted. Sh*t happens. Can't use skype for a classified call.Better to listen from a PC, not your phone.

Red   Sparky 1 0 7 = 17 = Q

Sparky   Red ...very interesting numbers indeed...

Red   Sparky Did you watch the JFK Jr links I posted last night...or early AM? Recognize the voice?

Sparky   Red ...born 11/11...

Sparky   Red no, I don't do Twitter...yet...

Red   Sparky Twiiter biggest info center, when you follow the right people...Huge amount of intel...especially when you use the #QAnon hashtag a duckduckgo search on JFK JR interviews from long ago. also watch the Todd Burgun coast guard voice after the crash... (wink)

Red   Sparky go to and do a search for Nov.11 and the significance of those posts, as per 107 video.

Red   Sparky ask @Portmagaland He has every one of JFK Jr's George magazines. Ask him which issue this message came from... Apparently he left a lot of clues about the plan, in his magazines.

Sparky   Red ... interesting... rolling Stones lyric...but, careful of who you listen to...

Red   Sparky Jfk Jr's favorite band. Lol. Guess what is played at the end of every Trump rally? Remember, Jr said he would do everything he could to take down his father's murderers. Who was the friend he could trust the most? Trump. Trump's campaign slogan. "Promises Made, Promises Kept!"... there is no such thing as coincidences...

Red Sparky You think I or thousands of others have not done the research to debunk the info provided? The brilliant autist anons on the chans did everything to debunk the info. That's what they do best. They couldn't. I have a year's worth of evidence since the he was noticed at a 2018 Trump rally. Trump knew who was behind him.

Sparky   Red ... I know that's why we went into Iraq, instead of Afghanistan, or Suadi... Saddam threatened SRs life...and, that didn't end well with Saddam, Goodaffi (sp),... or any entity that threatens the petro dollar either...

Red   Emergency meeting @ Pentagon. Don't know what it's about.... guessing Saudi Arabia production cut in HALF due to drone strikes. Everything is about to get expensive very quickly. Stock up on food, water, gas. Another possible False Flag between Sept 20-23

sandyf   @Red Portmagaland No....There are 2 there... the Zim dollar at 1:1 and the new RTGS at 8.41

There is no active Zimbabwe dollar, all versions of the Z$ are historical currencies, the only Zimbabwe currency in use is the RTGS. They have said they will bring back the Z$ shortly so the 1.0 may well be a placeholder.

sandyf   @Foxmulder nobody and I mean NO ONE knows what will happen or how this will be implemented.

Absolutely spot on and nobody is ever going to stop the speculation. What we do know however is what is not going to happen. There is not going to be a huge overnight RV, never been one in the past and not going to happen in the future. That myth was born from confusion between revaluation and redenomination.

We do know how a redenomination would be implemented but that cannot happen overnight and is not going to happen any time soon.

We do know that floating the currency would take best part of a generation to produce any significant result. Thai baht, strongest currency of an emerging economy has taken about 15 years to almost double in value.

So taking into account what we do know, any significant return can only come from the unknown and not from what people think they know. Time for a more open minded perspective.

Xyz   Senior guru @BGG is drunk ... 9-14-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG I beg to differ with Breitling’s synopsis as to why brokers are willing to “pay a lot more” than they used to – to buy Dinar back. It’s because THEY HAVE TO...The real reason they are paying more – isn’t that they are “willing to”…It’s that they HAVE TO. If they don’t – they won’t get any and they won’t be able to compete. It is just that simple – economics in action. [reference Guru Breitling post 9-11-2019]

Red   sandyf then maybe you can explain this from 2 military intel officers..?

Sparky   sandyf hello..

sandyf   @foxmulder Like I said been here since 2006 , same e same e prove me wrong

I first bougut in 2004 on the basis there was a chance it may rise to around 10 cents by the end of the 7 year plan. By 2010 it was obvious that idea was out the window and the gurus moved in with their tales of fantasy.

  sandyf  @red not got time at the moment will look later

Sandyf   Sparky Hi & bye.

Jo British army goes green to attract minority and 'green-conscious' new recruits thinks Sandy is Scottish... fighter to the end...

Sparky   ... certainly not a fence sitter...

Sparky   ...hope those "billions over Baghdad"... oops, UAE..will help sort out our sordid escape...

Sparky   * escapade

Sparky   ... blood money...oil money...but, I'm not the judge or executioner... just greedy...

Sparky   ...and, insightful...

Sparky   ...but, many variables in this endeavor... as we are well aware... chaos apparently is diminishing... good for our " liquidity event "...

Sparky   ... eclipse of the moon October 28th... have to break out the Pink Floyd...

Sparky   ... xyz... thought you might find stop my endless rambling...

Sparky   ...oh well, here I go again... remember, patience and forgiveness are not easily acquired...but, virtualous just the same...

Sparky   ...let me start by this...

Red   Beny's latest video, in case you are interested. I think he hit the nail on the head to be honest, you decide.

Sparky   Red ... what is your opinion of the 25k note, back, center... who is giving scroll to whom ?

Red   Sparky I don't know.

Sparky   Red ... I don't do Facebook social media...'cept this chatroom...

Sparky   Red ... another link to it ?

Red   He might eventually put it on youtube.... interesting theory though.

Sparky   Red ... completely off the grid, when this deenarz pops...

Red   Sparky Since Saudi has lost half their production Which oil countries will have to step up?? US and Iraq. The RV will be based on oil prices. Iraq will have no choice but to RV.

Sparky   Red ... familiar with ",last man standing' theory.?

Red    Me too...gonna find me a secluded mountain top

Red   Sparky Lol. yup

Sparky   Red ... we will be distant neighbors...